Madden NFL 15 Cover: Five Likely Candidates

GoodGameBro writes, "Each year, it seems as if the first Madden information that we receive revolves around the cover of the game. We’ve recently been treated to cover votes, but that may not be the case for Madden NFL 15. As we’re about to hit May, EA SPORTS has yet to reveal any information on the game outside of small mentions in the corners of the internet that it’s “coming soon”.

While we’re not ruling out a Madden NFL 15 cover vote, we’ve assembled a list of the five most likely candidates for the cover of this year’s game. Factors such as league popularity, previous season statistics, how easy they are to market, and other options were heavily weighed within our staff to compile this list."

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1634d ago

Richard Sherman. End of story. I was hoping we would see NFL 2K make a return this year.

1634d ago
LexHazard791633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Yeah man we need NFL2K. Did EA and NFL reup or what? Yeah I think Sherman should get it, or the Pats flying Elvis...

Farsendor11633d ago

Sherman gets too much crap over his playoff game comments. people forget that trash talking in football has always been apart of the game, he should have tried to keep calm when talking to that interviewer though that was on him.

WeAreLegion1634d ago

Isn't it time we put Bo Jackson on the cover?

Kevin263851634d ago

This isn't NCAA Football haha

WeAreLegion1634d ago

Wow. I didn't even see that he was in that last year. That's weird...

Kevin263851634d ago

WeAreLegion - He actually wasn't on the cover, but he was in the new Ultimate Team mode they had.

Skate-AK1633d ago

I think it will be Sherman.

danncampello1633d ago

Shermannnnn, he deserves it!

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