PS4 Version of Akiba’s Trip 2 Gets First Screenshots, More Details on Improvements and New Content

Last week Acquire announced the PS4 release on July 3rd (in Japan) of Akiba’s Trip 2, currently out for PS Vita and PS3, and today the publisher sent in the first few screenshots of the new version.

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Tatsuya 1633d ago

My PS4 needs this, please release English sub version! This is the kind of games I want for my PS4 :)

Tidybrutes1633d ago

A US version for PS3 and Vita was announced not too long ago.

Not sure about PS4, although I never even knew this was on PS4 until now.

DCfan1633d ago

Is the game set in Kamurocho? lol

Inception1633d ago

No, it's Akihabara / Akiba. The developer, Acquire, also located on Akiba.

DCfan1633d ago

I assumed its in Kamurocho because of the sega building.

Abriael1633d ago

@DCfan: there's quite a few of them in Tokyo.