“Schrödinger’s Hacker” – Watch Dogs’ merging of single and multiplayer experiences

This April 23d Ubisoft released an 8 minute video showing the three key multiplayer elements of the open-world hack-em up Watch Dogs. In the trailer, we saw a classic team-based capture the flag style game, a clever pairing between the main game and a companion app as well as one-on-one hack and evade mode.

Seamless, or at least attempted seamless, multiplayer and singleplayer integration in games isn’t entirely new. However with multiple devices and social sites being more connected than ever, are we going to see an entire new genre of multiplayer experiences that more effectively go hand in hand within a single player story?

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Rickgrimes951635d ago

Anyone know when we can pre order this on ps4 psn store?

SpiderMullen1635d ago

No idea. You can pre-order it elsewhere so it can't be too long a wait.

Rickgrimes951635d ago

Yeah I would but I got 60 bucks worth of gift cards on the psn store

Skate-AK1635d ago

I would guess next Tuesday. May 6th.

Farsendor11635d ago

hopefully we get different online experiences with these new consoles.

in a classic need for speed game i would like for ai controlled cop to be taken over by a friend that would be fun.

or a friend can drop in and help me against a pursuit.