Microsoft vows its Xbox TV push won't cut into "gaming first" approach

Last month Microsoft announced a new head of Xbox who declared that he would lead the Xbox team with a "gaming first" philosophy. This month, Microsoft rolled out their extensive plans for producing a slew of original television shows for the console.

Timing aside, those involved say that this new initiative won't impact Microsoft's work on gaming.

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christocolus1633d ago

Phil is now in charge of the division so it isnt too hard to believe theyll be putting games first. The guy isnt Mattrick, when it comes to Phil games will always come first.

Dlacy13g1633d ago

Agreed, given Phils background I really do think he gets it on the gaming front. I am really excited to see what Xbox looks like at E3 for the first time in a long time under guidance of someone who is a gamer unlike the past years with Don Matrick.

Lucreto1633d ago

He is not in the job long enough to make a huge impact that will be next year. What they plan on showing was planned months before he got the job.

I am sure he made a few changes to the show since he took over like he could have taken out the Xbox orignials and added new games instead but the bulk will remain the same. E3 2015 will be all him.

cfc781633d ago

I think Phil will focus more on the games than if Don (thank god he's gone) Matrick was in charge thats for sure.

truefan11633d ago

Bring me both I love gaming and I love watching TV. I'm already looking forward to that Halo project, Forward Unto Dawn was fantastic. I think Gears could be a pretty good show as well. Keep adding value to the XB1.

MorePowerOfGreen1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

"He is not in the job long enough to make a huge impact that will be next year. What they plan on showing was planned months before he got the job"

That's a pretty asinine thing to say. The changes he could have put in place could be as immediate as DRM changes were and bigger. Indie policies and DRM is just examples.

Are you thinking about new IP birthing and when those games come out based on Phil's agenda? That has nothing to do with immediate restructuring, new agendas, and contracts/deals that could of been made the minute he was in charge.

His changes could easily be seen as soon as E3 with different policy agendas game mix ups or swapping. We're already seeing a pure game's showing at game shows and the announcement of this news outside of E3, which before would have been announced at E3 taking up game time, is a change.

Are you trying to say no games were planned or no games were coming before Phil? Phil was already pushing games in his old role, he's just in charge of everything now, now able to make sure it happens with his power.

"What they plan on showing was planned months before he got the job"

^^ That's Phil now with the power to do as he deems fit. Phil said he isn't going to change much for E3(doesn't have to, he helped build their E3 LOL)

Dlacy13g1633d ago

@Lucreto, depending on what he looks to do with Xbox his impact could be felt immediately. All it takes is him making announcements of initiatives or new programs he is putting in place. We shall see though.

One thing I am sure we all can agree on is "Can't wait for E3 this year".

Lucreto1633d ago


Yes he can do that alright but I must have misread your post as I was thinking about games.

People think he redesigned the whole E3 conferenece in 4 month. To make a trailer or gameplay segment they need to pull people off the project back in November to get it ready for E3.

Still he needs sit down with his boss and show in detail his plans on what he wants to do. 4 months might be long enough to get things started but we don't know.

Dlacy13g1633d ago

@Lucreto I see your points, and the reality is none of us can say for certain what his impact may or may not be at this point. I mean we know he just took the reigns of Xbox Officially but how long has he actually more or less been running things since Matrick left? I know they put Julie Larson Green as head of the division for a bit but it looks like she was merely there as a place holder while MS ironed out who the new CEO would be and let him put his teams in place. It's quite possible Phil has been stewarding the ship for the better part of a full year come E3.

Again, we shall see. Lets hope for the sake of competition in the industry that MS is back to being that aggressive, humble company in the gaming sphere as that seems to be the company that pushed others like Sony in a positive way.

ramiuk11633d ago

I want to own both next gen consoles,1st choice is ps4 which i own,I do want the bone but nothing out there except titan interests me.
the issues with 1080p also is an issue for me and i do belive MS has already put TV first.

I hope this new guy does change things around and fingers crossed for GAMES at E3,not tech demos or ideas.

rainslacker1633d ago

I think what Lucreto was getting at is that we won't see what effects Phil's efforts will make until sometime next year. The indie change is showing results, but tangible products from those efforts aren't going to crop up overnight.

The best thing Phil has going right now is that he's a sign of change to a more gaming focused console. However, that doesn't mean that MS shelved all it's non-gaming efforts, which they shouldn't anyways.

The changes that Phil are bringing to the Xbox take time to produce, so while I'm sure we'll hear about their gaming focus at E3, anything they show based on Phil's efforts will likely be at least a year off. New games don't get made overnight. We might see a couple teaser trailers for new IP's, or ones that are brought out of MS IP dungeon.

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Septic1633d ago

I think gamers dealt a very swift kick up MS' backsides last year...they won't be in a rush to push gaming to the sidelines any time soon.

christocolus1633d ago

I agree. The fact that they are announcingth3 tv stuff now is proof that they are putting games first. It means their E3 conference will be all about games.

randomass1711633d ago

That's pretty awesome, I think. A lot of gamers, Xbox fans or otherwise, came together so loudly and aggressively that it forced Microsoft to back down on a lot of bad ideas. That's pretty awesome and I wish we could see that kind of intelligent togetherness in game fanbases more often.

rainslacker1633d ago

I'll hand it to MS, their last E3 was all about games. They had plenty of them, and it's the best showing they've had in years.

If they had addressed some of the other questions and issues going around in a meaningful way at their press conference they could have easily won E3. Things could have been very different now if at E3 they came on stage and said, "We listened to the gamers, and no DRM or check-ins".

I'm liking the gaming centered approach they're taking, and I wish them the best in making it happen.

1633d ago
CYCLEGAMER1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

My thing is this, so far in this gen, when has TV ever been in the way of MS delivering games?? Yes at their UNVEILING of the console they showed a lot of tv features, but they still had a great lineup of games, and E3 proved that.

I think people got too caught up in the perceptions and not was was actually happening (reality), and I will blame MS for that, but IMO they have shown so far that the system is mainly for games.

DeadMansHand1633d ago

Except for the fact they are paying to have original tv programing made. TV shows and documentaries are not cheap. Think of how many games could be made instead.



The article was about tv stuff GETTING IN THE WAY of games. Whatever they are doing on the television side isn't and hasn't been getting in the way of the games so far.

My point is that they are still making games, new franchises and all. Who cares what else they are doing with their money? As long as they don't forget about me, the gamer I am good.

rainslacker1633d ago

People got caught up in the DRM/24-hour check in. The TV focus was pretty ancillary to that. Because of the DRM/check-in many people didn't care about the games, and realistically, it was hard to walk away from the reveal thinking that MS cared about games.

I don't think people were caught up in perceptions, because the reality was that MS had policies that didn't align with what a lot of people wanted.

I will say they are doing a lot better since the 180's, and Phil has done well at trying to get the right message across though. He's showing that he can be a great spokesman for the brand, and now he's in a very good position to make positive changes for that brand.

I don't think people should be upset about any TV content they offer, but the past bitter pill makes it an easy target to reopen the old arguments.

r2oB1633d ago

@ Melman26

They may be focusing on games now, but how can you insinuate that they have always been focused on games when:

1) Their exclusive game releases have drastically dwindled since 2010.
2) So far only 1 of their AAA titles were developed in house. Titanfall, Ryse, and Dead Rising 3 are all third party. This tells me they were more concerned with buying exclusives than making them.
3) A good chunk of their launch line up were originally 360 games that were scrapped and released on the Xbox One. How can you say they are focused on games when they have left their existing user base high and dry?

I recognize their willingness to shift focus back to the core gamers, and applaud them. But let's not act like that was their focus all along, like you are trying to insinuate.


I never said that they were or were not "focused on games". What I said was that IMO it doesn't look like tv stuff has ever been in the way of them delivering games.

Also to your comment...we are talking about this gen not last gen so them "leaving consumers high and dry" THIS GEN is out of the window for now, or until they show otherwise. I would rather have those games on next gen hardware with all of its capabilities than to play them on limited hardware. None of those games look like they can be ran (as they are on the one) on last gen console.

Who cares if the exclusives are third party or not...they are exclusives, why does it matter??

r2oB1632d ago


If you are strictly talking about games being on the Xbox One, then it does not really matter if they are third party or first party. But if you are trying it promote the perception that Microsoft is focused on gaming and making games and new IPs then it does matter. What has Microsoft been doing since 2010 that cause them to only release one first party launch title. It's not as if they were releasing titles for the 360, which would have been understandable. But the 360 was barren regarding first party exclusives, and so it the xbox one. So what have their studios been working on all this time?

Having someone else do something for you is not the same as being focused at the task at hand.

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Automatic791633d ago


I always felt that should had been there philosophy from the beginning when they announced X1, games first and everything else second. Glad to see priorities in place with Phil.

christocolus1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

I agree. I think Don strayed a bit too far with his dreams/aspirations for the xbox division but Phil is sailing the ship back in the right direction.

I am so freaking excited for e3.

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SixtyNine1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

"Timing aside, those involved say that this new initiative won't impact Microsoft's work on gaming."

Of coarse it wouldn't. They've got the money, lots of it.

randomass1711633d ago

Having money doesn't mean you cannot lose focus, unfortunately. What you mean is they have the money to make a lot of Xbox One games, in which case you would be right. They do have the money. Now they need to put that cash to good use.

JasonKCK1633d ago

Apparently there are a lot of people on this site that think 70 billion isn't a lot of money. They must have more.

Hicken1633d ago

Rather, lots of people are smart enough to realize that money doesn't mean a whole lot in that respect.

All that money didn't stop them from revealing their console with a decided focus on things other than gaming.

That money didn't stop them from pulling games from the 360 lineup to pad the launch library of the XB1.

All that money didn't stop them from the other abysmal gaming decisions they made.

Hopefully, Phil Spencer will stop them from making those mistakes, as their money obviously didn't.

Curious: why would you think the disagrees had anything to do with Microsoft not having enough money? For that matter, what makes you think every penny Microsoft has is at the Xbox division's disposal?

mcstorm1633d ago

Im really excited to see what happens with Microsoft as a company now as its had some big changes in big departments. Looking forward to E3 and to see what direction the xbox one will be taken in now Phil is the new head. All I can say it is looks like its a good time to be a gamer as it looks like all 3 are going back to there gaming roots.

randomass1711633d ago

Gaming first approach, as in video game development is supposed to be at the forefront of their focus.

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