5 Big Reasons Why Titanfall 2 Won’t Be a Console Exclusive To Xbox, Will Come To The PS4

IR: "It really is no secret that Sony and PlayStation 4 are on the roll at the moment. The PS4 is a full 2 million units ahead of the Xbox One, with the latter selling 5 million units till date."

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cfc781687d ago

If titanfall is to have a future and mix it with the likes of COD and BF multiplat is the only way to go,the figures just don't justify it being console exclusive for a 2nd time, that would be a bad move for all involved that want to see titanfall grow and become better improved in later titles.

TomShoe1687d ago

Agreed. Titanfall is an excellent game, but if it wants to reach that next level and hang with the big boys like CoD and BF, it's got to go multi-plat.

troylazlow1686d ago

From what I read on N4G, no one wants Titanfall on PS4.

I'm sure it will go Multi-Plat same as Metal Gear, Left for Dead, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy, Resident Evil, Bioshock, Mass Effect, and GTA all did.

TomShoe1686d ago

N4G is just one, very vocal corner of the internet. Me and a lot of other people would like to see Titanfall come to PS4.

badboy7761687d ago

You only need 1 reason.


guitarded771687d ago

That and the developers said so... who writes this crap?

T21687d ago

Ms has not sold 5 million. They announced 5 shipped only

amazinglover1687d ago

I believe Titanfall was only supposed to a timed exclusive so Respawn could concentrate on making a game and would port it at a later date. It wasn't till a few months before release that EA without respawns input made it X1 exclusive since EA owns the publishing rights. I agree though it needs to be on every platform available if it wants to compete.

ThePope1686d ago

Someone from Respawn was recently interviewed and said that Sony had plenty of opportunity at the game and passed. And MS helped finish the game (with cash)

Will TF2 be multi probably. But ME was good to Respawn and they may have some loyalty.

JustPlay41687d ago

I think the franchise ms was talk about is titanfall, but who knows, would be smart to have, a long as they keep it on PC to I'm good.

badz1491687d ago

"It really is no secret that Sony and PlayStation 4 are on the roll at the moment."

The answer is right there!

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urwifeminder1687d ago

But they don't want it so no point giving it to them .

HeWhoWalks1687d ago

According to whom? Name/show me the folks that said they didn't "want" it on/for PS4.

OT: Some of those are decent enough reasons, but I think cfc78 hit the nail on the head! If EA wants this to be a substantial enough rival for Call of Duty, that can only be achieved as multiplatform title.

annus1687d ago

Are you kidding? Titanfall is one of the most hated games from what I read here around launch. So many people were posting "I don't care, you can keep your CoD clone" and all sorts of other crap. That doesn't mean it speaks for the majority of PS4 owners, but the comments here were covered with hate.

OmegaShen1687d ago

Me and my friends won't buy it on any system, just because of bots.

USMC_POLICE1687d ago

I don't want call of robots on my ps4

HeWhoWalks1687d ago

@ annus: Great some people don't want it. Others do. I'm not seeing anything unique to Titanfall. As long as opinions exist, this is how it is.

randomass1711687d ago


Well you said to point out who said no one wanted the game on PS4, and annus pointed out that some people wrote it off as a CoD clone, most likely because it was exclusive to Xbox One and not from having actually played it.

DragonKnight1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

HeWhoWalks: Wrong question to ask. The correct question to ask is "who does want it on/for PS4?"

To answer your question, I don't.


Take out the giant robots and what are you left with?

AngelicIceDiamond1687d ago

@Dragon "HeWhoWalks: Wrong question to ask. The correct question to ask is "who does want it on/for PS4?"

"To answer your question, I don't."

Yep, because Dragon knight speaks for the entire PS community.

You make it sound like PS is too good for the game or something.

If TF 2 is announce for PS4 you'll be the first to hype it watch.

No_Limit1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Freaking DragonKnight, your comment these days are too predictable.

"Take out the giant robots and what are you left with? "

That is like saying if you take out Batman in a Batman game, you are left with a third person action game. Batman is the central figure in those third person games, same as the Mechs in Titanfall in the FPS genre game. It makes no sense at all but coming from you, it is to be expected. :/

LogicStomper1687d ago



Take out the giant robots and what are you left with?"

Yeah, but it HAS titans so the point you're trying to make is redundant.

zeuanimals1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I honestly won't care for it if it carries on what the first did (bots/low player count). So put me down as one. Played it, got bored. There's just no lasting appeal for me.

"Oh, but Respawn said it wouldn't work with more players and no bots", well then, figure out a way to make it work or I (and apparently many others) won't bother with sequels. People once said that games couldn't be art, that games couldn't tell amazing stories, that games couldn't catch on and be totally mainstream, and those were all big freaking feats that gaming has overcome, but oh... Putting more players in Titanfall can't work.

Respawn just doesn't know how to make it work. 6v6 without mechs or vehicles is their bread and butter. Adding Titans to the mix messed up their batter, and that's because they're using a lot of the same ingredients they used back then, and to correct it, they added bots. Titans replaced killstreaks when they should've been something completely different. They adapted their map design, so that's good, but I think those maps could honestly hold 24 titans and it would be fine. Sure, it'll hectic and the framerate would be in the single digits but the game wouldn't be broken. There's chokepoints and areas Titans can't venture into because of their size, they could've made it work if they knew how.

I'm sure they learned from the first game and the sequel or the sequel's sequel won't have bots and it'll have more players. Maybe just make Titans like vehicles in BF or Halo, and make them limited, or maybe make them something you can only unlock once you destroy something on the battlefield, like an inhibitor.

DragonKnight1686d ago

@AngelicIceDiamond: I answered his question, I didn't say I speak for everyone. He asked who doesn't want Titanfall for the PS4, and I said I don't. Plain and simple. I know, I know, reading comprehension is tough. Oh and, your TF2 wager about me. I hope you have something to wager because you're gonna lose that bet.

@No_Limit: randomass said "people wrote it off as a CoD clone, most likely because it was exclusive to Xbox One and not from having actually played it."

And the video I showed proved why people wrote it off as a CoD clone. The fact that it has mechs doesn't mean it's NOT a CoD clone. Watch the video yourself. But again, reading comprehension is oh so difficult.

@LogicStomper: See my reply to No_Limit, also read this...


Since, you know, you misused the word redundant.

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MetaReapre1687d ago

See even if most people won't want it, unless Ms is going to pay to keep it exclusive it only means more money for them if they release multiplaform.

Your comment is only there to cause a ruckus amongst fanboys. Stop trolling.

AngelicIceDiamond1687d ago

PS fans wanted sure wanted the game last year though, BADLY.

beerzombie1687d ago

MS saved the game. Sony did not lift a finger to help out.

gigoran1687d ago

I don't want it. Lost interest in COD with MW2. Even with robots, it still doesn't interest me.

"But Titanfail isn't COD! You're stupid!" (Random fanboy or hater)

Looks like it. Plays like it. Online only. Small player count. Not interested.

JeffGUNZ1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

Play the game. It does not feel like COD at all, and I'm 7th regen already. Game is fast paced. It's a FPS, what do you expect it to feel like, of course they all have the similar context to it, but TF is vastly superior than any COD game and goes toe to toe with COD4MW in addiction level. Also, camping is RARELY done as it's completely detrimental to stay one play more than a few seconds. COD Is a camping, quick scope, arcade like shooter. TF actually takes skill and the map designs are second to none. All the launch maps are great.

Master-H1686d ago

I'd buy it, i like CODs (the good ones anyway), so if this is a clone or not i'd likely enjoy it, but i'd buy it used since they chose money over their potential PS fans the first time around , why shoudl i support them the second time ?

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porkChop1687d ago

5? Here's the one reason that matters: EA already said only the first Titanfall would be Microsoft exclusive and that all future games would come to PlayStation. So stop making stupid articles like this.

Sitdown1687d ago

Can you post that link please.

DVS-Zev1687d ago

Vince said the First TF won`t be coming to PS4.

A little cryptic, but we all know what he means.

randomass1711687d ago

Releasing future installments on PS4 is a given considering how much more EA will make. Microsoft lost that bet when the Titanfall license reverted to EA.

beerzombie1687d ago

Again MS saved the game they went to Sony and Sony did nothing did not want to help.

hello121687d ago

Microsoft is pushing to create more first party studios so its unlikely Microsoft will care in the next three years were Titanfall ends up.

First party games is the new focus for Microsoft.

truefan11687d ago

Exactly, as much as I like Titanfall I don't want MSFT to spend the money to keep it exclusive. Titanfall 1 was enough, it will be synonymous with XBOX going forward even though it will be multiplat, similar to Final Fantasy or MGS for playstation.

BEASELY1687d ago

I doubt there will be any synonymity between Titanfall and Xbox moving forward. In fact, I'd bet you top dollar that the PS4 version of T2 will sell more than the X1 version without any type of exclusive DLC and will run better. Not hating on the X1 or anything, as I have both TF and Xbox One, that's just the way I think it will go down.

christocolus1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )


i agree MS needs to put their funds into more 1st and 2nd party exclusives.playground and remedy are great partners and MS needs to keep it that way while getting a few others onboard.

About Titanfall the first game (according to the latest reports)was actually saved from going under by MS..its development was co-funded by MS and EA so im guessing that was the reason MS was able to easilt talk EA into exclusive deal but regarding the sequel MS doesnt need to bother about it going multiplat..its a great game and i think getting the first game as an exclusive was a great idea but by the time the sequel is released MS would already have a number of attractive ips out i.e fable legends, halo5, d4, sunset overdrive, gears, crackdown3 ,quantum break and maybe f.horizon2, banjoe and many many more.

beerzombie1687d ago

That's how Ms works if you notice; if the game would have been a 5 million hit then they would have went for it but it'll be treated like Mass Effect.
They were asked to step in and help out and they did Sony wasn't interested in the game.

ger23961686d ago

You're right, it gave Microsoft a spike in sales. But not enough to invest more money to keep it exclusive.

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OpieWinston1687d ago

Phil wants strong First/Second/Third party relations. But with no more blowing dough on stupid NFL partnerships.

UnbiasedOpinions1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Yep just like Titanfall 1 was suppose to be on PS4 lol, if Playstation's exclusives are so great whats the big deal about Titanfall? hypocrites, every PS4 fanboy thinks Titanfall sucks anyways

Truth is if Microsoft wants exclusivity they will get it, with enough cash, something Microsoft is NOT short of

hello121687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

I like to see Titanfall on PS4 with no dedicated servers or the support from the cloud. Be interesting as a test to see how it plays on there?

Source engine might be dated, but those titans battles are tough on the fps (frame rate) and i doubt the PS4 version would handle it if a player off the internet was hosting a match.

It was revealed recently Sony ignored Respawn and had no interest in bringing the game to the PS4. The game was in serious jeopardy of not getting made before E32013, but Microsoft came to the rescue and party funded the development so the game got made.

Respawn has lot to thank Microsoft for. Sony, isn't this great gaming idol you Sony fans believe it to be.

jukins1687d ago

Dang yea how is rainfall gonna work on ps4 since dedicated servers and cloud support are exclusive to Microsoft...../sarcasm

UnbiasedOpinions1687d ago

it will just be COD then, Titanfall is the smoothest MP game i have ever played, and its on Xbox One

scott1821687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Yeah, maybe it will get overloaded with players and have hours of downtime. Like what happens to games with good dedicated server support. /s

Pretty sure if Sony can handle countless MMO's and shooters like MAG they can handle the mighty cloud supported titanfall and it's advanced cloud AI. Can't wait to play it on PS4, it is a cool game.

DigitalRaptor1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Yeah cause I'm sure MAG had issues with 256-player matches.

I'm sure PlanetSide 2 will have issues with THOUSANDS of players.

Oh but that cloud wizardry is doing wonders for those 6 vs 6 player matches!!! I'm sure not having insanely average AI powered by dedicated servers is going to be a downside of the game coming to PS4. For sure.

"Sony, isn't this great gaming idol you Sony fans believe it to be."

Where did that come from? Some kind of bitter jealousy that Sony has historically helped out devs more than Microsoft has? They've been in this game longer, and have nurtured devs since PlayStation, and helped remove the stigma that video games are just for kids.

This generation, they are helping both large and small dev houses get their games made, more than any other. But you're somehow equating MS helping out Respawn, to Sony doing jack sh*t for developers...?

You're loopy.

TFJWM1687d ago

They didn't ignore respawn...they said they could make it for the vita. They didn't think the investment needed to get it on the PS4 was worth it. Right now I'm not sure Microsoft thinks it was worth it either

zeuanimals1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Sony's got their own huge list of studios to worry about, I'd prefer to see them spend money there. MS doesn't and hasn't spent much on first party in the last 5 years. And no, Sony's not this great gaming idol who can do no wrong, but they do a lot right that MS doesn't. They're about as close to a "shining example" for how to run a gaming business. And in case you're gonna bring up the PS3's launch as a reason why Sony sucks...

The PS3 cost Sony $850 to make and they sold it for $500-600. The Xbox One with Kinect costs MS about $470 to make and they sold it for $500. Sony ate a huge loss (the biggest in console history I think) and MS didn't eat a single one at launch when MS really should've atleast taken a small hit to not bring the price down, but they didn't want to.

The $500 PS3 came with a 20GB HD and it had wifi and HDMI output, the $400 360 came with a 20GB HD but it had no HDMI output or wifi, a wifi dongle for the 360 would cost you $100 back then, bringing the 360 to price parity if you wanted the same functionality, but still no HDMI.

The PS3 was also the cheapest blu-ray player at the time, and it also did much more than other blu-ray players. For something semi-comparable on the 360, it would run you an extra $200 for the HD DVD attachment, and we know how that thing ended up. So if you wanted HD DVD, wifi, and 20GB on a 360, it would cost you $700, that's more than the 60GB PS3 model.

Granted, the PR itself really did suck but the console itself was a crazy value. The same cannot be said of the 360 or Xbox One.

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Xsilver1687d ago

i Wonder if MS fans will Praise TF like they do now when it comes on PS4 hmmmmmm.

UnbiasedOpinions1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Xsilver, if Titanfall 2 is a good game and on both consoles, i will still praise it, NO MATTER what system its on, not everyone is like the Sony fanboys pal, i prefer Microsoft and Xbox but i don't hate Sony and i know both consoles have pros and cons

LogicStomper1687d ago

I wonder if PS fans will still mock TF like they do now when it comes on PS4. Hmmmmmmmmmmm

See, it works both ways.

zeuanimals1687d ago


You don't have to be a Sony fanboy to dislike Titanfall... Just like you don't have to be an Xbox fanboy to dislike inFAMOUS SS or any of Sony's other games. The two conditions are not mutually exclusive.

I will probably dislike Titanfall 2 just like I dislike lots of games on all consoles and PC, that is if it doesn't fix the first game's issues which I find to be rather big issues but others seem to be completely okay with.

Foxhound9221687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

You have the most ironic name, based on your comments. It's been stated numerous times that the next installment of Titanfall will likely be on PS4. Kind of like when re spawn apologized to Sony for excluding them. With the sales of the PS4 soaring past the x1, it would be highly unlikely that it will not be on PS4.

With that said, I don't care if this game goes multiplatform or not. It's a highly overrated, last gen game. Perhaps the second will be better but let's be honest, it's not like its a Halo or Gears of War.

JeffGUNZ1686d ago (Edited 1686d ago )

It hasn't been said at all. All that's been said is EA has the publishing rights and as of now, their is no exclusive deal in place. That could change in time. Only can wait and see how it plays out.

Rimeskeem1687d ago

I did not think it sucked but just had around 500% to much hype

Hicken1687d ago

Sometimes, people make comments, and the sheer stupidity of the comment hurts my brain.

You're trying to imply the only people that have a PS4 are fanboys, therefore there's no point in bringing the game over.

That's stupid.

You're implying that Playstation owners don't buy multiplats, even though all multiplats are and have been selling better on PS4 since launch.

That's stupid.

You're implying Microsoft can buy whatever franchise they want, indefinitely.

That's stupid.

You're implying that Microsoft will just blow through all their money for the XB1.

That's stupid.

You're implying that EA us stupid enough to look at the nearly 2:1 sales of the PS4 and pass up those sales.

That's stupid, even though I almost wouldn't put it past EA.

You're implying that Respawn will allow EA and Microsoft to pull another fast one.

That's stupid.

Microsoft is short on intelligence if they think they can follow your advice and survive this gen with the Xbox division intact.

Here's what will happen with Titanfall 2: Respawn will make sure EA won't try the same dumb crap again; EA will not want to miss out on the cash cow that is the PS4 fanbase; Microsoft will not want to spend big bucks marketing and securing a title that won't generate enough to make up what it costs to acquire.

There's just no part of what you said that isn't stupid, and KNWS followed right along, as if all the exclusive games of last gen weren't running on dedicated severs on the PS3.

I swear, I read these comments and can actually FEEL my IQ drop with each sentence.

Kayant1687d ago (Edited 1687d ago )

Well said. Would like to add that respawn is most likely not getting server access outside of XB1 for free because it's only free on XB1 and they were already going to be paying for server access a one point (albeit it was heavily discounted which is why they went with MS) until MS annoncued free server support for XB1.

"Most importantly to us, Microsoft priced it so that it’s far more affordable than other hosting options – their goal here is to get more awesome games, not to nickel-and-dime developers. So because of this, dedicated servers are much more of a realistic option for developers who don’t want to make compromises on their player experience, and it opens up a lot more things that we can do in an online game"

"It was revealed recently Sony ignored Respawn and had no interest in bringing the game to the PS4. The game was in serious jeopardy of not getting made before E32013, but Microsoft came to the rescue and party funded the development so the game got made" - That misinformation. Correction at the point in time when Sony where being asked by respawn they were not ready to discuss PS4. True it's also why they got a 13 month exclusivity before turning it into a full one.

"Source engine might be dated, but those titans battles are tough on the fps (frame rate) and i doubt the PS4 version would handle it if a player off the internet was hosting a match" - Yh which is why the X360 runs at nearly about the same average as the XB1 version albeit with a very graphics downgrades.

chaosx1687d ago

Maybe this time Sony will front up with the cash to help a struggling studio to bring the game out.
There is something to be said for loyalty.
MS stepped up and funded Titanfall , Sony didn't. If its a success and makes money on 3 platforms , why should Sony deserve any on the sequels…… They didn't see it as a game they wanted till it turned out to be a game that a lot of people wanted.

In 3 years years time when the sequel hits who knows what the numbers for the XB1 will be , maybe Halo will bring those numbers up to a level that can sustain the exclusives. Only time will tell.

DragonKnight1687d ago

Ah biasedopinion, such a neutral comment coming from you. And to think you go around telling everyone you're not a fanboy.

Playstation's exclusives are great, and PS4 doesn't need Titanfall.

solidjun51684d ago

He/she reminds me of someone who use to say that he or she is not a fanboy, yet we all knew differently. I can't remember who. oh well.

solidjun51684d ago

Your name contradicts your nature. It's clear you're a sensitive microsoft fanboy.

"Yep just like Titanfall 1 was suppose to be on PS4...."

Right before the next generation consoles were on sale. Now everything has settles and PS4 clearly leading, you would think common sense would lead you to a different conclusion.

"every PS4 fanboy thinks Titanfall sucks anyways..."

Nice generalization. You sorta remind me of "FanboyKilla." Name completely opposite of the fanboy comments he/she spew.

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