Grave Ends Successful Kickstarter Campaign

VRFocus - Broken Window Studios’ Kickstarter campaign for upcoming survival horror experience Grave has ended in success. The developers managed to raise $37,622 USD for the virtual reality (VR) compatible title, which had been hoping to raise $30,000 from the start. This means that the title will come to PC, Mac and Linux with Oculus Rift support as well as Microsoft’s Xbox One, though it didn’t quite reach its $40,000 stretch goal for a PlayStation 4 edition.

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chinlu1638d ago

Why would it cost more to develop for ps4? Or was that just the cost to release to a third platform and ps4 was last on their list?

Either way, im sure they will end up releasing for it.

Neonridr1638d ago

Licensing I am sure. Developers would need a dev kit. Last time I checked, Sony wasn't giving them away.

1638d ago
Zichu1638d ago

Congratulations. I'm glad it reached it's initial goal. Sucks that it didn't reach the second though, hoping they do manage to develop it for more platforms though.

mogwaii1638d ago

What they couldn't pitch in the extra $2378 to get it onto ps4?! Pfft! Cmon!

NovusTerminus1638d ago

It will get on PS4. With that small amount left assuming they still will take PayPal donations, worst case it will be ported after initial release.

Either way, so glad this got funded, really want to play it.

Neonridr1638d ago

Very happy, I backed this project.

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