When A Choice Isn’t Really A Choice At All

GamingLives' contributor laments over how the moral choice often bandied around by developers and publishers can ultimately have no real effect on the outcome.

"Skyrim also failed to deliver as I had hoped when it came to choices and impact. The outcome of the civil war mission set was less than pointless, with absolutely no impact on world or story other than the replacement of a few Jarls. How disappointing. For a game that went to the trouble of writing comments from guards and public about your actions and affiliations I had hoped for something grander in terms of consequences."

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ravinash1632d ago

In early games like platformers, there was only one way you could go and the only option was to go up or down. So this is story telling in 2D.

When you get to games like Uncharted, you’re still moving down a corridor to a target. There are more things to interact with, so the story like the gameplay is more 3D.

But when you get to games like Fallout, Skyrim etc.
It's a massive open would where you’re not just writing for location, but also time and the actions the player has previously taken. So that’s 4D.
Your basically writing for the multiverse because you have to write for every action and every path the player can take. There maybe some tricks you can do to draw people towards the same paths but who has the resources to do that?

I guess the game that got closest was heavy rain for covering as many paths as possible. But then you had to limit the game play in other ways to keep them on he paths created.

SuicidalTendencies1632d ago (Edited 1632d ago )

Time the game play? What game play?

danncampello1632d ago

I love when details make the game something greater. It transforms what we play in something more real.