Final Fantasy XV Details Appear on Official Xbox One and PS4 Japanese Websites

Many expect further details on Final Fantasy XV at E3, but the newly renewed Xbox One Japanese website has a quite interesting official description for the game, including a few more hints on the battle system, nicely integrated by the official PS4 website.

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The_G3n3r4l3508d ago

I Seriously cant wait for this game!! :D

Dir_en_grey3508d ago

All I can hope for is the PS4 version doesn't get downgraded due to XBO in anyway or MS paying Square to downgrade PS4 version on purpose... Sounds crazy but it seems like something MS will pull in this losing situation.

Rikuide_Furame3508d ago

I really can't see that happening. Remember, although the FF series is popular globally, a huge element of that fanbase resides in countries where the Playstation brand dominates (Japan being a prime example). It's surely lead.

Fixay3508d ago

Hmm i believe there will be some shenanigans going on lol

Mainly because Sony selling there Square Enix shares, or whatever went on.
I'm not a Final Fantasy fan by any means but would be pretty lame if anything did get downgraded... we shall see though

Jazz41083508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Last gen you blamed it on bluray this gen the machines are able to put out the same visuals and resolution has been the only diffrence and even thats getting better. I should not of even replied to you as it seems like you are trolling but I was hoping you were just uninformed by the community that will say anything to disparage the other.

Charybdis3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Hope the game will be good. With Sony having sold their square Enix shares not sure about this game.

thereapersson3508d ago

I knew this game wouldn't stay exclusive forever. I bet the delay was so they could develop the XBox version.

redwin3508d ago

It sounds that the mechanics will be like KOTOR, which it's good. It's an improvement .

Mystogan3508d ago

So if the game looks the same on both consoles, it's because Microsoft paid them?
That is quite hilarious.

XtraTrstrL3508d ago

I don't know if you'd call it downgraded if it was just something never implemented in the first place. I'm sure with it being a multiplat it's definitely not gonna come close to fully utilizing the PS4's power. It might have a better resolution or FPS than Xbone, but I doubt it'll have many more features turned on that it could have.

Sony should have just bought Square years ago when they saved them, rather than all that respect blah blah nonsense. Look where respecting them got Sony, all the exclusives are gone now. I guess it's not a big deal to Sony knowing that Square Enix isn't what they once were and are falling off almost as fast as Namco and Capcom(except SF) with their quality. That's probably part of the reason they sold those shares recently.

UltraNova3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Out of topic.

Why do I get the feeling MS will buy Square ? I mean look at all this love between the two and Sony selling out...

Well its just an unfounded feeling I have...

MasterCornholio3507d ago

With how well FF sells on the PS4 and its much larger install base I doubt that will happen.

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frenchtoast3507d ago (Edited 3507d ago )

If the PS4 version is downgraded, it's not because MS paid Square, it's because Square thought it was a good business decision to keep graphical parity. Even if that is not true at all.

XboxFun3507d ago Show
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kenshiro1003508d ago

At this point, I just want the game to come out.

Magicite3508d ago

I will get PS4, once this game comes out (unless they release it on PC). Really hyped. I have faith that this time they will deliver or else...

sebzhd3507d ago

Superior version only on PS4, of course, as all others.

TitanUp3507d ago

agree im hoping for a CE or LE of FF15

Game4life3507d ago

They need to make a ten year edition lol. Get it?

showtimefolks3507d ago

will be my first FF game can't wait looks like its a lot of fun

TitanUp3507d ago

WOW you are in for a treat, final fantasy is one of the top franchises in gaming.

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AsimLeonheart3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

So the description says its an action game... I was expecting a return to past FF glory... Looks like a remnant of the Yoichi Wada era when westernisation and action was all the rage. I guess it was an action game since the beginning but I expected them to overhaul the battle system after being renamed to a main numbered series. Oh well, let us see what kind of world they have created. If there is a beautiful overworld, sidequests, towns, breathtaking locations, melodious soundtrack, summons, secret party members and challenging superbosses then I am in despite the action oriented battle system.

Abriael3508d ago

I don't see what's wrong with Action RPGs. Some of the best JRPGs out there are action based.

AsimLeonheart3508d ago

I just feel that action battle systems are less deep and strategic. There are some great action RPGs like Star Ocean, Tales, Secret of Mana, Vagrant Story but have you noticed that THE BEST and legendary ones are turn-based? For example, FF3, FF7, Chrono Trigger and Xenogears. FF15 does not needs to be turn-based but I would not want it to become Devil May Cry either.

Abriael3508d ago

@AsimLeonheart: i don't think they're the best because they're turn based. They're the best because of their stories :D

Let's be honest here. What really makes a JRPG shine is its story and characters.

The gameplay system could be literally based on anything, and it'd be still secondary to the story.

AsimLeonheart3508d ago

Well, to be honest, yeah they are the best because of their stories, characters and the worlds they presented but great gameplay is also important for a game and creating memorable battles. :-) In the end, everybody has his own tastes. Some value story over gameplay, some value gameplay over story. I prefer a balance of both and a pure real time battle system just does not appeals to me much.

Abriael3508d ago

@AsimLeonheart: That's understandable, but let's put it this way.

As much as i *personally* love turn based, I can recognize that the genre is not popular. Games like FFXV require massive budgets, which needs very solid sales to recoup. That's why Square can't afford anymore to keep niche gameplay like turn-based on its biggest productions.

levian3508d ago

I strongly disagree. The most strategic turn based game I've ever played is FF12, being able to customize your gambits to deal with any situation.

In the majority of FF games, you can literally go through 90% of the game by just spamming X and hitting the attack command. When health is low, use a potion or Cure. That is literally all the strategy necessary for most of the game in most FF games. Sure for some of the really tough optional bosses there's a bit more to it (FF7 ruby/emerald weapon anyone?), but not for most of the game.

That being said there are a LOT of turn based games I haven't played. My experience with turn based RPGs is basically just Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, so maybe I just haven't experienced it.

Salooh3508d ago

Exactly , i would never play Ni no kuni for it's gameplay. I loved it for it's story and graphics.

I'm glad that they chose action over JRPG . This will be a new refresh for FF. Maybe if it succeeded they will make a good JRPG game.

goldwyncq3508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

True. Full turn-based games have been played out and would not work with today's modern graphics well. The best battle systems are the ones which incorporate a combination of traditional turn-based and action-oriented gameplay.

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Irishguy953508d ago (Edited 3508d ago )

Looks better than FF Glory so far. That is of course if all they have said makes it into the game. THere is no Overworld btw now, it's 3d like Open world games except it's only as open as past FF games(as in, limited in which way you can go for majority of the game)

Everything else seems to be coming together too. They said their problem with Ps3 was getting the game to run properly in the open areas in vehicles and stuff. They said the PS4 fixed this

Edit - KingKellogg, back in 2008 there was an overworld like FF1-9

That was simply changed to a 3rd person view and made everything to scale, like FF12. I'd prefer it this way over an overworld myself. Don't see the point in overworlds anymore tech has gone beyond that since..well, PS2 came out

Edit - You'd have to keep up with it as I have Abriel...I know everything that we've been told so far because well, its just been that game for me. The first we heard of the overworld specifically, was Nomura talking about him flying an Airship over it in very early stages and feeling very nostalgic. We were told in interviews after the 6 min versus Gameplay trailer than they had made it fully 3d now and there were glimpses of it in the trailer too. In the newest trailer, you can see how big Noctis city is. Nomura called it by far the biggest explorable city in the franchise.