Yakuza: Ishin on PS4 is historical in both content and execution

Edge: "Yakuza Studio head Toshihiro Nagoshi warned Edge at last year’s Tokyo Game Show that Ryu Ga Gotoku: Ishin, the latest period drama spinoff from what western players know as the Yakuza series, would take little advantage of Sony’s new console because it was being made for PS3 as well. “PS4 is cheaper than hardware used to be,” he told Edge, “but it’s still not cheap, so I decided we’d be letting our fans down if we didn’t also release a PS3 version.”

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Rikitatsu1637d ago

"On PS4, Ishin’s prerendered environments and slightly wooden character animations mean it looks like a high-end PS3 game"

Prerendered environments? What the...?
He either didn't play the game, or doesn't know what pre-rendered mean.

1636d ago
GodGinrai1637d ago

Dont you your about sega like that again!

Drithe1636d ago

oh yeaaaaaah? Well if they don't suck then why don't they bring over Phantasy Star Online 2 for North America? I will tell you why.

Read up above your post!!!

GodGinrai1636d ago


You blasphemer!

DCfan1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

The Dojima family is onto you.

Baka-akaB1637d ago

Well sega does currently sucks , a too few great parts like the yakuza teams and the recent purchase of atlus wont change that lol

hulk_bash19871637d ago

Someone needs to localize this game ASAP. I want's me some Yakuza action damn it.

waltyftm1637d ago

Love the Yakuza series, Ishin looks tremendous.

TomahawkX1637d ago

Still trying to finish Yakuza 4, damn this game is long.

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