Here's Why Amazon's Fire TV Shouldn't Scare Sony’s PlayStation 4 has a chance to provide a console option for millions of households with its Fire TV. The console may not replace high-end devices, but it could steal market share from the dominant products. Are we at a point where Sony should start to get worried?

Sony has sold millions of its new console since November's launch of PlayStation 4. Its problem in keeping up supplies of the PlayStation 4, the plan to debut a streaming gaming service, and its Project Morpheus are reasons why it shouldn't be scared of Fire TV.

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Kingthrash3601633d ago

It never did.
Thats ouya apple tv and googles compition.
The vita tv and its ps4 streaming will get my money over these..."consoles"

Anon19741633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yeah, I can't really see Sony being worried about Fire TV being a direct threat to the PS4. To Vita TV, yeah, but not the PS4. And even then I don't think Fire TV poses much of a threat currently. I'm just waiting for Vita TV to be announced for North America and Europe. I'd buy one as a PS4 extender alone.