Six Sony Franchises We Want to See On the PS4

SuperPhillip Central writes, "With the confirmation that Uncharted 4 is in development, we here at SuperPhillip Central have taken a glimpse at past PlayStation franchises, and have chosen six that we would be glad to make their introductions on the PlayStation 4 hardware. Obviously, brand new franchises are fantastic things, but not only are we getting a steady supply of those with Sony's new hardware, we just want to see some familiar faves return into the PlayStation scene."

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avengers19781662d ago

No to playstation all-star battle royal.

Yes to the rest of the list
Also add Resistance and mod nation racers, and about a dozen of there jrpgs.

Massacred1662d ago

They could do it better, it if they had spent more time developing stages, story modes, and specifically acquiring the characters that everyone wanted to see.

Don't tell me they can get Cloud, sephiroth and Snake for LittleBigPlanet and not for a brawler.

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Blacksand11661d ago

You don't have long next year you will start to see them. Sony said they was going to stop making games for the PS3 in 2015. all the AAA titles are coming next year.

shivvy241661d ago


zeuanimals1661d ago

They shouldn't have made it similar to Smash while taking out what made Smash... A Smashing hit. The entire feel of the game felt lifeless since the only way to score is to use powerups and the entire fighting system felt really bland and too easy to grasp and master.

I wanted something like Powerstone or maybe even Anarchy Reigns, not just a straight Smash rip-off without what made Smash what it is.

colonel1791661d ago

The best part of All Star were the stages! (and the music). They were very original!

The games NEEDS a sequel. They can only improve what they've done with the first game. It would be a disservice to leave it just like that.

It's like Smash Bros 64. It was fun, but very primitive and has evolved into a beast of a game. The same could happen to All Star if Sony chooses to do so.

badboy7761661d ago

God Of War 4 should go the RE6 route with online co-op with different characters.

DemonChicken1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

some that others may have missed

armored core
syphon filter
next gen persona (earlier i know)
chrono trigger
front mission
parasite eve
dragon quest
rogue galaxy
romancing saga
bloody roar
star ocean
Valkyrie Profile
wild arms
Vagrant Story
ridge racer
Legacy of Kain
ape escape
Lunar: Silver Star Story
wipe out
vigilante 8
omega boost
PaRappa the Rapper
Tony hawk pro skater
final fantasy tatics
god hand
dark cloud
breath of fire
odin sphere
radiata stories
Riviera <--- ported to psp
another century episode
super robot wars
twisted metal
Viewtiful Joe
zone of the enders
bully <--- classic on ps2
midnight club
Shadow of the Colosus

long list of random stuff that i enjoyed in the ps era, please take notes sony

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Delsin_Rowe1661d ago

Why you hating on PSAS Battle Royale? I know It wasn't like smash bros but it is the first game and the sequel could improve like smash bros did it itself in the past.

mt1661d ago

playstation all star battle royal could be a hit if they do it right. I was disappointed with two things in PSAS.

lack of CG or animations for each character story this have to be fixed in the sequel .

the lack of balance for each character.

maybe have extra modes as well. ( as second thought it is must not maybe )

assdan1661d ago

The only one I actually care about them bringing to the ps4 on this list is LBP. Never really played any of the other games.
But about resistance. I'm pretty sure that game is over... It got ok sales at best (unfortunately) and the ending to the third was pretty final.

avengers19781661d ago

I know it didn't sell that great, but I think they could still have good Resistance games, I just enjoyed the franchise.

avengers19781661d ago

I felt PSASBR was a lifeless fighter, and not really well done, they would have to make a totally different game with much better fighting for me to think it was worth there time, but hey that's just my opinion, it's one of the few Sony franchise I just didn't care for.

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Massacred1662d ago

There's a few PS1 franchises I would like to see them revisit.

kazuma9991661d ago

And where is .hack? lol Best games on the ps2.

Massacred1661d ago

Oh man, totally forgot about that. Good pick

porkChop1662d ago

This list is missing Legend of the Dragoon. We absolutely need a remake/sequel/reboot on PS4.

DarXyde1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

Jak and Daxter, I can totally agree with, but I'm honestly burned out of God of War. If they make very significant changes to it, I'm all for it. PlayStation All-Stars could never replace Super Smash Bros. for me, so I can live without it.

While LittleBigPlanet would be awesome, I want Media Molecule to try their hand at some new IPs. Tearaway was delightfully brilliant and I totally see their potential reaching far beyond LittleBigPlanet.

As for Ratchet and Clank, I think we could definitely use it, but it isn't really a top priority. One of those great games that comes when it comes, y'know?

Aaaaand I never really got into Wipeout sadly. I have it but I'm somewhat indifferent.

colonel1791661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

If everyone wants a new protagonist in God of War, why make GOW in the first place?? Wouldn't it be better to make a spiritual successor, like how ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are?

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are two completely different games, but for some reason feel like if they were the same franchise, or same universe.

The same can be done to GOW, instead of having the game be called that, but be completely different. It would actually harm it more than could help it, because people would think that it's not GOW even if it's called like that. It would be like Dead Space, where Dead Space 3 is only Dead Space in its name. It didn't turn out well for the game AND the franchise.

I'm all for a spiritual successor.

DarXyde1661d ago

A spiritual successor would be great, but I wouldn't say just that. Shadow of the Colossus and Ico aren't exactly spiritual successor and predecessor in the traditional context (like Demon's Souls and Dark Souls)--in fact, I've hypothesized that Shadow of the Colossus is actually a prequel given Wander's horns at the end, but I haven't been able to substantiate it.

For God of War, I mean I wouldn't mind if it focused on a different set of Gods (like Norse Mythology) with different storyline, character/personality, and combat system. I guess in a sense it COULD be a spiritual successor, but at the same time it could be set after the events of God of War III and how it affected the Norse mythos.

jhpadilla1661d ago

Ahem... Ni No Kuni, Red Dead Redemption, more inFamous!!!!

porkChop1661d ago

Only one of those (inFamous) is a Sony franchise.

jhpadilla1661d ago

Yes but they are all PS exclusives (same thing practically) :3

porkChop1661d ago

Red Dead Redemption was on 360. A version of Ni No Kuni was also on DS before the PS3 game came out. They aren't PS exclusive franchises.

jhpadilla1660d ago

ok the I'm gonna jump off two buildings!!!! HA!

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