Where is Xbox One's virtual reality headset?

Where the PC has the mighty Oculus Rift and PlayStation 4 has Project Morpheus, Xbox One has yet to wheel out its own take on virtual reality, if any. Could and should Microsoft be preparing a virtual reality headset reveal for E3? Eurogamer weighs up the rumours and the clues.

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corvusmd1637d ago

They've been working on it for a long time and obviously are trying to do it right....I think taking time on something like this is definitely the right way to go. Plus, based on filed patents and such, they are working on AR and VR tech, maybe they are deciding which way to go...or if they should do both.

XisThatKid1637d ago

DAMN YOOOOOOUUUUU! beat me to it.

joeorc1637d ago


Yeah they have

check this out peep's

Vol.34 No.2 May 2000

OpenWorlds was the first product available as a full C++ software development kit (SDK) for people wanting to support VRML. Yet OpenWorlds is much more. OpenWorlds evolved out of contract work for NASA to develop a human VR simulation system for the international space station. In creating this system, we realized early on that the same graphics and, more importantly, simulation capabilities that were needed by NASA could be used by many other applications. Each of the complex behaviors, ranging from gravity to inter-object collisions to a new hardware interface to a maintenance task itself, is simply a C++ script node. Hence, we designed an �open� system that could easily be used by any existing or new application, and could scale from high-end VR CAVEs to low-end laptops. We have a great software architecture, but for some reason flow-diagrams don�t excite a Web3D RoundUP crowd. This open design permits us to run on UNIX, Windows and Linux platforms. We support OpenGL, Iris Performer, Optimizer and Microsoft�s Fahrenheit XSG rendering layers. In fact, both SGI and Microsoft have chosen OpenWorlds as the VRML loader for their rendering layers! But what does this mean to an audience of several hundred to several thousand sitting at a Web3D RoundUP? We need demos!

This was not an over night thing people the Tech industry has been working on this for quite some time, the fact that prime sense enables such good 3D tracking in a depth of field, you would not expect said company to ignore VR! its like a priority on the minds of those wanting to perfect the motion control system to enable enhancement to VR, its been a goal for decades in the tech industry to make it cheap enough and being able to have enough support by more than just a few companies to make it viable.

Expect it peep's.

N4g_null1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

You know Oculus rift runs on windows.... drivers for the xbone would not be that big of a jump.

Great find joeorc!

Fireseed1637d ago

I find it funny that with all the people who claim these companies copy one another as a bad thing... that when it doesn't happen there's just as many people upset about it.

mike32UK1637d ago

All of the major gaming companies come each other, I think it's a good thing. That way each system can have all of the best features

specialguest1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

If the Xbox have a VR headset in development, it will most likely integrate the Kinect for full body tracking. This would be awesome if the tracking is accurate. There are people who already started using the first version of the Kinect for PC with the Oculus Rift to do this. You can find videos on YouTube. It works, but is buggy and lags a little.

maniacmayhem1637d ago

Yes, I agree. And then it will make a lot of people who deemed Kinect "forced" happy that it was included with the Xbox One.

DigitalRaptor1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

There is nothing on Kinect that makes an experience more immersive, other than perhaps voice controls, which is possible on quite a large number of microphone arrays.

I understand your enthusiasm, but when VR is ALL about increased immersion, and Kinect restricts that, it cannot be as good as anyone is hoping for. The best ANY company can do is provide a controller based solution, which is actually MORE immersive as in the games you will be holding a weapon or something of physical use, and tactile feedback is far better for immersion. So it would be good if MS concentrates on both. No problems with them trying it out with Kinect, but control your expectations.

specialguest1637d ago

The thing you have to understand about VR is that when you see your arms and legs in VR, but it doesn't move when you move it, it can really confuse your brain. Simply being able to see your limbs move when you physically move them DOES add to immersion. People are using the Razor Hydra for moving their arms and the described it as very a natural feeling. You no longer feel like just a paralyzed person from neck down being moved around by a controller.

As for the tactile feedback, your legs/feet already gets the feedback from the floor you're standing on when performing stepping motions. For hands, that's really tough. There's nothing out there that can replicate a true force feedback. However, it doesn't mean that additional hardware with buttons on each hand can't be used.

cfc781637d ago

You know it's coming at some point.

kryteris1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

PS4 is arguably not powerful enough to do VR at a near 2x 1080p resolution. This simply will not happen on the X1 unless there is a huge leap in how game engine design works, offering much less processing power demand.

DigitalRaptor1637d ago

You never know. This industry is full of surprises.

But you are correct, that PS4 was built with VR in mind. It's in the way the DS4 has a lightbar for the camera to track, the development of the camera itself, and the reason PS Move is still compatible. It's why they went for the hardware that they did.

Kinect only captures at 30fps which means a significantly larger input delay.

PS4 camera has an array of options: 60fps capturing a higher resolution, or 120fps at a much lower resolution, which means at its most reserved setting, the input lag will be much more instant

So coupled with hardware limitations, XB1 is probably not the place you'd go to for immersive VR experiences.

starchild1637d ago

Well, both the PS4 and XB1 can do somewhat simpler games at 60fps stereo3D, just not the high end graphics games.

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