Why Dark Souls is a Better Game Than Dark Souls 2

Here's a closer look at what I think makes Dark Souls a superior game to its sequel. I take a look at the overall design of the games and how the loss of Hidetaka Miyazaki as lead director of the series ended up hurting the overall aesthetic appeal of the second game.

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TheButtonMasher1660d ago

I agree with every point you had. I don't consider DkS2 to be a bad game at all, but it feels unpolished and definitely inferior to the first game in every way.

joab7771660d ago (Edited 1660d ago )

It is a testament to from software just how good and different all 3 games r from others out there. B/c while i agree, I would still take DS2 over almost anything else I have played in a yr. I do wonder though if the accessibility wasnt there, what would we think? Also, I wonder how many ppl are playing DS2 b/c its more accessible. It wasnt needed.

Good news is that I believe the reason we have DS2 is b/c another team is making the next gen spiritual successor.

maniacmayhem1660d ago

I completely agree. I like Dark Souls 2 but the first thing I did notice was how the different lands weren't connected like in Dark Souls 1. To me that design was brilliant, when I saw the fast travel I did roll my eyes a little.

It's still a good game but Dark Souls 1 is far superior.

PurpHerbison1660d ago

It's funny cause originally I had my gripes with the first Dark Souls but it wasn't until Dark Souls 2 that I realized how good the first one was. I must say, I haven't been this disappointed in awhile.

lonelyplayer1660d ago

Because the main From team is busy with demon's souls 2 for PS4

jjb19811660d ago

I feel DS1 was graphically superior because it is much smoother than DS2 and has a better frame rate.

mrkatarn1660d ago

Glad to hear I'm not alone in all this. I was afraid a lot of people would be angry at my thoughts on Dark Souls 2. I absolutely love the first game and although, like a few of you said, the second game isn't a "bad game," it lacks the refinement of the first.