More top flight titles coming to Vita, says Shahid Ahmad

In an interview with Sony Computer Entertainment Business Development Manager Shahid Kamal, he talks about the future of Vita.

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shivvy241632d ago

sony should make a deal with rockstar for a vita GTA game then BOOM the system will fly off shelves then other 3rd party devs will jump in then BAM, best handheld ever !

no but seriously i just got a vita and its really amazing, it has the potential to be the best hendheld, btw im surprised theres no gran turismo vita game yet

Tiqila1632d ago

woooah a GTA Vita game would be fantastic!

1632d ago
Vitalogy1632d ago

I think this guy talks way too much. Everytime he opens his mouth makes it seem like the Vita will get a AAAA title (the 4 A's was intended) and when something eventually comes out its just another indie "meh" game not very different than the dozens of minis on ps3.

randomass1711632d ago

Sony's western push for Vita is very strange to say the least. In Japan it's getting a bunch of games, some of which are even being localized, but they are not pushing for western games at all it seems. Granted Borderlands 2 is getting ported, but I don't think that will make a huge impact in the end since it's such an old game.

Vitalogy1632d ago

@randomass171 I agree, and it's been a problem since the very beginning, the complete lack of advertising. You would expect a bit more when sony announced a new advertisement company to work the ps4 out, it was legitimate to think "that's the chage PS Vita needed" but no, everything staid the same or worst. People have been screaming for a GT and GTA since the beginning, how can sony not see that both games, or even one for that matter, would seriously improve the handheld and increase the install base in millions that's beyond everyone comprehension.

RPGrinder1632d ago

He sure is proud of Vita sales in Europe which Sony has never wanted to divulge ever.

randomass1711632d ago

In the UK the Vita generally sells close to the same numbers as the Wii U unfortunately. Vita deserves as much pushing in western markets as eastern. I really hope they get more big franchises on the platform. :(

Massacred1632d ago

Hardcore Vita support continues!

Hanso1632d ago

Type 0 would be great :)

CrimsonAzure1632d ago

You're better off playing on the JP servers. Based on their history, SEGA has a horrible reputation for forgetting about their English speaking servers.

Buzz7S1632d ago

How about we lower the price of a memory unit which is almost, if not more than half of what the unit itself costs?

Then let's talk games.

randomass1711632d ago

^This. I really want a 32GB memory card for mine when I get the system, but it costs almost half of the system. That's completely insane pricing. :/

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The story is too old to be commented.