Mass Effect Trilogy tipped for PS4 & Xbox One - but do we actually want it?

Dealspwn argues: "At face value, not really. BioWare are already working on the next generation of Mass Effect game, while most of us have received the closure we wanted thanks to the Director's Cut ending and outstanding Citadel trilogy. Our story is complete - usually multiple times - while newcomers can buy the original games for a tiny asking price on PC, PS3, Xbox 360 and all the associated download marketplaces. We don't need to pay out for it again at a premium price.

"Obviously. Erm. Unless we do.

"See, the thrill of playing through the entire Mass Effect storyline has its appeal, and I don't personally know if I could resist it."

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CaptainSellers1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

There are plenty of people who haven't played the trilogy or one or two games from it

It would be a great chance for console gamers to play the game with a smoother framerate and less performance issues

Blues Cowboy1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

For sure, but did you actually read the article? That's all in there - it's kind of the point. Might have jumped to conclusions a bit.

Agreed with the message though. There's an audience for it, as we've seen with TR and Rayman too.

Matt6661659d ago

In my own opinion I would love the mass effect trilogy on PS4/Xbox One, I will want it even more if it comes with all the DLC and updated graphics etc

mikeslemonade1659d ago

I want new IP. I'm not interested in Gears, Mass Effect, or Bioshock in the current gen.

cfc781659d ago

I haven't played it yet and this seem's the perfect time for me to jump in heard a lot of good things about the series.

Blues Cowboy1659d ago

Yeah, plus you can play it in order too. You'll lose about 90 hours of your life, though (but I'd recommend it!)

randomass1711659d ago

Actually it's more like 100 hours if you count the DLC that's included.

creatchee1659d ago

My problem with remasters and the like (especially this early in a generation) is that it means that developers are spending their time adapting already available games for new consoles instead of making new games. Sure, it's good for people who haven't played the games in question yet, but it kinda holds back the industry as a whole when developers aren't going forward at full power.

qu1ckset1659d ago

The game is done, will take them next to nothing to update graphics on PS4 and XBO because they will end up porting the PC versions which have amazing graphics.. Easy port for them , easy cash grab, and perfect trilogy remastered for console for huge fans like me or new comers to the series who own a XBO and PS4

randomass1711659d ago

@creatchee That's not entirely true. Often the devs get smaller teams to handle remasters while the vast majority of the team continues to work on bigger projects. Mass Effect 3 on Wii U was outsourced to another developer for example.

Muzikguy1659d ago

I for one will buy these games. I never had the chance to play the originals. I know, it sounds bad. I've got too many games and not enough time to play them. A problem I don't mind having

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Hellsvacancy1659d ago

I don't think I will, played all three of them at least four times each, great games never the less

Ratty1659d ago

I think it would be nice to watch cutscenes in more than 20 frames per second on a playstation console for once. I played those games on pretty much all platforms a bunch of times though so I'm not sure I'll buy them again.

Software_Lover1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

You can get this version now for PC. Minus the controller support.

Edit: For 30-40 with all DLC from all games. Then I might consider it. Even then its a stretch.

deathtok1659d ago

Yes, yes PC versions are often superior than the console counterparts if you have good hardware.

Don't jump to conclusions, though. New ported versions often get new bug fixes, new textures and sometimes new content.

randomass1711659d ago

And for those who want to play the game on PS4/XB1? Not everyone has a PC to play games on or even wants to get one.

Summons751659d ago

Eh....I can understand games being brought up from the past year/ year in a half getting a port but not this. This does not need a next gen port. The only benefit I can see out of this is Mass Effect 4's world being affected do to your 'choices' of the original trilogy, but they did a crappy job keeping that promise for mass effect 3.

Unless Mass Effect 1 gets a remake while the other two games get a remaster then I don't see this working too well.

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