Gamer Chatter Podcast - Episode 62: Tim & Ed’s Excellent Adventure with Rufus-teamaker too!

This week the boys change up the show a little bit. They go over Scott Olleks question from last week, The question was: What is your top 5 of any topic? Take your pick and discuss why each made your list, Top 5 Shooters, Top 5 RPGs, Top 5 Stories in a Game(made your jaw hit the floor with how well done it was), Top 5 Action/Adventure, Top 5 Retro Console Games. Instead of taking their pick, they pick all of them and answer every single topic. The community question is also discussed, that was: What is your favorite live action video game movie? Some great answers even though there isn’t much to pick from. Edward also discusses his choice for dinner Friday night that may have been a huge mistake. William and Tim splurge on the games they have been playing this week! More of the same after the main topic is discussed, please enjoy the show!

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