The Most Memorable Platinum Trophies? The Order A Game Video Games Podcast Episode 18 Part 2

The Team discusses the most memorable platinum trophies being hard trophies or trophies that were just pure fun to get. We also talk about the easiest platinum trophies that have been achieved by the different members of the podcast team.

Running order of show:
The Xbox One Update and lack of meaningful updates on both the PS4 and Xbox One
Our weekly Battlefield 4 update
Topic of the week: The Most Memorable Platinum Trophies.

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AgentSmithPS41637d ago

The most memorable Platinum was the one I didn't get from completing Outlast on Insane difficulty... (Only gold, I got trolled by myself)

KingDon1637d ago

Yeah it was a pain that Outlast did not have a platinum trophy.