Dev: Mastering PS4 Compute Yields Massive Gains, Like PS3 CELL

Zombie Studios spoke with us about Compute on PS4, stating that mastering it will lead to massive performance gains, similarly to PS3's CELL.

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TheUltimateGamer3701d ago

Good. I'd like to see 3rd party games reach the peak of quality that only the first parties were able to on the last gen. I'm really looking forward to seeing what comes of this gen of consoles.

awi59513701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

I need a game that will push my pc. There isnt anything out yet that's really pushing the edge in graphics right now. We dont have a crysis type game out at all now. Metro last light is good but its a single player game only and its very doom like.We need a Pc game with far open spaces to explore. BF4 isn't a challenge to run at all at 60 fps on ultra. We need that big game but with new consoles out there isnt and rush from developers to push the PC at this point. I just witcher 3 doesnt suffer for this when it comes out.

I_am_Batman3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Games are getting more expensive and there is almost no point in making PC exclusive AAA games for most big publishers anymore especially when you look at the success of the new gen consoles.

ATi_Elite3701d ago

Crysis 3 with the Realism mod my friend and of course GTAIV with Icenhancer mod.

Cryengine 3 is so Optimized that it can produce awesome graphics very efficiently. The Realism Mod pushes the Engine further and adds even more eye candy.

Icenhancer on GTAIV is flatout a MONSTER to run and it makes GTAIV look better than anything EVER.

Metro LAst Light with Sweetfx or Realsim MOd is pretty tough.

Heck The Witcher 2 on Ultra with Uber Sampling turned on is still a PAIN.

zeuanimals3701d ago

Most multiplats wouldn't exist if they didn't come to consoles, and you should be happy that there's a new generation. Consoles are almost always the main target for 3rd party devs, they have to make their games work well on them because that's where the games are gonna sell the most and make the most money. PC gets upressed ports with some better details and effects.

New console generations don't just mean better looking console games, it also means much better looking console to PC ports. Look at this gen's best looking games and soon to be even better looking games. Now imagine them being ported to PC with better IQ and effects. They could potentially rival a lot of the best looking PC games.

Maybe this gen, we're gonna start seeing more PC to console ports instead, because of the x86 architecture.

randomass1713701d ago

You can expect to see a lot of PS4/XB1/PC games ported across all three platforms since they all have the same architecture. With game prices rising, why wouldn't developers easily port their games over for extra profit?

mysteryraz113701d ago

who gives a crap about the pc, the devs dont, so shutup crying and saying wah what about my pc, unlike pcs devs know know what are in the consoles, so its easier to optimize and improve games on them and thats why games sell best on consoles, cause they are so simple

Magicite3701d ago

No, we dont, very few people can afford super high-end PCs.

ravinash3700d ago

With the consoles being closer to the PC architecture now more than ever, it should be to much of a problem to turn the graphics up with larger textures and effects.

I'm sure with the new consoles, the PC version of the games will benefit from this as well.

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ATi_Elite3701d ago

Taking instructions or actions from the CPU and sending them to the GPU has been going on for a long time on teh PC side so now that Consoles ARE PC's it's good to see console Devs use Compute functions.

This frees up the CPU to do other things like BETTER ENEMY A.I. or larger game worlds.

The PS4 will get stronger as more Devs use Compute and offload some task to the PS4 GPU.

kaiserfranz3701d ago

Indeed, as the developer said, it can add "a lot of life" to a game world. That's very important to me, I feel AI is so far behind graphics and even physics right now in most games.

randomass1713701d ago

Keep in mind, devs on consoles haven't had capabilities like the PS4 before. The platform before it had about 512MB of RAM and the CPU was difficult to work with. Now we have about eight times the RAM and a much more reasonable CPU for which developers other than Sony's first party studios can actually work with.

Xtremist3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Compute parallelism is not possible on traditional pc hardware because it doesn't have the architecture for this kind of tasks.
On pc, when you send actions to the GPU you are actually stealling the processing power from the GPU.
That's not the case with ps4.

odderz3701d ago

Can't wait to see that first next-gen title that'll truly blow me away. I'm primarily a console gamer but I can't say I've seen a game on the new systems that has really truly impressed me yet. It's coming, I'm sure...

randomass1713701d ago

I take it Odderz wants to go above and beyond Second Son. Beautiful as that game is, I think we all know Sony can (and WILL) push that boundary even further. :)

Guwapo773700d ago

@Monkey - Infamous is nice but I wasn't blown away. I'm with Odderz, it's coming friends believe that. We WILL be blown away it just hasn't happened yet.

UltraNova3700d ago

Well be patient my friend U4, GoW 4 and the next two titles form Guerrilla KZ4 and the new IP will more than satisfy your appetite for eye candy.

nypifisel3700d ago

The Order 1886 is pretty much the best looking game I've seen ever, and I've been an exclusive PC gamer for 11 years.

Guwapo773700d ago

@nypifisel - I agree. The order looks great on a subpar Youtube video...it's going to be mind blowing on the system.

cfc783701d ago

No argument from me sounds spot on just hope the mastering comes sooner rather than later.

Alexious3701d ago

For the stated reasons it should hopefully come sooner than PS3, and more substantially across the board with multiplatform games. Can't wait to see the new games at E3

ramiuk13701d ago

or just wait till week before MS releases dx12 lol,screw them again with htere 5% increase it will bring the bone.

great to hear devs happy though ,

ccgr3701d ago

Awesome, look forward to seeing my PS4 flex its muscles

soljah3701d ago

dat power of the cloud oh wait wrong thread LOL

MasterCornholio3701d ago

Funny how Microsoft said that having more compute cores is a bad thing.

Very interesting how these two firms designed their consoles.


Dudebro903701d ago

Do you people gotta bring Xbox into everything?

N4g logic.