The Strange Growth of Mushroom 11 | Hardcore Gamer

One of the stranger games hidden on the PAX East floor was a puzzle-platformer about an amorphous mass working its way through a side-scrolling wasteland. The green blob could be herded by destroying part of it, causing new growths to quickly sprout from an undamaged side. While the blob was basically stationary and immobile when left alone, erasing one side caused the other to grow, resulting in it seeming to ooze across the land. No matter how quickly you erased the blob it would always have at least one cell left from which the entire mass would regrow in a matter of seconds, but a dip in lava or carelessly brushing against acid would kill it dead. It was a bleak little game, set in a destroyed wasteland of ruined buildings deteriorating against orange skies, but watching the blob flow through pipes and over toxic sludge was morbidly fascinating. The excellent puzzle design that kept pushing the blob's abilities was a big plus, too.

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ValKilmer1638d ago

The art style of this game is incredible.