Project CARS - New Video Comparison Shows A Lighting System That Is As Good As Real Life

YouTube's member 'ADRIANF1esp' has shared a video that puts Project CARS against real life. The interesting thing here is that the lighting system in Project CARS looks spectacular and comes really close to the real deal, proving why this is the best visually racing title to date.

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lilbroRx1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

I already know that title is false. The closest to real life is real time ray tracing and even that is not as good.

Still looks great though.

ShinMaster1634d ago

The main differences to me were the darker track and the crazier reflections on the game side.
Otherwise, I thought it was pretty good.

darkstar181635d ago

you know a game is "next gen" (hate that term XD) when it gets compared to real life lol, cant wait to pick this up day one Wii U ;)

mcstorm1635d ago

I am still undecided on which version to get wiiu or Xbox one. Can't wait to see what they have done with the wiiu version though.

darkstar181634d ago

im planning on getting that gamepad wheel for this and MK8, that alone is a feature that im excited about ;)

hkgamer1634d ago

probably safer to get the xbone version. just the fact that you know would run smoother, look better and probably more people online.

I_am_Batman1635d ago

Games (especially racing games) have been compared to real life for the whole last gen. It's still very obvious to tell which is real and which is game if you know what to look for especially in a video.

With screenshots it can be very close and hard to tell sometimes (at least for racing games).

ShinMaster1634d ago

Gran Turismo has been compared to real life since GT4 on the PS2.

ghostface91635d ago

forza5 ray tracing> whatever this is in project cars

Allsystemgamer1635d ago

Forza 5 looks like a cartoon...

scotmacb1635d ago

The old ones do not forza 5 the car models look amazing in that just real and better than this

MajorGecko1635d ago

real life is so last gen compare it to pc next time

cfc781635d ago

Looks good 2 me great comparison video a lot better when it's done like that compared to 2 different shots or clips.

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The story is too old to be commented.