Top 10 Gaming Controllers for Smartphone (Android/iPhone)

To the extent that we love playing games on cell phones and tablets utilizing on-screen virtual controls, we some of the time miss the material input that just a devoted physical controller can give.

This post lists the best hardware controllers you can buy to play games on your mobile devices, just like you are used to.

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Goro1636d ago

I got myself an iPega.

assassin2k1636d ago

Me too. The sticks take getting used to but the build quality is top notch for the price and the battery life is surprisingly great.

joeorc1636d ago

I have the MOGA Pro its one of the best i have used and works great with my Kyocera Torque

I used the MOGA Pro to play GrandTheft Auto : San Andreas with it on my Torque and it runs like you would want it to , like a game console would, the experience is that good aside from screen size of course, but other than that it works fantastic, well worth the $35.00 i payed for the controller.