Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Microtransactions Don't Harm Overall Experience

Hardcore Gamer: I'm not saying this is good for gamers, or that you should go buy a bunch, or shouldn't be able to voice your opinion on how EA can stick their microtransactions in various unpleasant locations. But, honestly, it isn't that big of a deal. And, if you are one of the people making a big deal about it, you most likely haven't even played the game you're complaining about.

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ValKilmer1638d ago

That may be true, but just seeing them annoys me.

UltimateMaster1638d ago

For a game like this, is there a need for Micro-Transaction?

Lawboy21638d ago's tough getting enough money for the packs....I probably won't use them but anyone who is just starting may need them

Bigpappy1638d ago

Some of the packs are helpful but by no means pay to win. You can easily unlock the packs if you know which ones to focus on.

Volkama1638d ago

It's another "Micro-transactions are OK because I don't use them" defence. Which isn't actually a valid defence at all.

The only ones that benefit from micro-transactions are greedy publishers. For every other "benefit" anyone claims (the classic being "I have a friend that doesn't have time to unlock things and he uses them!) there would be a more favourable alternative design. Like how Gran Turismo games used to have a second game disc/mode for people that didn't have time for the full career.

Majin-vegeta1638d ago

Is there a release date for this game on PS4??I tried it at my in laws last night and had a blast.Can't wait to get it on PS4.

Axios21638d ago

Going to PC in Spring 2014, that's the only other platform on their website

Deep-throat1638d ago

I doubt this game will be on PS platform.

MS made a deal with EA.

D3ATH_DRIV3R_7771638d ago

Microtransactions don't bother me at all as long as they don't give players an advantage and keep them behind a level wall! long as game devs don't have that going on in their games, i'm fine! that would not be fair to the next player that's busting their chops to get a weapons, performance parts, etc. Really? seriously? come on now, you really think that game devs would be that stupid to have something like that going on where players gonna have that kind of advantage in a game? think about it, games will be so broken if they did. But like i said, game devs will not be that stupid to do such a thing. *sigh* *rolls eyes*

Skate-AK1638d ago

Hopefully not. I am afraid of them ruining The Crew.