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GR: You don't need to look much further than Ubisoft if you want a game publisher with the capacity for massive, multi-faceted open-worlds and small, endearing experiences that touch the heart of a genre and come back with something special. That’s what I see in Child of Light, a new 2D role-playing game featuring Aurora and a cast of unlikely heroes who will certainly put the foul-mouthed kids of South Park: The Stick of Truth to shame if your sensibilities rise above Cartman and the gang.

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TrendyGamers1686d ago

I really wish this was on Vita. Seems like a perfect fit.

insertcoin1686d ago

Heh, never thought about that, but yeah, that would be a nice fit. Maybe even have a deal where we get both a PS3 and Vita copy.

Old_Boss_1686d ago

I don't own a Vita but can't you just use remote play ?

SolidGear31686d ago

Maybe with the astounding reception it'll get a Vita port