How the PS4 might crush the Xbox One once and for all

In terms of which next-generation video game console gamers think is better, the “console war” we hear about so often is somewhat trivial. In terms of sales, however, the competition between Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One shows us where the money is flowing and where it might continue to flow as time moves on

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cfc782335d ago

I think its time for a kinectless bundle id hate to see sony bring out the steam roller this early in the gen and literally finish the console war so early which i could see happening with a price drop on the ps4 though i don't think they need to as it's running the show right now.(decisions decisions i hope microsoft makes the right 1)

mark3214uk2334d ago

i hope they do destroy it, as microsoft are a horrible sneaky company,then i hope amazon or google join the next gen race as healthy competition is important

OC_MurphysLaw2334d ago

"as microsoft are a horrible sneaky company,then i hope amazon or google join the next gen race as healthy competition" **face in palms**

Yes because Amazon and Google are the bastions of goodness and are not sneaky at all in their dealings. I assume you must think Sony makes gaming consoles just for the sake of being good as well.

cfc782334d ago

Hope you didn't come to that conclusion from my comment id hate to see that happen it would mean ive just flushed about £800 down the drain on an xb1 and games etc. @mark3214uk

gameDevWannaBe2334d ago

Only company that I want to join the console race us Valve!!

Valve >> MS..

2334d ago
mcstorm2334d ago

@mark3214uk I love comments like yours because people have short memories or are too blind to see what mistakes the company they follow have done. It was not too long ago that Sony used the ps4 to win the HD disk war and gave a very high priced console and removed features like duel shock from the controller. Then removed hardware like backwards compatibility memory card readers and software like other os from their console.

Then they came out with a £300 handheld console an charged stupid amounts of money for a memory card that was needed by the system.

Then the PS4 come around and they have noted what mistakes they have done with there last 2 consoles and started to put it right which is the same thing Microsoft are now doing with the Xbox one.

Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo are not evil companys and have all made great and not so great decisions over tone last 30+ years.

At the end of the day if it was not for Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo the games industry would be dead now and we need all 3 to keep them all on there feet no matter what company you like other the other competition is better than not having any.

rashada072334d ago

@ mark3214uk
No, the reason we have the PS4 we have today is a direct response to the 360's success. Competition is good; lack of it would be terrible.

kneon2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )


You seem to have selective memory about what happened last gen. Sony was selling the PS3 at a bargain price when it launched. Sure it was more than the xbox but it was a couple hundred dollars BELOW their cost and hundreds of dollars less than standalone bluray players at the time.

They had to remove the rumble feature from the dualshock because they were being sued over the feature. The removal of some PS3 features were to get the cost down, the yen was rising so getting costs down was difficult.

As for other OS, hardly anyone used it and we all know why it was removed.

Thunderhawkxbox2334d ago

Woow another example how immature Sony fan boys are

S2Killinit2334d ago

I agree that MS is a sneaky company with a history of defamatory strategies and a lack of focus on actually making games (adding to the industry) as opposed to buying exclusivity (essentially taking away from some). But I also don't want companies like Amazon and Google who have nothing to do with gaming to enter this market. God knows we already have one company who bought its way into this industry and continues to pay its way into market share instead of competing by creating (supra). So no I don't want Amazon and Google to follow MS. These companies do not give a damn about gaming because they are too large to care about gaming per se. They want in, for the market penetration. This is the reason why MS's game plan is more focused on advertising than on actual game making. These companies would abandon gamers in favor of the general public (the bigger market/casuals) as soon as they see success in sales. They are BAD for gamers. Mark my words.

BattleN2334d ago

I'd prefer to keep Microsoft over any other getting into the console market

Joey_Leone2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Agreed, Microsoft is in LALA land and has NO IDEA what gamers want, it seems like they don't care anyway. It surprises me how some of these "gamers" support such an abomination of a video game system.

Pogmathoin2334d ago

Ley these fools have a Sony dominated world, with no choices. Sony have tried everything to get into your pocket. PS4 is a trojan horse, after failing with PS3 they had to give. They conquered with PS2 and assumed any old shlt would sell. PS3 was a good console, but 360 owned it, had all the best games, multiplat. Sure PS3 had gems, but now like it was with PSone and PS2. Slowly PS4 is introducing non gaming stuff that X1 got hammered for. Also, if PS4 conquers big time, be ready for horrendous DRM, as you will have no choice and no alternative..... Fools..... Hit me with your disagrees as much as you want, soon your bubbles will mean nothing regardless....

miyamoto2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

Android, iOS, yeah
but don't forget Linux & Steam OS gaming machine Valve is the king of PC gaming, you know. They will provide the best competition to PlayStation-in a very good way because Valve knows & understands what they are doing.

M$ needs to go away from video games and get lost. They don't understand what they are doing.

UltimateMaster2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

I hate when people talk the competition will "crush" or "annihilate" the competition.

Sony's not the one responsible for anything bad that happened with Xbox, Microsoft is. They're their own worst enemy. They just get worst overtime.

choujij2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

When they entered the market, they did things very well. They listened to what consumers wanted and designed a game console around that. But in time, they let their greed get the best of them and they slowly began ignoring what consumers wanted. While once a big fan and purchaser of their systems at launch, I've withdrawn my support for them indefinitely.

My only advice for Microsoft at this point is: Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

2334d ago
jackdaniels2334d ago

Surely you cant be this naive? LMAO

Malacath2333d ago

Lol, You want google to bring a console?

You do realise that google spy on everything you do for their own selfish purposes?

I recently checked my google account and found out they have been recording my entire search history since 2005 including every website I visited using google Chrome.

I would imagine that a google console would be recording everything you do and every game you play just to bombard you with relevant advertising.

There is no company more horrible and sneaky than Google.

And yes healthy competition is important so the last thing we need is any console manufacture no matter whether it's Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo getting destroyed by the competition.

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OC_MurphysLaw2334d ago

For the love of God just stop with this "its time for a kinectless sku". It's been 6 months... How about we focus on the actual issues like: MS needs to have games with gold on the Xbox One and not just on the 360 since PS+ is on all Sony platforms including the PS4 and really hurts the position of the Xbox One in terms of a dollar to dollar comparison of service. Or as important the games library of the Xbox One while good feels very light in comparison that of the PS4 given all the indie support the PS4 has already seen. Lastly there is the resolution non-sense which on a single game basis isnt' a big deal but has grown to be a bigger issue given the number of titles that have had difficulty.

Also, regarding PS4 price drops... Why on earth would Sony drop the price if the PS4 is selling as well as it is? They already can't keep up with supply according to their own press releases. Sony 100% absolutely NEEDS the cash right now since the rest of the company has been tanking. No way do they just cut $50 off right now. There is no need for them to do so, believing otherwise is just riddiculous.

contradictory2334d ago

but the kinect is the main problem.
it's making the xbone cost more than a PS4
and it's a less powerful system...

if they'd cut Kinect it'd be estimated 100$ cheaper making it actually worthwhile to people
and yes, that does matter in the long run.

especially right now because
PS4 doesn't have that many exclusives going for it yet so now would be the perfect time to strike because when the exclusives start appearing on PS4 it's too late and Microsoft will eat a bag.
Kinect isn't a must have for gaming
every gamer i've talked to irl has told me they could give a f*** about it

OC_MurphysLaw2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

@contradictory, Kinect is not the main problem. Price is a factor but only part of the story. If MS cuts $100 off the price of the Xbox One and gets it to $399 it would definitely have a more attractive price tag there is no doubt about that. Whether they do that by cutting Kinect or just eating costs it would be in a better position but it would still face the following big issues regardless of the price and kinect:

Assume MS gets Xbox One to $399:
1) For the same price its still under powered and delivering the same multiplat games in lower resolutions as of now. If I show you two machines for the same price and basically the same support but one shows its more capable than the other why would you buy the lower version?

2) PS+ compared to Xbox Live Gold is a far better choice when looking to buy the systems as of now since Xbox Live Gold does not have a games with Gold offering for Xbox One unlike its counter part.

3) The perception that everything is locked behind a paywall on Xbox Live compared to PSN is also damaging.

4) Exclusive games are indeed important and while the PS4 may not have as strong a line up so far on paper they have enough to be competitive including some DLC partnerships straight out of the MS play book (see Destiny). Plus Sony are getting enough early indie games that its pretty much off setting the lack of 1st party exclusives.

Edit: The main point here is Kinect is not the issue, the issue is that MS has failed (for many) to make the value proposition of buying an Xbox One. Early on the average consumer is not seeing why an Xbox One is worth $500 compared to the PS4 at $399. Its not a Kinect specific issue but rather its a system specific problem. If MS had launched with actual killer games that were MUST play game exclusives (as in metacritic avg 9 and above) that were all 1080p, a games with gold option running on Xbox One from the start like Sony along with decent indie support we would see a much different landscape for the One. Instead it launched with decent to good games which many had sub 1080p resolutions, no Games with Gold and no indie support at a price of $500.

InTheLab2334d ago

I want an X1 but I don't want Kinect. There's $400 left on the table and I know I'm not alone. I'm telling you right now I will NEVER buy an X1 with Kinect and again, I know I'm not alone.

So why would MS do what they can to appeal to the hardcore like they claim they're doing?

Kavorklestein2334d ago

I agree with many of your points. Bubble up!
I do however think that even if the XB1 became more comparable with either resolutions/frame rate, Games with Gold, and/or a kinectless sku, we would still have people bashing MS for a whole new list of reasons. It's like people want the XB1 to be a "Better Value" but then even if those changes were made, many folks would still be nit-picking the crap out of MS and the XB1, and all of it's exclusives.
Even if Multi-plats became identical on both systems, there would still be needless hate.
Even if Games with Gold somehow BECAME MORE valuable than PS+, there would still be hatred by the same folks for entirely new reasons.

This principle is why MS doesn't need to worry yet if they have a good E3 this year.
As long as the fans who AREN'T hating just to hate are still satisfied with their console, and sales continue to stay steady or grow, and E3 shows a promising future for the XB1, then there's nothing to worry about, no matter what sales margins look like for either console.

I mean Wii U has been out even longer than the XB1 and PS4, and it's sales are worse then the XB1, so does that mean it's dead and done? Nope, they're still supporting it, and they are actually starting to show some promise on the exclusive front.

People are doing one thing and one thing ONLY when they talk all this crap online in comments and forums.
Saying opinions.
That's why no two comments are identical or perfect.
Even if we agree on some points, we aren't the sudden Mystics of the future just because we have a good idea/point/thought about something.

This is all just speculation based on numbers and statistics, and we need to wait to really see what's going on in the bigger picture.
I think our best chance of showing maturity and intelligence at this point is to wait until we see what happens at E3, and how sales look like going into 2015. After THAT, then we may actually have a better idea of what's really going on, or what these systems are really capable of.

This is my last comment on N4G until E3.
I just can't waste anymore time on this crap. I got better things to do than this. Like enjoying playing my video games and staying hopeful for Nintendo, Sony, and MS.

Peace out dudes, happy gaming.
- Kavorklestein

MasterCornholio2334d ago

What I'm going to say may sound crazy but its true. If Microsoft can prove that DX12 and Xbox Live Compute provides so many benefits that it puts the console ahead of the PS4 then they can justify the higher price point. If they dont do that then they have to find a way to lower the price.

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cfc782334d ago

If ms did do a kinectless bundle i think by the end of the gen 8 it would of sold more units than that of the one with it,would be nice to have the choice and i could only see it being a plus for ms and people who are still undecided about xb1.

Sevir2334d ago

That's a dramatic title, it it seems as if the black box is some evil bringer of death... Lol. I swear the media and fanboys create such an unnecessary buzz and fuel this console war for no reason...

I'm no Xbox fan nor do I care to own one, but do we really want an industry where the Xbox isn't providing an alternative experience... Competition brings forth innovation.

An industry where one company has a monopoly on that market isn't good for anyone. I don't need Sony getting cocky because they're in first places... That's why my beloved PS3 had a rough start and MS shook up the industry. I'd like to see Sony ahead, but I want MS and Ninty Not too far behind... The industry grows and is at its best when all 3 players are healthy and performing.

In anycase PS4 FTW... lol

Nero13142334d ago

I thought there wasn't any nice people on n4g lol here's a bubble

choujij2334d ago

There will always be competition coming and going (Sega, 3DO, Atari, etc.). It's just that many would prefer if it wasn't from the likes of MS.

joeorc2333d ago (Edited 2333d ago )


100% agreement, Many saying they want Microsoft out of the console industry is really DETRIMENTAL to the advancement of the game console market.

Or for that matter any of the big Three, Nintendo and Sony included as well.

For all the flack All three get over some of the things they do, there is more + things they all do well for the Game console industry to advance it. I mean for many motion control was a bunk, but if you add in VR to Add to Motion control, than you can very well see how that functionality can be at a benefit to the gaming market!

No one company can do it all without Microsoft Kinect's functionality added to a console may not have been added, Sony looked into adding Kinect functionality but it would have been expensive to add with Move, that does not mean adding kinect to Move would not have been Awesome.

Because it freaking would indeed be, My opinion Nintendo and Sony and Microsoft all needed to make such Motion control and VR platform Agnostic so as they work on all three and make software for said (Motion+VR) as a platform they all could code for that way all platforms could very well benefit from the best of each.

Maybe someday we can get that. Having Move and VR and Kinect and Nintendo's NFC added to the Mix would bring in quite the enhancement to all three platforms to take advantage of.

Loss of Microsoft may bring in other's or the same could be said of a Loss of Nintendo or Sony, but if there is no loss it would be better if they added more like apple or Google to the Mix, hell even Samsung or Valve too boot. the more they have advancing the game market the better it can be if your a gamer thats not such a bad thing, some would or may say than you have a market crash, that could happen even without new companies added, but increasing the number of tech companies working on enhancing the game experience only looks to increase innovation in my opinion.

"Competition brings forth innovation."

This saying is very true to the core idea of gaming!

BallsEye2334d ago

I'm having great fun recording full body and face animations and voice for my game with Kinect in Project Spark. Also things done in Dead Rising with kinect are pretty neat too. I really didn't like first kinect, it felt useless but with this one I find great stuff in every game so far, yes even battlefield (head tracking)

cfc782334d ago

Glad your enjoying it i've no problem with that.

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Neonridr2334d ago

? So this article does nothing to suggest how the PS4 might crush the Xbox. Only a baseless comment about "IF" the PS4 was to sell for $349, MS would be in trouble. Forget the fact that it's games that sell these consoles, and if for some reason, MS starts putting out quality title after quality title, you don't think that market share may start to change a little bit?

Obviously the PS4 has started very strong, and with the more powerful hardware, should do well to win over those people who primarily care about 3rd party multiplat games.

But if anyone thinks that Sony can just put it in cruise control and win this "war" then they have another thing coming.

In the end, if the PS4 sells say 120 million and the Xbox One sells only 60 million, is that necessarily the end of the world for MS? Sure their market share went down, but that's still a heck of a lot of consoles out there, with lots of gamers to sell their software too.

By that logic the Wii was the best console last gen because it sold 20 more million units than the PS3 or Xbox 360.

MasterCornholio2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

"But if anyone thinks that Sony can just put it in cruise control and win this "war" then they have another thing coming"

LOL No that won't happen.

Sony will work their butts us to bring us good games to play whether they are 3rd party titles, 1st party titles or indies. Microsoft has a lot more to prove given the last few years of the Xbox 360. Nintendo always delivers with 1st party games but they need to bring more 3rd party support to the Wii U.

truefan12334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

What you witnessed was XB1 restructuring and building up 1st party studios, hence why XB1 has more games in development than ever before. Now Sony is restructuring and losing key staff at the start of this gen because they were still focusing on last gen. There is a reason KZ- sequel, infamous-sequel, uncharted-sequel, and tlou - re released in less than 1 year are all scheduled as year 1 ps4 games. Not to mention the games currently being developed are getting delayed or canned. Sony is restructuring on the fly, E3 will say a lot about how many games Sony has in the pipeline. In sony's history when have they ever boasted about indie games and multiplats as much as they have this gen. While MSFT is boasting about big titles.

PS 360 got Titanfall and PvZ

Kiwi662334d ago

don't you think that microsoft won't also be working hard to bring good games to xbox including 1st & 3rd party as well as indie games some of which have already been announced

MasterCornholio2334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )

"What you witnessed was XB1 restructuring and building up 1st party studios,"

What I witnessed was Microsoft focusing their studios on developing Kinect games. Sony during the Last few years released a ton of exclusives for the PS3 with one of the greatest games last gen last year.

Like I said Microsoft has a lot to prove when it comes to exclusives. I'll give them a chance but after Kinect I dont really have high hopes for them.


"don't you think that microsoft won't also be working hard to bring good games to xbox including 1st & 3rd party as well as indie games some of which have already been announced"

Well that could be true but over the last few years they put a huge emphasis on Kinect which is why I said they have a lot to prove.

mrpsychoticstalker2334d ago

"Sony will work their butts us to bring us good games to play whether they are 3rd party titles, 1st party titles or indies."

While this is true, you also have to acknowledge that all Sony is doing now is Re release games with minor graphic improvements.

Not only that, but they are releasing them at full price. Clearly their re structuring will take them a while. few years perhaps.


Totally agree with you.

SpiralTear2334d ago

I think we should stop making such big predictions so early in the gen. Complete 180's have happened. Last gen is proof that even the most hopeless situations can completely reverse.

scott1822334d ago (Edited 2334d ago )


They are bringing us the best game of last gen with dramatic improvements to resolution, fps, textures and AA. Along with great first party games this year. clearly they are doing it right this gen, not just paying off third party studios for pseudo exclusive franchises.

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ThanatosDMC2334d ago

Well, it doesnt help that MS kept stabbing itself on stage before release. Rushed console, price, Agent Phil Harrison, etc.

JeffGUNZ2334d ago

Not disagreeing with you, but both companies rushed the console out. Look at the catalog of games at launch and the lack of features that should have been there for both "next gen" consoles that are being patched in. Titanfall is really the only great blockbuster for MS and Infamous is the best for Sony and that took 4-5 months to get them.

Bonkerz2334d ago

O god this crushing stuff lol.. Neither is going to crush the other period. They both have strong points and weak points, and they both have consumers that love them.. Finally, they are both selling extremely well, so please enough with this crap.

RiPPn2334d ago

As next year marks the 20 year anniversary of the famous $299 announcement, they should come out at E3 next year and say "$299" and drop the mic.