Child Of Light Review (TheSixthAxis)

Let me tell you about Child of Light, a land called Lemuria and its terrible plight. An evil Queen has stolen the sun, moon and stars, bringing evil before unseen while turning the world from a place of beauty to one of scars. The fate of this place rests with Aurora, and those that support her. The game itself is a platforming RPG with a story told in rhyme, but does this latest Ubisoft title bring glee and is it worth your time?

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Chuk51661d ago

Bang. Good to hear it's doing well. I'm skeptical of buying games without critical coverage since trials.

Farsendor11661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

im the type of gamer who watches youtube videos and reads previews and if the game interest me at that point i buy.

reviewers dont have the same taste in games as me so i have to be skeptic of reviewers.

first screen shot below the youtube video looks beautiful

ZodTheRipper1661d ago

Guys, buy this game, we need more games like this. Publishers and devs need to see that there is demand for RPG's because last gen was lacking in that genre of the main reasons why the PS2 era was so good was because there were so many RPG's.

user95589031661d ago

I'm excited to try this game

isa_scout1661d ago

Great score. I can't wait to play it tomorrow.

Sokol1661d ago

Fantastic score, already bought the game, look forward to playing it this weekend. We need more games like Child of Light :)

Farsendor11661d ago

i have had it pre ordered for a little while now on ps4. still trying to find out what time the game will unlock

Nine_Thousaaandd1661d ago

This game is getting a lot of good scores...can't wait to check this out!