Frictional Games' Dev On Alien: Isolation: "Game Suffers From Two Major Horror Design Issues"

SEGA and IGN have recently released a video showing the reactions of IGN’s journalists while playing the game. Naturally, this video went viral and Frictional Games’ Thomas Grip felt the need to mention a couple of things about this upcoming horror title. After all, Frictional Games was behind the amazing Amnesia game – and is currently working on SOMA – so who better than Thomas to comment on that recent footage?

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nidhogg1637d ago

frankly, when I was watching the game "scaring the sh*t" out of IGN guys, I really thought they were just acting just to please the watchers of the video. Alien Isolation did not really scare me when I was watching it on YT. We'll see if we can play the game itself. It wasn't really that promising to be frank. Just another game were someone or something is gonna chase you when they see you.

ShugaCane1637d ago

Yes, like Amnesia our Outlast, and those games are scary as hell. Isolation looks promising, and just because I want to forget about Colonial Marines, I will be supporting that game.

avengers19781636d ago

Outlast is by far one of the scariest games I ever played. When that big guy is stalking you, the atmosphere, and the mangled bodies all make it amazing

Neonridr1636d ago

@avengers1978 - or when that crazy doctor is chasing you around. That part had me going for a while.

RyanShutup1636d ago

Agree... most terrifying game I've ever played to date as well.

randomass1711636d ago

Did you ever consider the game would scare you more when you actually played it? It's a pretty different experience when you watch someone else do it for you. :/

nidhogg1636d ago

Yes I considered that. That's why I said, "we'll see if we can play the game itself".

Tiqila1636d ago

I got the same impression about the IGN guys, they were scared at everything which too me looked a lot like they were acting.

Still I agree with the comments above that watching a horror game is not really scary most of the time. Amnesia looks so not scary at all if you watch it on the internet, but if you play it, lights turned off, headset on, it can scare the shit out of some...

nidhogg1636d ago

Just to please all the people who disagreed with me. No, I wasn't saying the game is not gonna be a success. My comment was just an opinion on what the game looked like when played by the folks in IGN and their "scared" reactions. That said, I have also finished Amnesia 1 and 2 and Outlast which, by the way, were a bunch of top notch horror games. This game, however, will raise my expectation: It is fully budgeted, held by a well known developer, and is from a franchise loved by many. I hope that this game will live up to our expectations.

Azfargh1636d ago

Strange... Amnesia wasn´t scary for me.

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Revolver_X_1637d ago

Outlast doesnt look scary on YT either. It has to be experienced. Not saying AI is or isnt, but YT videos are nothing to go by.

Massacred1637d ago

True, true.

Sometimes trailers are deceiving.

Everyone thought Arkham Asylum was going to be terrible, and look how that turned out.

randomass1711636d ago

People thought Arkham Asylum was going to be terrible? Well, that's news to me. o.o

NarooN1637d ago

Yeah, best to experience it for yourself before writing it off. It's like saying Silent Hill isn't creepy while you're playing it in the daylight with all the lights on in your room with the volume low (without headphones, lol.)

AnotherProGamer1637d ago

He forgot another reason: you see the same monster for the whole game, recently I played Cry of Fear and I didn't get scared of the same monsters after a couple of hours but then they introduce a new monster and I get scared again

randomass1711636d ago

That's pretty different. Isolation has a single alien, sure. But this alien is basically stalking you throughout the game and its appearances are supposed to be randomly generated. And it's a creature that sci-fi fans are familiar with, which can further add to the tension.

gameDevWannaBe1637d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Love scary games in the dark! We Need a horror rpg the size of witcher 3 lol

off topic: Big bang theory re runs come on 2morrow yes!!!

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