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The Vita Lounge's Charlie Large reviews Dead Nation - a fun, action-packed twin-stick shooter that plays relatively well on the PlayStation Vita.

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vongruetz1633d ago

Personally, I think Dead Nation works best on the Vita because the screen is so close to your face. I used to stand super close to my TV when I was playing it on the PS3 just so I could see what the hell was going on.

r211633d ago

Agreed, now that I can look closely, the amount of details HM put into their maps and zombies are astonishing. For example, I was at the park level and I saw a couple of hobo zombies just hanging around a rubbish bin. Another would be robber zombie hiding behind an open truck full of things.

1633d ago
TM3331632d ago

Seriously. I'm actually playing the Vita version now, where I didn't really touch the PS3 or PS4 versions. It's really fun to play for a few minutes when sitting on the throne.

Foraoise1633d ago

Noticed the vita lounge always gives higher-than-they-should reviews, for every game. Just sayin'.

TheLastGuardian1633d ago

Even if that were true, there's waaaaaaaaay more sites who purposely give Vita games lower scores than they deserve.

Chaz30101633d ago

I wouldn't agree with that at all, Deception IV: Blood Ties is a prime example. A review is based on one person's perception of a game, there is no correct score, it's a matter of opinion.

Inception1633d ago (Edited 1633d ago )

Housemarque made Dead Nation as a solid,fun,and addictive arcade shoot'em up game. It deserved the praised.

And vita lounge gave low scores for games that i think not deserve it, example like Deception IV. Vita lounge gave it 2.5/5 which i think it deserve higher than that

ruefrak1632d ago

I'd have to disagree. I think that good games get good scores, bad games get lower scores, and some games will get scores you don't agree with.

But keep in mind that the Vita Lounge scores are an average of four categories. It's something like "look, gameplay, lasting appeal, and execution." So if a game looks amazing but plays horribly, that will push the score a little higher.

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