The Charm of Old-School Resident Evil: 6 Things I Miss About The Series

Twinfinite writes:

The Resident Evil series has changed. But it never hurts to take a look at the older games in the series and what made them so memorable.

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cfc781687d ago

It kills me to see what they've done to the resident evil series survival horror to run and gun action hopefully 7 gets it right and delivers a game that everyone enjoys,great article munnyndonuts kudos to you i can't get enough of the older resi days nicely done.

munnyndonuts1687d ago

Unfortunately, I don't think we'll get that same level of suspense and tension in future RE games. Not unless Capcom does a complete reboot of the series. RE: Revelations did try to replicate their past success and it was great, but I don't think modern gamers like the idea of exploration and backtracking all that much.

But yeah, I definitely agree with you: the older RE days were a ton of fun :)

fossilfern1687d ago

Doubt it. Capcom have made it clear they want to appeal to the masses when it comes to Resident Evil, and their other franchises I'm sure.

If they just made the next RE game like that RE4 beta footage then I'd be than happy.

Revolver_X_1687d ago

Capcom did express concern in RE's direction after RE6. Claire is my favorite character and every RE shes in is golden. If RE7 is announced with Claire as a main protagonist, I might get a little glimmer of hope.

Goro1687d ago

What about the piano music?

munnyndonuts1687d ago

Moonlight Sonata? Good catch! That was haunting, to say the least.

cfc781687d ago

Always a great part of the game no matter how many times you played it.

Stringerbell1687d ago

This right here always does it for me!

Wait for the ending, gets me every times!

XXXL1687d ago

Just got through playing Revelations on PS3. This series is dead. They tried with Revelations to get back to the series roots and I couldn't stomach it. Shitty monsters, running around with a CPU partner, no real sense of isolation though you're on a ship adrift, terrible story and I hate how everything was broken down into episodes. I wouldn't even put faith in a reboot now. Capcom would just screw it up.

munnyndonuts1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Ha! To be fair, Revelations did manage to get me a couple of times with scares. That first boss fight where the big dude bursts out of the chained up door, for instance. The lead-up to that fight was pretty crazy.

I don't think the series is "dead" per se, because I did still enjoy RE6 (Ada's campaign is just boss). But overall I think you're right in implying that there's no way Capcom can ever return to how they used to make these games: with intense, creepy atmospheric suspense.

jeeves861687d ago

Definitely was not a fan of the monsters in Revelations. They seemed so plain and boring, or over-the-top batshit insane.

The most tense part of that game was the lead-up to the Signal Officer boss.

I also hate the episodic flow of the game.

XXXL1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Another thing I can cry about is Rachael(?) Talk about a recycled pain in the ass. It drove me nuts that they kept recycling her rather than coming up with other ideas. Come to think of it there were hardly any different enemies. UGH. I remember when Capcom was my favorite developer. Couldn't do wrong on the SNES and PS1. It's sad what they've become.