Titanfall still on top of the UK charts

Titanfall remains the best selling game in the UK multi-format sales charts, making it three weeks on top and four all told (and that's despite a 41% drop in sales since last week).

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B-radical1636d ago

Well deserved I have so much fun on this game

Magicite1635d ago

Plays fine on PC, yet gets boring fast.

NewMonday1635d ago

only in the UK, where it is bundled for free, in the rest of Europe it is doing very bad.

FriedGoat1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Very true, I don't know any friends who are still playing it on PC. For a PC shooter it's pretty average. I'm sure it's great for Xbone owners though.

Funantic11635d ago

Titanfall may be boring to you, but you gotta admit it's better than BF4 and Killzone.

FriedGoat1635d ago

I do agree, I'm not saying it's bad, saying its average. But it's better than any shooter on PS4 currently.

Septic1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

"Plays fine on PC, yet gets boring fast."

Of course it plays fine on PC...why wouldn't it? Oh...I see why you said that.

Well I, along with loads of others are having a blast on it.


"only in the UK, where it is bundled for free, in the rest of Europe it is doing very bad."

Ah back again are we? Bold statements with not a single piece of evidence in sight. Oh you....*gently nudges away*

Anyway, I think it deserves those sales. A great new IP with a lot of potential for improvement in the future. Its a shame it isn't out on PS4; a new IP would benefit greatly from an even stronger foundation...oh and the majority of the hate would not exist either.

NewMonday1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )



- in France FIFA PS4 is the #1 game, funny thing Trials Fusion and Kinect Sports Rivals outsold Titanfall on XB1

- in Germany Titanfall XB1 'fell' from the whole top 45 last week( Week 16 info is available, look it up)

- in Italy and Greece both 360/XB1 Titanfall don't make the top 10

- in Spain inFAMOUS is #1, Titanfall only #5

"oh and the majority of the hype would not exist either"


mkis0071635d ago

Looks like he backed it up Septic.

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Septic1635d ago

Yeah because people were expecting it to stay at the top of the charts indefinitely.

thezeldadoth1635d ago

man the butthurt is so bad right now. spin the argument, if you can't then downplay the news.

randomass1711635d ago

@DJMarty People said that when the game launched. :/ Can we not just acknowledge that Titanfall is a very successful game?

mkis0071635d ago

I think you are wrong...I think it will last until September, when the next exclusive comes out...backhanded comment for the day...keeps the fanboy raging inside at bay.

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Gamer19821635d ago

Is this really news?? We haven't had any major releases since Titanfall and infamous.. Of course its not gonna be taken off the top when there's nothing to take it off the top. 360 sales pushed it back to the top after Infamous knocked it off everybody knows this and knew it would.

jimbobbeers1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

So why has Infamous dropped off so bad in comparison?

pompombrum1635d ago

No major releases? No just a new Fifa game. The fact Titanfall is still occupying the top spot with a new only just released is pretty damn impressive.

Anyhow, much deserved for Respawn and Titanfall, they've created a quality game, one that deserves a lot of success.

Crazyglues1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Yeah I don't know why some people are hating, it's a good game...

I am enjoying playing it on my PC, it's really fast pace and it's a nice change from COD and BF4.. Is everyone going to like it, maybe not.

But it's fun to play, did it need a real campaign, yes, no question about that.. so is it the value of other games with campaign, No..

-But it's still a good game, it's not horrific - there are a lot worst games you could be playing, hell BF4 on PS4 rubber bands and lags so bad and has stupid hit detection that if I could return that and put that money on titanfall, I would in a heartbeat.

||.........___||............ ||

cyclindk1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Think some people might not like the game, similar to the way you DO like it.

Wild theory I know, but there you go

And actually you may have answered your own "statement" so to speak, I know you probably didn't intend it as your ENTIRE reason for liking it, but it is a valid point that one of the reasons it has allure is because BF4 has so many problems and CoD Ghosts was just pathetic, ergo this game has what I will henceforth refer to as "Bad Taste Reflex Appeal."

Not to mention it is entering a market during a time of general game stagnation and at the beginning of a console's life cycle with few other contenders.

All the components necessary to foster an environment in which a potentially sub-par game may flourish.

Just ideas

Septic1636d ago

"Not to mention it is entering a market during a time of general game stagnation and at the beginning of a console's life cycle with few other contenders. "

"All the components necessary to foster an environment in which a potentially sub-par game may flourish."

That's some crazy spinning you're doing.

Here's an idea...maybe it is a decent game, hence the decent reviews and only suffers from "Bad Taste Reflex Appeal" from 'gamers' that don't actually 'get' this type of game (for reasons why I won't bother getting into).

*shrugs* Just ideas.

Crazyglues1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

@ cyclindk

you know what, I'm not even mad at that answer, that's a very good point, I can't even disagree with that... very well said.

It could indeed be because of the disappointment in the other shooters that by default it does well... This is indeed true, it is a really big reason why I Love it - It does what I wanted the others to just do well, get the shooting mechanics right so I can just shoot people with-out feeling like lag or the game is broke is why they killed me..

On that note Titanfall gets it so right. I always feel like it's my fault why I got killed not some game error.

-And that does make it fly above the rest for me-

-And yes if you are a shooter fan like me on PS4 we are in a stagnation period right now because I got nothing to play on PS4- that too makes me love Titanfall..

So I agree 100% percent with you, this was a really good comment - I didn't even think about how much that plays a role into my love for Titanfall, and it's such a good point..

Bubbles for you my friend.. very well said.

-But it's also a good game, that does a lot of things right, that is also a really big factor too and what is here is really good...imo

To me that is as big a factor as everything else.

[email protected] the disagrees, yes it's a good point, he was being silly, but it's still a valid point, it does play a little factor that the game works really well. If BF4 played as smooth as BF3 or Bad company 2 I would be playing it right now and probably would have never left.

FriedGoat1635d ago

Or it could be because it takes all of it's mechanics from other games and doesn't do it as well.

Titanfall to me doesn't feel new. It feels old. people say its a twitch shooter when it hardly is.

I would have played the game more if it was all precision weapons like quake or something, but the whole COD machine guns kills it for me.

ic3fir31636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

the reason for the hate is obvious: D
many say as an excuse, it's just for being online, they do not like, but these same people, waiting with much hype by Destiny. which is also online only LoL :D

B-radical1636d ago

Destiny has a campaign I think tho? Online one. But I see your point and agree I think,I know why there is hate for this game ;)

Septic1636d ago

Oh we all know the reason for the hate. A brief look at the sheer number of fake user reviews for this on Metacritic and you'll know exactly why ;)

What can you do eh?

Crazyglues1636d ago

@ ic3fir3

you know ic3fir3, I think we have to ask the haters, I think it's more then it just being online only..

I think we really need them to answer why do you hate it? I really think it's more then just that.

||.........___||............ ||

ic3fir31635d ago

B-radical Destiny has campaign, you can get through the game alone, but you have to be connected online, as well as Titanfall.
offline in destiny is impossible like Titanfall

Automatic791635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


Watch the spin masters come in and say well the competition sold this much. Well to all the naysayers out there this is EA game that MS saved so MS can't publish the numbers. However, don't be so blind as to dismiss it is doing well when every article indicates otherwise.

Note: I am glad all the gamers are voting with there wallets. This is what we need in order for more new IP's to thrive.

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cyclindk1635d ago

Well-constructed and mature response :)

People tend to take things so negatively and personally round here

@Septic :) chilaxify yoself friend

Hicken1635d ago

Septic can't chill. Anybody having anything bad to say about Titanfall is apparently a personal offense to him.

It's a decent game. Nothing mind blowing, but not bad. But when the other games HAVE screwed up the way they have, and a newcomer- IP wise- has a large amount of hype pushing it, it's not that much of a surprise.

I think it's funny, though. Call of Duty is an average game that sells gangbusters, and few deny how or why it sells so well each time out. But nite that many of those factors and others contribute to Titanfall's success, and you're a hater. I simply do not like the bots, especially when they're so utterly stupid, but that makes me a troll and a hater.

If I'm not happy with the limited number if game modes or players in a match, I've never played it. It can't be that what was offered just isn't enough for me.

But I'm more picky than most. Most will see it's a new shooter, and that's all they need. Giant robots, Call of Duty creators, big marketing push, and the average fps player- and I daresay this overlaps rather heavily with the average Xbox gamer- has never been as concerned about the finer details. How else could CoD have become the perennial success it is when so little changed each time?

Alas, these inconvenient observations are poison to people like Septic, who cannot fathom anything wrong with the game, who can't imagine anyone having legitimate reasons for not liking it.

randomass1711635d ago

@Hicken Actually to be perfectly honest, I just think it's silly how people are constantly trying to downplay Titanfall's success on the grounds that it's a game they don't like. Not liking it is fine, but why even kid yourself into thinking it hasn't been selling well? I think you're exaggerating Septic's defense of the game completely and not just with your sarcasm.

ALLWRONG1636d ago

Titanfall is a huge success. I wouldn't be surprised if MS wrote a bigger check to keep it exclusive, they sure have enough money.

And to think some people predicted (cough wanted) Titanfall to fail. Even had nicknames for it like Titanflop and Titanfail.

Tedakin1636d ago

I still see people posting that it's a failure and petty comments like "People still play this?" Yeah it's huge still and isn't going away anytime soon.

randomass1711635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

That probably bodes better for the sequel than the first game. If they port the first game to PS3/4 I wouldn't expect to see those versions until mid-late next year at the earliest and by then the sequel will probably have been made.

CernaML1635d ago

"I wouldn't be surprised if MS wrote a bigger check to keep it exclusive, they sure have enough money. "

lol Oh you kids say the darnest things.

JasonKCK1635d ago

But they do have a lot of money.

JasonKCK1635d ago

Never mind I guess 70 billion is nothing to the one that disagreed. You must have more.

pandehz1636d ago

My only gripe is each match barely lasts 10 min.

Then we have 1m 30 sec of pre match lobby waiting.

After that some long ass loading.

If the wait between such a short match was shorter I bet no one would complain.

Immorals1635d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if they add in a 'quick lobby', 30 second intermission

cyclindk1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Same with (to an extent) BF4 without private server option yet. Loved playing my favorite maps for like hour or so at a time.

And CoD, for all its gripes, is long over due for an overhaul in that area as well, among other things that hopefully these new 3 year cycle iterations will correct.

GarrusVakarian1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

This. The time spent in lobbies needs to be cut by at least half. There's no way it takes 90 seconds to look through your burn cards every single game, nor do you need to mess around your your classes after each and every game. If a lobby is full or has enough people required for the game to proceed, then lobby time should like 20 most.

And yeah, the matches take so long to load. BF4 loads quicker than that for Rush mode. Seeing as the loading times can't change, i would like to see 'quick lobby' versions of existing game modes, just like how Immorals said above me. At least then, the overall time spent waiting in-between the action would be greatly reduced. There's nothing worse than having to wait for the next match while your adrenaline rush is still going, lol.

TekoIie1635d ago

I would welcome a game mode comparable to Killzone's warzone (I think that's what its called).

Its the game mode that switches between different objectives.

HugoDrax1635d ago

"Then we have 1m 30 sec of pre match lobby waiting."

Okay! Let's shorten that time to 30 seconds, then I'm sure you will complain that it isn't enough time to....

-Set my new burn cards
-edit my load outs
-check my regeneration challenge progress

It's 1m 30 sec for a reason...

pandehz1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Ppl can do that quickly or do it outside of queue in the menu.

Anyways once the player hits lvl 25 or so he/she already kinda knows what works.

There no need to slow down the game for the first timers when they will actually be playign much much longer later on.

Also not saying 30, I Guess 40-45 atleast?
Tho I wouldnt mind it being 30

randomass1711635d ago

90 seconds is a bit of overkill, I think. When I played the game, I never spent that much time prepping for the next round. I think a happy medium of 45-60 seconds would be better.

TekoIie1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Your forget the option to take a quick P**s.

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Tedakin1636d ago

The hate on the game is ridiculous. If you're not a fan of a game just ignore it, don't play it. If I go to IGN or another site and there's a story about World of Warcraft, you know what, I don't click on that story because I'm not interested in that game. The hate for Titanfall is driven soley by petty fanboyism. I'm happy it's killing it because it's an incredible game.

GarrusVakarian1636d ago

" If you're not a fan of a game just ignore it, don't play it"

Well said, bubble up. I wish so many people on this site would take that advice.

MasterCornholio1635d ago

That goes for any game. Like the hate Infamous gets from people like Truefan1 for example.

Codey471635d ago

Unfortunately, everything's a pissing contest

At N4G

GarrusVakarian1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )


Yup. But forget those guys, they are the only losers. There should be a line between hatred for a fanbase/company and hatred for games/devs of that company. They don't have that line. So their hatred bleeds over into everything, and thus they miss out on games they could very well end up enjoying. Kinda sad when you think about it.

randomass1711635d ago

@Lukas Hear, hear. People who just let pure negativity seep into anything they don't enjoy just don't have much consideration for others and/or just like inciting arguments. It's totally fine to be critical, but there's a fine line between criticism and blind hatred.

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Zichu1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Following news about many types of games is something people enjoy doing.

I haven't got a PS4 yet, but I still enjoy looking at the news for that console and any games that is being released on it.

I can understand following news, having a grown up discussion about it, but the mentality of a lot of people is ridiculous. Why do people want something to fail so bad, does it directly affect them in a negative aspect if so and so console is doing well or if so and so game is doing well?

AtomicGerbil1635d ago

What about genuine criticism? What you suggest is censorship, and if game devs don't see any criticism then they could be missing improving a genuine gripe.

LogicStomper1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I think you're missing the point. Tedakin is directly referring to those who actually have no interest in Titanfall and them only.

There are two forms of criticism for this scenario:

1) Criticism from those who have no interest in the game. They only want to downplay it because they're a fanboy of another system.

2) Genuine criticism from those who've actually got genuine interest in the game.

So here's my observation of this site. Why do so many people (on this site specifically) hate and downplay Titanfall? From how they express their feelings towards Xbox, it doesn't even sound like they have one, let alone Titanfall.

Sure, this will definitely bring in at least one person who would say "I played it at my friends" or something along this line. But having played it for the time you spent at your friends, how do you differentiate being bad at the game and the game itself being bad?

I personally do not own a PS3 or PS4, but I went to my mates to try out Killzone Shadowfall multiplayer for an hour. Unsurprisingly, I sucked at it. Now knowing how fanboys function, how do they differentiate between sucking at the game, and the game sucking? They can't, so they just chuck it under the 'game sucks' category and not take into account the fact they they're just bad at it.

The whole point of this comment is to say, lots of people have destructive criticism towards games when it's unwarranted. So now here's the expanded version of criticism:

1) Criticism from those who have neither interest or even played the game. They only want to downplay it because they're a fanboy of another system, using arguments from another man's mouth.

2) Genuine criticism from those who've actually got genuine interest in the game.

3) Criticism from those who've played it, but do not have an understanding of the game and label anything they don't understand as 'bad game'.

Tedakin is specifically targeting 1 and 3. You've misinterpreted his argument (thinking he's referring to 2) and made a strawman out of it. Speaking honestly, It's disheartening when person X attempts to paint person Y as a bad person when it's actually just person X that has misinterpreted the argument. I'd rather you actually try understand the argument being presented before trying to make someone out to be this bad person that wants bad things.

MegaRay1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Ah man, you want to ruin my fun arent ya? I mean reading TF's comment ofc

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