GamesBeat: Mario Golf: World Tour is a great physics puzzler with a disappointing campaign (review)

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb: I have issues with Mario Golf: World Tour, but they are completely unimportant when I’m playing the actual golfing parts. It feels great, it looks very nice, and it plays at a fast pace. And while the campaign packaging is a faint echo of Mario Golfs gone by, that didn’t stop me from loving the 20 hours I spent with this entry in the franchise.

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NagaSotuva1637d ago

I still play the original Game Boy Mario Golf.

darkronin2291637d ago

Never touched Mario Golf before (Hot Shots Golf was my go-to golf game back in the day), but this sounds kind of cool.

ColManischewitz1637d ago

Would be more interesting to me if on Wii U, not 3DS.

Sadie21001637d ago

I was thinking the same thing.