Destiny Gets Two Secret "Confidential" Videos, a New Lovely Teaser Clip and an Impressive Screenshot

Destiny fans are holding their breath for the big reveal coming tomorrow, but Bungie is already delivering some goods, with a new screenshot (that you can see above) and a new teaser clip released on instagram.

But that’s not all. Poking around the files of the official site revealed two videos marked “confidential do not distribute for internal use only" that were tucked away in the code.


Update: added a second and third teaser clip just released. It shows a glimpse on Earth's map and on what seems to be the mission selection screen.

if a mod wants to add the embed is:
<iframe src="// r_8dFXFf/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true&a mp;a mp;q uot;></iframe>
<iframe src="// 52JTFXOp/embed/" width="612" height="710" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowtransparency="true&q uot;></iframe>

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1636d ago

Damn this game looks great. Also I've noticed people on my psn friends list playing a bungie internal beta which is probably destiny

joab7771636d ago

It must be. It will be on psn for all qho pre ordered soon.

pedrof931636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

What ? The game comes tomorrow ?


JackOfAllBlades1636d ago

Beta incoming! Prepare for Destiny!!

thorstein1636d ago

That is PS4 too. Sick! But why does the trailer say it is coming out tomorrow.

Emrage1636d ago

that is for the information they are gonna give tomorrow i think its the beta release date announcment

BlackWolf121636d ago

Bungie said in their weekly update over the weekend that the current 'beta' that you will see people playing isn't the same one that we will get once the public beta launches.

The current one is for friends, family and business partners of bungie. Which explains why you have seen people playing it, they must know people at bungie, and why Shuhei Yoshida was seen playing it as well.

BUT rest assured, this means that the public beta should be coming very soon.

Kushan1635d ago

I'm calling BS. The internal destiny beta is NOT called "internal bungie beta" or anything so obvious. It's a "Music Player Demo".

I know this because I know someone that ACTUALLY has it.

3-4-51635d ago

I don't even want to spoil my initial experience with this game by playing a BETA.

I can wait, and this is the game I'm getting a PS4 for.

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Alex_Boro1636d ago

graphics don't even look next gen

cfc781636d ago

By the time the game comes out those clips will look last gen.

Alex_Boro1636d ago

Clips do already look worse than some last gen games. Hopefully it will look better.

trenso11636d ago

is that all that really matters? you didn't even play the game yet

Alex_Boro1636d ago

No. Just saying graphics aren't lookin that great but there is a lot of Bungie fanboys here sooo

alexkoepp1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

The original halo was really bungies only graphically impressive game, it should surprise anyone that the graphics aren't mind blowing, but they are solid so its all good

I forget, isn't this another cross-Gen bull#### title? If it is that's the reason the graphics aren't all that impressive

GodGinrai1635d ago

"there is a lot of Bungie fanboys here sooo"

I disagree...some of the people commenting were probably not fans of halo prior to them going multiplat...

modesign1635d ago

half the reason the game is hyped is because of the "next gen" graphics.

watchdogs did the same thing, they put the graphics on a pedestal, then ended up downgrading, and downplaying the graphical capabilities.

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DARK WITNESS1635d ago (Edited 1635d ago )

Even if it does not "look" next gen... I can still give them some rope because at least they are trying to push a lot more stuff that is next gen beyond graphics....

It's not like half the crap we have seen so far which not only looks last gen, but plays last gen and pushes nothing at all.

If it looks last gen and pushes bigger environments with lots more stuff going on then I can forgive it.

I may be a bit behind with my info but to my knowledge the game is cross gen.

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DirtyLary1636d ago

So is this game Bungines version of a Borderlands/Diablo fps arpg?

joab7771636d ago

Yep. I am wondering just how deep into the mmorpg genre ot goes. They are saying 10 years. Each area is bigger than Halo reach. Public events etc. Im excited b/c . In considering all the mmo pvp modes, this will be epic!!!

DirtyLary1636d ago

Well thats believable if you consider D2 is still going.

lets_go_gunners1636d ago

The only console game that actually interest me. Which is weird cause it's a damn shooter too....

Abriael1636d ago

It does seem a lot deeper than just shooting though, which is why i like it even if I'm not into shooters myself.

moomoo3191636d ago

you dont play fifa fellow arsenal fan?

moomoo3191636d ago

I think the scale of this game is going to be much larger than what they're letting on

marlinfan101635d ago

they've already said its gonna be huge

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