Weekly 3DS Deals: Kirby Triple Deluxe preorder $39.99, Amazing Spider-man 2 preorder $19.99 and more

3DS deals and sales on Amazon, Toys R Us, Walmart, Groupon and Cowboom.

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jacobvogel1660d ago

I wish I did a research on deals before buying games at full price.

1660d ago
Tom871660d ago

Walmart really has sweet deal. And here I was, looking at getting a normal 3DS for my son.

edgarohickman1660d ago

I am so retarded for buying a 3ds early instead of waiting for deals like these.

timothyckeegan1660d ago

No, I bought a lot of consoles on launch date and I am happy to be an early owner of these consoles/handhelds. Everything gets cheaper with time. Simple example phones and TVs.

liamn1660d ago

Scribblenauts unlimited vs scribblenauts unmasked? Are they worth picking up?