Alien Isolation, A Game Finally Worthy Of The Franchise Name?

Will Alien Isolation be the Alien game we've all been waiting for?

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Marcello1632d ago

It sounds like a cool concept but playing hide & seek with 1 alien for an entire game seems a bit too thin on gameplay to me. 1 or 2 levels would have been great thou. I hope iam wrong, we will see.

KinjoTakemura1633d ago

That's a definite maybe. We'll see.

seatunt1632d ago

I watched that IGN video the other night where a couple of the staff play a demo and it looked really good. I just hope the AI of alien isn't scripted but really does hunt you through out the game. Instead me responding to the Alien, I want the Alien to respond to me.

waltyftm1632d ago

Lets hope so, it certainly has the atmosphere.