PlayStation Store Preview – April 29th, 2014: Sweet Child of Light

From PSLS:

"This week Ubisoft’s Child of Light arrives for both the PS4 and PS3. The procedurally-generated horror title, Daylight, also will scare up the PS4. On the PS3, look for a handful of new digital titles and demos, The Amazing Spiderman 2, and more. Poor PS Vita, after a few weeks strong, it’s back to leftover scraps. New content arrives on PlayStation Plus, and we have also updated the upcoming PS Plus Instant Game Collection free games for May. "

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ftwrthtx1634d ago

Hopefully Spidey 2 won't be a lame game.

Sev1634d ago

Movie tie in? Yep, gonna be lame. ;)

ftwrthtx1634d ago

Hopefully the movie will at least be good then. lol. Got passes for IMAX on Weds.

WeAreLegion1634d ago

Have you played it yet, Sev? I'd like to know if it sucks.

1634d ago
N81634d ago

People have been streaming it. Unfortunately it looks pretty bad. I judge a bad game on if its worth the money and to me it's not

Lonnie181634d ago

Bound by Flame also comes out soon :)

Skate-AK1634d ago

Can't wait for the Japanese game sale. Such good deals.

DualWielding1634d ago

I don't have time to play all the games I already got and I want to get Rain, Saint Seiya, Neptunia and Soulcalibur out of the sale because the prices are just too tempting......