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Analog Addiction writes: "Another year, another Electronic Entertainment Expo! With the fairly-recent release of the next-generation consoles, we think it’s safe to assume that, this year (especially), every last developer and publisher will be bringing out the big guns to June’s upcoming gaming event. That said, let’s not forget the other competitors, mainly the everlasting PC, and Nintendo’s Wii U. Will we finally see a Wii U-exclusive Zelda game? What about Metroid?

We at Analog Addiction have been eagerly anticipating 2014′s E3 (who hasn’t, really?) and because of this, here are our top five predictions, per editor. Warning! Some allegations might seem downright insane (but totally awesome if they were to actually happen)."

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prodg521660d ago

1. Vita TV announced for the West along with promotion of the new Vita slim and cheaper memory cards.
2. Playstation Now release date for November
3. New Zelda and Metroid games for Wii U
4. XBone price drop in the west
5. Rare announces Battle Toads for XBone (I will have to get one if they make this game!)

colonel1791660d ago

I don't want Sony to spend too much time on PlayStation Now, but seems that that's how it's going to be. Probably even 20 minutes!.

I am not trying to troll or anything, but I have a feeling that Sony's conference is going to be somewhat disappointing. Maybe I'm just not trying to get my hopes up, but everything points out to be that way.

PS Now,
The Order
PS4 Success.

Just with those 4 things, they will probably take 1 hour. I would love to be wrong! because I want new, unannounced, unheard, completely new IPs and games!

Time will only tell.

The Xbox will not drop the price at least until Christmas this year to win consumers, and I don't see how they would announce Battle Toads, although it would be totally amazing! (any old Rare franchise would be epic, really)

colonel1791660d ago

My take on their predictions:

1. Wii Price: Don't think so. They will rely on bundles for a longer time. Price cut next year possible though

2. Tomb Raider 2: Absolutely! They already said they were working on it, so I don't see why not.

3. Osiris: Didn't even know it existed, but knowing Ubisoft, there is a chance that they will make a reveal.

4. Kinect-less: Not yet. But will happen sooner than later

5. Zelda: yes, Metroid: Maybe Starfox: Sadly don't think so

6. Microsoft Exclusives: Totally! They will probably even show more than Sony even if they don't release this year (or the next) Hopefully not many are third party exclusives.

7. Sony promote Indes: 100% chance! I hate that, but seems to be their strategy.

8. Nintendo Direct: Definitely. It's their way now, and I don't think they will change it since should be cheaper for them.

9. Mortal Kombat 10: Very pausible

10. Gran Turismo 7: Not a chance, they have DriveClub to worry about now.

11. Uncharted trailer: 100% correct. Don't think there will be a gameplay demo until later this year. Release date most likely next year anyways.

12. Quantum Break release date: Absolutely, at least the month.

13. Sony and MS AAA first party exclusive: 100% chance!

14. Star Wars and Mirror's Edge first look: Very likely, although still too far away from lunch so no dates given.

15. PS4/Vita bundle: Possible, but depends on Sony's logistic on that sort of thing.

16. Beyond good and Evil 2: Don't think so

17. Kinect -less Xbox: Again, not yet

18. Sony exclusive RPG: Maybe, hopefully something awesome!! They know PS gamer love RPG though, especially JRPGs.

19. PS1/PS2 Classics on PS4: Very likely, but at the end of the year.

20. Nintendo's new titles win hearts: Every god damn time. So yes!

21. Halo 2 anniversary: YES We all know it's coming, and probably have something related to Halo 5 included.

22. Mass Effect: Very likely

23. Follow up on Sleeping Dogs: Don't know about that game

24. Live MP games for Live: maybe, but don't think that's MS's strategy right now.

25. Siphon Filter: Hopefully, but slim chance, unless they've heard fans!

26. Halo 5 release date, maybe only "fall" 2015 or something like that, nothing specific.

27. Zelda Wii U: What else will they announce?

28. Ghost Recon game: not a chance. They have better games to announce at the moment.

29. Not see Star Wars or Mirror's Edge: mm it can go both ways depending on how far along the games are. But if they show something will be a trailer at most (not even gameplay)

30. No 360/PS3 first party games announced: 360 definitely not, PS3 has a chance to get at least one or two still.

31. GameCube VC: Don't think so, but probably.

32. Zelda Wii U with TP graphics: Definitely. There is no way they will go cell shaded again. Will probably look more like 2011 demo (but better).

33. MGS V release date: Not likely. "fall/winter/ 2015 at most. Anything specific yet.

34. SW Kings of Old Republic Remake: No

35. Mass Effect reveal. Likely, but just a teaser/trailer with no specific date of release.

Rob Hornecker1660d ago

There are some real good predictions here and heres what I think....

1 The price will come down of BOTH next gen systems to get more out there in gamers homes. At this time,the PS4 is king of the next gen war and they are willing to do whatever it takes to stay that way.
These price drop will happen before the start of the 2014 holiday season.

2 Exclusives sell a game system. The hotter the exclusives,the more console sales.

3 VR will make its debute,but will it sell game systems?That will depend on the software and the cost of the VR unit.

4 Third party developers making games that are new and different and not a rehash of the last gens games.

5 Did someone in this story say "next ghost recon"? Oh hell yea!!!

Elda1660d ago

Hopefully a FF-XV & The Last Guardian release date.

Farsendor11660d ago

they have to re introduce the last guardian first and explain what happened to the game.

well they dont have to explain what happened to last guardian, i sure hope they do anyways. sony is sometimes upfront about those things.

Dynasty20211660d ago

36 - Console owners believe what they're seeing is running on consoles instead of PC.

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