Xbox Originals: Coming Soon to a Screen Near You

Starting this June, you’ll have more reasons to love your Xbox: Xbox Originals – premium dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, unscripted shows, and live events. Available only on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and other Microsoft devices, every Xbox Originals show will offer interactive capabilities, as well as unique interactive features customized on a per-show basis, making it a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience you won’t find anywhere else.

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curtis921687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


Edit: DAANG I got excited, thought it meant Original Xbox games coming to XB1. Oh well, I'll keep my "Sweet." comment from a few seconds ago but... it's not as sweet of a 'sweet.' as it was.

bleedsoe9mm1687d ago

same here lol hope they have something as good as house of cards

nix1687d ago

well... it's part of the TV, TV, TV, TV... plan.

Volkama1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Whereas Sony's original programming for the PS4 is going to be great, am I right Nix?

Cloudyday711687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I'm glad Microsoft recognize and celebrate the importance of TV content. Sure people like video games but console sales numbers will slow down unless manufacturers focus on appealing to the casual market with TV programs. This is why Microsoft have got their eye on the ball. Better for them to stop investing in smaller experimental games and put that money into TV content that gamers want. They are still making games but they are also investing money in making brilliant TV programs.

The Halo TV series has some serious money behind it and will make the XB One the number one place to watch TV.

HugoDrax1687d ago

"well... it's part of the TV, TV, TV, TV... plan."

Care to explain? Not sure if you are referring to MS XBOX TV or Sony PLAYSTATION TV. :-/

christocolus1687d ago

The list looks really good. Im a big fan of sci fi movies and tv. I hope all those listed here turn out great. Im also a fan of robot chicken..lookimg forward to see what seth green and the team can pull off with this one.

Thehyph1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I'm sure that there's a healthy amount of the entertainment division's budget going into this.

Wouldn't you guys rather see this money used for game development?

Edit: I might even be worried about precedence. What happens if TV becomes more immediately profitable than games?

Food for thought at least.

JasonKCK1687d ago

You should have thought that one through nix. Can't be undone now.

WeAreLegion1687d ago

@Volkama - To be fair, Sony did Breaking Bad, Seinfeld, The Boondocks, and Community. So, they have a pretty darn good track record.

Rainstorm811687d ago

Lol I called it

Summer of Arcade is now Summer of Shows

randomass1711687d ago

lol Fooled me as well. I mean, this program can be really good for Xbox One owners. If it's successful, I can see Sony doing something similar with its movies and shows for PS+ users.

nix1687d ago

Wow guys you jump up, don't you?

I just mentioned the series are part of what they showed during their first presentation. They had promised Halo series n all so that was what I was referring too.

PS3 was launched as multimedia hub which xbox one is trying to be.

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Ron_Danger1687d ago


You do know what Sony Pictures is, right?

Sony isn't the company that needs to prove anything here.

Volkama1687d ago

You do know you missed my point entirely, right?

corvusmd1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Yes, they are the company that has turned Spiderman movies to crap. Everything else they have done has basically become public domain, and all their "hits" are available on Xbox devices. Ever notice how the only Marvel Series out there that has turned to crap is the one owned by Sony? I like the PS4, but bragging about Sony pictures is NOT the selling point you think it is, that's a big Neg in my book...Ironically, the company that is making all the great Marvel movies is Disney (well, Disney owned I should say).

Either way, it looks like a lot of the stuff they are doing here isn't half ass kinda stuff, looks pretty promising actually. I was expecting maybe some halo shorts and random other crap, but they are getting writers from things such as Walking Dead, SoA, along with Spielberg and Scott. There might actually be a few shows in here I'm actually interested in....curious how the interactive deal will play in as well.

They need to lock up some of the writers from BBC Sherlock and/or Luther and get some interactive detective show giving you the ability to predict the murder and such.

-Foxtrot1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I thought the same aswell

I can't believe they don't have Conker Live and Reloaded on their store yet....hell even the N64 version.

randomass1711687d ago

They should properly remake that game again. Get rid of the unnecessary censorship and improve the graphics even more than last time. Or at least release Live & Reloaded as a digital game for XB1.

3-4-51687d ago

Same here.

All I could think of is:

* Crimson Skies
* Blood Wake
* Death Row

^ All 3 remakes would be epic.

1687d ago
DeathOfTheFanBoy1687d ago

More content is always welcome. I hope they bring back 1vs100, I LOVED that game, it's the only time I can remember playing a game with the WHOLE family, me my wife and my mother and father in law, we had some great times, drinking wine and arguing over which was the correct answer!

choujij1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Available on other "MS devices", which includes Windows...

I thought they were going to produce original programming exclusively for Xbone? Wasn't that part of it's focus on TV?

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NYC_Gamer1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

MS would be smart to include this into the Xbl Gold membership without any extra fee

avengers19781687d ago

Hopefully for gold members this is free, unfortunately I think MS may try to charge a fee for this.
It should be free additional service, but they should also have games with gold for XB1, but they don't

bleedsoe9mm1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

ms needs value adds for gold to compete with plus , they can jack up the price later if it works .


And you think Sony won't charge? Lol silly fanboy MS and Sony are a BUSINESS. You can't run a successful BUSINESS without charging people for your product. And your talking about MS not offering Games with gold on the X1 when in reality Sony doesn't offer ANY true PS4 games with PS+. Every game plus offers on ps4 can be found on PC except Resogun. So if your going to try to low key troll you should try harder

AceBlazer131687d ago

Someone should break the news to Outlast, Don't Starve, Mercenary Kings, Dead Nation and Contrast that they aren't real games.

Meanwhile Below and D4 must sound amazing huh?

avengers19781687d ago

@blk low key troll, lol. You don't think that games with gold offering loco cycle, zoo tycoon, or any of MS' digital games would be a good thing. If either of the companies is going to offer something for free history shows us it would be Sony. And I bet you before the year is out there are full retail games on plus AC: black flag, and knack come to mind first.

In reality your calling me a troll for wanting people that own XB1s (witch I don't own) to get something for free. That's funny

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They would be smart to include.... It would not surprise me if they don't however!

OrangePowerz1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

We have the internet, it will be downloadable an hour after it was shown :)

randomass1711687d ago

But at half the quality a lot of the time. :[ Besides, I'm not one for streaming things I'm not supposed to. I'd prefer to see it legit or buy the DVD if that ever becomes a thing.

Dlacy13g1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

@NYC_Gamer actually MS would be smart to do the following at E3:

1) Launch games with Gold on Xbox One, and launch with a big games that instantly give the XBLG sub some value on Xbox 1.

2) Make the rumored dropping of the pay wall for Netflix, and other online services from Behind Gold.

3) Launch Xbl Originals as coming to Gold First and non Gold members get episodes like 2 weeks later.

4) Keep MP as a Xbox Live Gold necessity.

5) And this would be icing on the cake, if they can indeed get emulation going for 360 games... make it accessible only from Xbox Live Gold.

This would make XBLG both a value and needed service as well make some good concessions to fans about elements behind paywalls.

JasonKCK1687d ago

It's part of the Xbox Live subscription plan. No extra fees for original programing.

BadlyPackedKeebab1687d ago

I hope it is but you would expect them to be bragging pretty hard about that fact wouldn't you?

JasonKCK1687d ago

If you're a gold subscriber you get it. There is no "hope it is" it just is.

BadlyPackedKeebab1687d ago

I was just about to say I had been making the assumption this is free but read the whole thing and it says nothing about it. If this were free their blurb would mention great value for the co sumer etc etc and really milk it. It doesn't so I am pretty confident its not free to gold sub's.

rainslacker1687d ago

Making it free for everyone who owns the system would be more beneficial. They can work off ad revenue like regular TV does. Or maybe have an ad-free version. With Sony you have to pay for stuff, but it's things that you'd have to buy elsewhere to see, or watch with ads on regular TV, or subscribe to a service like Netflix. Making it free for Gold subscribers just seems like it would be cutting into the profits from XBL.

I'm not saying MS shouldn't make a profit, but realistically it's hard to imagine any of their content would become relevant if they just expect people to pay for it outside of what people are already accustomed to(Premium cable, movie tickets, subscription based models, etc). With most of those things, you need to have a significant amount of quality content for people to fork over the money. Best thing they can do is offer the content through additional channels, because XBL is not the largest market for expensive media products.

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DemonChicken1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

@ curtis92

ironically that is exactly what i thought =/

@ NYC_Gamer

That will be a good idea plus like a few more recent games and then a few classics as well

Septic1687d ago

Some gaming based shows would be really cool. We know Halo from Spielberg is going to be epic but yeah, there is potential. Not going to get carried away with excitement over this however.

bleedsoe9mm1687d ago

science fiction and fantasy shows would be cool , the SyFy channel doesn't make them anymore

HacSawJimThugin1687d ago

This!! My favorite genres tv wise so I hope that we get it them by the boat loads.

JasonKCK1687d ago

"science fiction and fantasy shows would be cool , the SyFy channel doesn't make them anymore"

Not going to lie I cringed when reading that. So much truth and reminds me how much I miss the old days.

randomass1711687d ago

That Halo show is something I really want to see to be honest. Steven Spielberg plus Halo? Dream combo.

meatysausage1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

that robot chicken like series with seth green they are doing sounds great.
Quite like this

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