Destiny is the most promising and accessible future for MMOs

Why Destiny could be the most promising and most fun future for MMOs.

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MasterCornholio1632d ago

From some of the previews that I've read sounds like this game could be better than Titanfall. Can't wait to see more.

Spinal1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

They should add 'on consoles' at the end of the heading as Destiny is not the future of MMO's on PC when we have amazing games like Wildstar (which I played beta) on the way.

Destiny is looking like a great online shooter which I've pre ordered for my ps4 an got my beta code ready.

Knightshade1632d ago

I'll bet on Bungie every time. It's a pretty safe bet. :)

ic3fir31631d ago

the recent video that showed, looked pretty mediocre in all factors.
I hope the final product is far superior to what we have seen.

Septic1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

I wouldn't really compare this to Titanfall. A competitive arena shooter vs a mmo/co-op hybrid. Mind you, I know I've always been more excited for this than Titanfall.

I once said that the future of mmos on consoles is one that combines genres together (got quoted in 360 magazine). I'm A BAWWWS. No but seriously, this is what Destiny does and now we're seeing this and The Division doing that.

randomass1711631d ago

Hard to compare the two. Titanfall is an arena style multiplayer shooter. Destiny is more of a coop adventure game with competitive elements, like Borderlands (except more epic).

Farsendor11631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

not sure why you got disagrees this game looks like its going to be great. cant wait to see more from e3

user56695101631d ago

I Dont see what's so special about this game. The gameplay footage was kinda boring. I do get why people started comparing it to borderlands which was boring to me too. Games like these just give you something to shoot. I Dont even think it was any recoil on any of the guns in the demo they showed .

I pass seem like people hype up any next gen game no matter what. I'm surprise people are not downplaying it because of the gfx. We know how much gfx matter on this website

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gamedude3601632d ago

A lot of good points are made. If Bungie can make Destiny fun to play alone and make playing with others enjoyable, then we are all in for a treat. I liked playing WoW but hated having to put together groups of people to do quests that I couldn't do alone. Trying to get a bunch of people on the internet for a single goal, all while they are completely anonymous, is near impossible. The urge to ruin all that was worked towards is a temptation that people give into too often. Leroy Jenkins!

DeadlyFire1631d ago

Not impossible with matchmaking similar to Borderlands drop in I believe. MMOs don't really have this feature, but it would be nice I believe.

randomass1711631d ago

That's generally because MMOs connect you with so many other people and they expect you to meet and join up more naturally than matchmaking is. I prefer the safe and sound approach with games like these. Public games are not really something I'm into.

danncampello1632d ago

If the game furfills all the things they are saying on reviews and conferences, then I think it will be one of the best games ever made, like the last of us for instance

Bonkerz1631d ago

Something about this game that i just cant get excited about. I think im gonna just wait for Gears, and Halo.

djplonker1631d ago

A new gears or halo game is just the same old with one or two new weapons added or changed this is awhole new game but hey its your loss!

randomass1711631d ago

I think that's a bit of an exaggeration, at least specifically for Halo. No two Halo games were exactly like in single or multiplayer. The weapons often changed and they've added so many new features since the first game.

Shadonic1631d ago

I hope Halo 5 goes the more competitive route felt like i was at some summer camp with Halo plastered around playing Halo 4 where i got sucked into being one of the camp leaders cause i was so good at it while anyone who felt that the old Halo's were " too competitive " had to go around making pretty pictures of AA's and being given pretty paper meche armor when they won an event.

Gears I doubt I'm coming back for, I feel as though its done and I seriously dodged a bullet in not getting the newest one because that game was honestly trash.

elhebbo161631d ago

I'm still a bit confused on what makes this game a MMO, I understand it has co-op multiplayer but I'm not sure where the mmo part fits in.

Roccetarius1631d ago (Edited 1631d ago )

So far they haven't shown anything that indicates an MMO. It's pretty much co-op Borderlands with slightly more players.

Oh, and online only.

randomass1711631d ago

It really isn't an MMO, but players will be able to interact with a lot of other players through public events and things like that. It will be as close to an MMO style level of interaction as possible without actually being one, or at least that's what it is to my understanding.

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