Driveclub “Looks Really Good” “Delay Was Good for Gamers” According to Insider

Today Evolution Studios posted a facebook message promising details, videos and a release date in the coming weeks, but apparently some are getting an a sneak peek on it earlier, including a trusted insider that got a chance to see a recent video.

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DarkLordMalik1726d ago

I have no problem with these type of stories but come on dude. Are we going to report on every single sentence posted by "Tidux" on NeoGAF now? You are better than this Abriael.

That said, DriveClub has a lot to prove now, and it should prepare for the worst if it fails to meet the expectations. The delay has only increased them.

Abriael1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

No, only on the ones i find relevant. As you say Driveclub has a lot to prove, and having someone that has proven trustworthy and that actually saw a recent build (which we didn't) saying it looks really good and that the latest screenshot doesn't do justice to the game, yes, that's relevant, and pretty damn reassuring.

PockyKing1726d ago

You mean, the ones that will get you traffic while posting no new information? There's no predictions nor evidence this guy has seen anything.

Abriael1726d ago

@pockyking: if there was "evidence" that this guy has seen the game, this would be news and not a rumor. The "rumor" category exists for this.

This guy has proven his reliability time and time again, so there's plenty reason to believe what he says.

bleedsoe9mm1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

a so called insider does nothing to reassure me , the delays have sucked all the optimism i had for this game out the window . i'll be happy if the game reasonably good and blown away if its great .

DOMination-1725d ago

He's only trustworthy because he posts crap like this.

Besides, what job at Sony would you have to have where you get to go around playing or seeing all of WWS games? Even if you worked at Guerilla for examppe, I doubt you'd get the time or chance to see what the other studios are doing that often.

Unless this guy is Yoshida or Andrew House, I honestly don't see how logically he could have access to all the stuff he claims.. which is conveniently vague all of the time

B-radical1725d ago

Any word on frame rate yet? This will be one of my first ps4 purchases just curious

Farsendor11725d ago

how do you know for sure they have seen the game and are just bull crapping to get their name in the headlines?

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UnbiasedOpinions1726d ago

Think about it, the delay was to avoid releasing with Forza as competition, that's it

MysticStrummer1726d ago

DriveClub's reveal visuals looked better than Forza 5's release visuals.

Besides that, the two titles are exclusive to their platforms so if anything, not having an exclusive racer on PS4 helped XB1.

Think about it.

caseh1726d ago

Forza isn't exactly direct competition, both games are platform exclusive so that makes no sense.

Abriael1726d ago

Forza and Driveclub are really different games. Having played both (even if obviously Driveclub was just a demo) the only thing they have in common is that they feature cars, but it's really like saying that Forza is in competition with Need for Speed.

of course all games are somewhat in competition with each other, but the identity here is really slim.

DigitalRaptor1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

"That's it" ?

I'm sure if you only want to look at things one-sided then sure.

PS4 was going to curb stomp the Xbone regardless of whether or not a game was delayed or not. Logic would indicate that if they had DriveClub at launch, it would've helped the PS4 perform better, rather than worse, so your comment doesn't say much really.

Then there's the reality that Forza 5 was rushed out as a launch game regardless of its quality or level of completion for a full $60, and whether or not the massive downgrade that they didn't inform people about, was a direct reflector of that, we won't know, but it needed months of additional time in the oven, just like DriveClub did and then received.

medman1725d ago

Forza? You mean the new gen racer that still can't manage to offer night driving or dynamic weather effects? Some of you people have mental issues. You really have to feel sorry for them, they'll accept any ol' pile of crap and call it a success.

Obscure_Observer1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


You're problably right, but differences didn't stop the fanboys. They bash on Forza 5 every chance they get.

Lets see if Evolution will live up to expectations. The game looks stunning, but i want to see it 1080p 60fps LOCKED

BIB1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

That's an odd assessment to concoct...Seeing as Forza 5 was rushed out the gate with LESS content than Forza 4 to support the launch of XBO ...

Drive Club on the other hand from Evolution Studios doesn't have the pressures of releasing a sub par or incomplete product.

Alsybub1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

Edge said this when they played it just before launch:

"It whips past the windscreen at a decent enough lick – although not, in its current state, at the target 60fps. Tree and foliage models have a whiff of placeholder about them, while tyre smoke isn’t quite the next-gen volumetric spectacle we’d hoped for. The cars look great, of course, but you’ll be hard-pressed to notice the fully modelled headlight lenses out on track. There have been few better showcases for new hardware than racing games, and it says much that Gran Turismo 6, running on the seven-year-old PS3, currently looks sharper than Evolution’s demo build. A fair chunk of that remaining 65 per cent of development is presumably set aside for visual improvements."

So, no. It wasn't just because they wanted to avoid competing with Forza.

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Muzikguy1726d ago

I agree DC has a lot to prove now. People went from a game they never heard of, to hype like crazy, to multiple delays over the last year. I'm skeptical and I'm sure they know others are too.

Majin-vegeta1726d ago

* to multiple delays over the last year*

Da hell you smoking son??It was only delayed once and that was right before PS4 launched.

GarrusVakarian1726d ago

" to multiple delays over the last year"

Common misconception. It's been delayed once. There was an article stating they had gone back to the drawing board recently with this game, when what they actually meant was that the initial delay was when they went back to the drawing board.

Obscure_Observer1725d ago

The game was delayed twice!

First they said it would be relesead on March, then they further delayed it till Setember, and now, they simply don't make comments about it.

BIB1725d ago

"People went from a game they never heard of, to hype like crazy"...

I'm certain you must've meant Titanfall.

Muzikguy1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

You guys are funny. Yes I meant DC and not Titanfall. And yes, DC has had multiple delays. I'm not "exactly" sure how many but I know it was more than one.

@Lukas I agree with your posts almost all the time but I've been following DC just like everyone else and I've heard launch, February, March, April, and June for release dates. Maybe they're all rumors, but they stem from somewhere. Anyhow, I did some looking


Edit: seems none of those actually state a release date, so I'll retract my statement of multiple delays. They've just been quiet. Unless of course you count the deleted tweet as one

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USMC431726d ago

What do you expect? The guy is a hack.

dirkdady1726d ago

Driveclub has very little to prove as information is scant at best. The game has received very little hype.

Automatic791726d ago

This game has been delayed so long that only certain gamers are expecting it.

MysticStrummer1725d ago

The ones that actually have the console it will be on?

HaveAsandwich1725d ago

yea, it looks good, but is it fun.....

SilentNegotiator1725d ago

Agreed. I'm so sick of "insiders"

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1725d ago

I thought message board post weren't allowed on N4G. That's what they always tell me when I had breaking news on my site, or giving away a Kinect or PS3 games and such for free. They say you can't use message boards.

It's obvious why the mods here at N4G allow it though when it comes to this.

TheUndertaker851725d ago

"I had breaking news on my site"

Pretty much sums it up

1725d ago
otherZinc1725d ago

Stop all the talk!
Drive Club was supposed to release this past November.
Enough with this "trust us" bs.
Where's the video?
Where's the demo?

This talk is old, show something.

BallsEye1725d ago

Today's journalism doesn't even require any credible sources so I don't believe in insider this insider that crap. As for the delay, it's common sense that it was good for gamers, as game is for sure more polished now. Who would delay game to downgrade it :P?

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D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771726d ago

I don't like racing games with bad driving mechanics and boring gameplay, so fine with the delays as long as it's well polished. Looking at you FORZA 5. Ò_ó

UnbiasedOpinions1726d ago

Forza was well polished, it just lacked some content

zeuanimals1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )

It's not lacking "some" content, it's lacking a ton of content. Forza 4 came with 500 cars and 20+ tracks, Forza 5 came with 200 cars and 14 tracks. Oh, but now you can get a fuller experience if you pay for the season pass...

The graphical quality of the game also ranged from PS2 era crowds to good looking car models but with a ton of aliasing. That screams unpolished to me. Sure, graphics are only a small part of "polish", but there's such little content to polish that the little that should've been there should've looked great.

UnbiasedOpinions1725d ago

@Zeuanimals Have you even played Forza 5? the game is gorgeous, the sounds and physics of all the cars are spot on, the vista mode and track detail man you obviously aren't a fan of racing games

Forza was NOT lacking polish, the game runs great

zeuanimals1724d ago

Did you not read what I wrote? I just gave you specific details about Forza 5 that doesn't look that good, here, I'll give you some off of the top of my head.

The track detail in the final game is lacking. The E3 build was beautiful, buildings in the background had great textures, the lighting was actually global illumination rather than baked down, the crowds were actual crowds, they had a wonderful AA solution, random things in the background like poles and rails had a ton of polygons and they looked great. The final game looked nothing like the E3 build, well it might to people who aren't used to spotting this stuff.

And Vista mode is not indicative of the actual game. They're practically bullshots compared to actual gameplay since there's nothing going on and there's nothing being rendered except for the car.

Automatic791726d ago

Forza is one of the hottest games you bugging. Love to the community I play with on the regular

medman1725d ago

A racing game without night driving or weather effects is "the hottest"? You need help son. Seek it before it's too late.

Obscure_Observer1725d ago (Edited 1725d ago )


Heres hopping that Evolution achieves 1080p and LOCKED 60fps on DC.

Since some of you seems to belive that PS4 is 50% more porwerful than X1, it problably will not be a big deal for EVO.

Don't take me wrong. I DO belive the PS4 is more porwerful than X1 hands down. But NOT 50%.

Hopefully Evolution will prove me wrong ;)

MasterCornholio1726d ago

I dont need an insider to tell me this. The game looks great from the videos that I have seen.

CyborgMonkee1726d ago

I found it surprising that the original game was to run at 30fps, which for a racing game isn't standard. When I heard of this delay my initial thoughts were that it was to tighten the game up and raise the fps to 60. Has there been any announcements on this particular aspect of the game or has it all been this generic?

Majin-vegeta1726d ago

Sadly still no info if it was upgraded or not =(

WickedLester1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

60fps or no sale for me! Sorry but in 2014 that needs to be THE uncompromising standard for racing games! If it's not 60fps it had better be so damn buttery smooth that it would be hard to tell the difference!

1726d ago
Bathyj1726d ago

Agreed N64fan. Consistency is more important than just being 60fps.

I'd rather have 30 locked than 60 that dips to 30. ESPECIALLY for a racing game. You want to be hitting smooth lines. A smooth framerate will help with that.

imt5581726d ago

Did you play Forza Horizon and NFS Rivals, cyborg? I doubt that you have problem with 30 fps in those games.

CyborgMonkee1725d ago

Don't get me wrong guys I'm not criticising the game either way, I'm no expert when it comes to racing games. I just seen the reaction of other people regarding the fps being locked at 30 and assumed 60fps would be a welcomed enhancement.

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