Xbox One Vs PS4: Price Drop For PlayStation 4 Points To Further Xbone Fail?

The Xbox One vs PS4 console war continues, and in spite of the Titanfall bundle, Microsoft is still falling behind.

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Abash1727d ago

Why would the PS4 get a price drop after it's been selling like wildfire for the last 6 months?

osai7891727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I know. The PS4 is selling extremely well for the short time it's been out. It does not need a price drop. However, the Xbox one does need a price drop in order to compete with the PS4 and it better happen soon. Remember Don Mattrick said that the first console to reach 10 million units sold wins the generation.

UltimateMaster1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

At best, maybe later this year as a sale? That is a big Maybe.
The PS4 is selling well, but until sales drop significantly, there's no need to drop the price.
They can get the hardware cheaper and get more revenue to re-invest in their games.

A price drop on the PS4 won't influence the sales of the Xbox One.
People are just waiting for compelling games that aren't rushed out of the window.

truefan11727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I guess I'm the only one that read that crap that was stated in the article.

"The Xbox One thus far has had very few must-play exclusives other than Titanfall and&# 160;Dead Rising 3, and both of those titles have failed to raise the excitement of titles like inFamous: Second Son, and the recently announced Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us PS4 port."

Lol has he looked at the sales, Titanfall is still going strong and infamous is already forgotten about. Also XB1 has the best fighting game and racing sim. Then he mentions uncharted and tlou, we'll Halo 2 and 5 are more popular than both of those games. I can see if he was taking about a sequel to tlou, it's basically the same game.

"The Planetside 2 PS4 port is also expected to take on Destiny"

Are you taking kidding me ps2 is not even a popular game. Destiny will sell a ton, mainly because it's made by bungie.

I will say XB1 does need to be more price competitve, they need to match the ps4 price or value.

Eonjay1727d ago Show
georgeenoob1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Xbox fail? So because it isn't selling more than competition it's failing? What amazing fanboy logic. X1 is selling incredibly well outpacing 360 launch by 60%. Anyone care to explain that? At this rate the X1 will sell 130 million by the end of the gen. With revenue up 45%, if 360 was a success what makes you think X1 won't?

"The Xbox One thus far has had very few must-play exclusives other than Titanfall and&# 160;Dead Rising 3"

Troll article confirmed. Titanfall XB1 sold 1.5 million worldwide with 4.2 million consoles out there, that's a 30% attach rate so far. The game is also the most praised reviewed game so far this gen with the best reviews, so what is this guy going on about?

"and both of those titles have failed to raise the excitement of titles like inFamous: Second Son, and the recently announced Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us PS4 port."

Yet Infamous was the one that got mediocre and mixed reviews from critics while Titanfall got mostly 9s. And how are you going to mention Uncharted 4 as if MS doesn't have any killer exclusives like Halo 5, Gears of War, Sunset Overdrive, or Quantum Break?

MysticStrummer1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

@truefan - So if TF outsells SS 2:1 then SS is "forgotten about", but that same logic doesn't apply to XB1 vs PS4? PS4 has nearly doubled XB1 numbers, after all.

Planetside 2 can't take on Destiny, because it's free. I'll be playing both.

@george - "Xbox One is selling incredibly well outpacing 360 by 60%. Anyone care to explain that?"

It's been explained. You just ignore the explanation. 360 had supply problems. XB1 doesn't. Unless XB1 sales pick up, at some point this year it will no longer be the fastest selling XB because 360 will have sold more in the same time frame.

Eonjay1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )


Your total sales prediction seems very unlikely, but, I do agree that Xbox One will be successful.

johndoe112111727d ago


"at this rate Xbox One will be able to sell 130 million units by the end of this gen."
LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!! !!!! OMG!! Thanks bro. I haven't had a good laugh like that in months.

The 360 was extremely supply constraint at this point hence the slower sales than the xbox one.
They are going to halt production of the xbox one because too many of the damn things are sitting on store shelves and no one ain't buying them.

Not forgetting the millions they probably have in their own warehouses because I highly doubt that sony manufactured over 7 million consoles and microsoft only manufactured 5 million. so where the hell are the rest?

And finally they don't have the RROD to boost those sales this gen so no double and tripple purchases. You are in for a very very very rude awakening this gen if you continue down that blind fanatical xbone guzzling microsoft koolaid drinking path.

Mr Pumblechook1727d ago

The article says "Not even the discovery of Sony lying about its 1080p native resolution was enough to stop gamers from choosing Sony’s side."

This reveals two things; that the author is not knowledgable about console specs because the PS4 does have a 1080p native resolution mode (for God's sake how is unaware if the whole resolution-gate stories about PS4 games nearly always being in native 1080p?)

Also the author is a Microsoft diehard for writing such partisan and inaccurate comments belittling PS4 specs and trying to pass them off as fact.

Knushwood Butt1727d ago

Are truefan and georgenoob the same person?

Magicite1727d ago

I bet PS4 will be over 10m by the end of the summer.

greenlantern28141727d ago

I would agree xb1 only has 2 must play games, TF and DR3. On the same note PS4 only has KZ:SF, and I:SS.
But onto your 130 million units sold
1) XB1 has not yet sold 5 mill, but if they had you could argue that in 1 years time it will sell 10 mill. That is suggesting it will continue to sell over 10 mil a year for they entire time it is out.
It won't, no console will.
2) this also suggests this generation will last longer than the last.
It won't, it will be shorter
If you had said 80 mil thAn you might have been close but my guess is 50-60 mil. At best

fr0sty1727d ago

PS4's price will drop when sales slow. That may not be for another year or two.

Silly Mammo1727d ago

@Knushwood- They are 2 different people...but they're probably sharing the same brain.

kneon1727d ago


Apparently you are math challenged. At its current sales rate of 300000-400000 units/month it would take over 20 years for the xb1 to sell 130 million, and thats even taking into account the yearly holiday sales bump.

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MightyNoX1727d ago

Logically it won't but some people like to imagine a scenario where Sony trolls Microsoft at E3

osai7891727d ago

Me too. I would like the PS4 to sell 10 million units by the end of July.

johndoe112111727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

I'm not saying they will because I don't think they will but it won't surprise me if they did.

Sony knows that right now they are handing microsoft's a$$e$ to them and the only thing that microsoft can do to make any sort of comeback at all is to drop their price.

With that in mind sony may decide to drop their price also in order to keep that lead (that would only widen if they do) and keep microsoft in a distant second place.

Should sony do that I don't think there is anything microsoft can do to combat that. That would literally be a knockout punch.

like I said, I don't see that happening but it wouldn't surprise me if it did.

KinjoTakemura1727d ago

That would be hilarious...


AngelicIceDiamond1727d ago

"Xbox One Vs PS4: Price Drop For PlayStation 4 Points To Further Xbone Fail?"

Are there rumblings or something pointing towards Sony dropping the price?

To be honest I don't think Sony can cut the price. Considering they don't need to anyway they're doing fine.

In fact I don't think MS reak=lly wants to cut the price. Though they can afford to.

Kingthrash3601727d ago

supply and demand.
ps4 sales are still great. so why drop the price?
nobody complaining right now about the price.
ms can very well afford to drop the price and the sales numbers are not as large..and has diminished consistently since january. they should drop the price but they wont at least until november.
that kinect and the money they invested in it ultimately f%cked ms over. it was a risky mistake and now they are not selling what they thought they would. i commend them for risk taking, but in taking this risk they lost sight of what gamers want and givin the sales of kinct 1.0 and the overall ratings of the accessory, it was a risk they should not have taken. they made their bed...time to lay in it.

WilDRangeRrfc1726d ago

I don't see how Sony can cut the price they're killing it with sales but are selling PS4,s at a loss,MS are making money on each X1 sold and I swear I read somewhere that although X1 is 3 million behind it is actually made more money than PS4 has for Sony,if anything Sony are broke selling at a loss already and price don't matter it is the more desirable console,I have both they are both superb,MS are the ones in the position to drop price and need to do something fast,MS are making profit if Sony are selling at a loss then MS needs to do the same and fast,if I was Phil Spencer I would announce Kinnectless sku for £269 and to keep X1 fans happy vow to still fully support Kinnect features and games plus the offer for anyone who bought X1 with Kinnect the offer to trade it in for 2 games of their choice thus keeping everyone happy in the process ( if that's possible ) personally I would keep mine as I think its a fantastic piece of tech although I can see why some don't,MS needs to understand that Kinnect is holding X1 back and without it and a price drop they would be a lot closer to Sony
It's a shame because bad press aside X1 is actually a really impressive console and I spend way more time on it than my PS4 at the moment because of TF,although I have really been enjoying ISS and BF4 on PS4 aswell,I buy all multiplats on PS4 aswell

Massacred1727d ago

5 months later... STILL difficult to find at retailers.

DarXyde1727d ago

The other day at Walmart was the first time I've ever seen one in-store, but this was after midnight. I was quite surprised. Then again, it's also the first time I've ever seen any XBOX Ones in a store. They may have had more in the back if you asked, but yeah, just surprised to see them sitting anywhere without asking a clerk about supplies.

Side note: That night, there was a guy asking people if they had XBOX One. I assume he was planning to pick one up and wanted some opinions.

avengers19781727d ago

@darxyde I have seen PS4s in stores for the last month, but I have been able to find XB1s since launch... Literally any store I go to has XB1s sitting on there shelves.

CyborgMonkee1727d ago

Completely agree man, the console pricing is the biggest card Sony has up it's sleeve and it will save that move when it is most needed. Microsoft will do everything they can to keep momentum in terms of sales. I can see a price drop for the Xbox 100% within the next year, Sony will make their move after that decision has been made and they can see how the market reacts to it.

UnbiasedOpinions1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Aren't they already selling PS4 at a loss?

is a price drop really feasible for them? Microsoft needs to drop price, remove Kinect, launch in all of Sony's markets, and step up Advertising and announce awesome games, E3 is important for them right now

TFJWM1727d ago

Neither are selling for a loss unless you want to count R and D

Nekroo911727d ago

they actually make 80 dollars profit for each console sold in EU

Copen1727d ago

You are like everyone else who brings this up. MS launching in Sonys markets will NOT impact Xbox one sales. You think that MS is losing the battle because they're not in as many markets? That's not as simplistic as you want to believe if MS thought those markets would sell they'd already be in those markets. MS has millions of Xbox ones they can't sell sitting in warehouses think about it honestly give it some thought IF they could get rid of them in other markets they would've already truth is you're making an excuse bcs the problem isn't not enough markets it's the console itself nobody wants it as it is now.

nucky641727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

i've posted this before but it's such a good deal and nobody on here ever talks about it....
anyone need/want a ps4 AND want to get it for 100 dollars off?...go to sonyonline store...go to bottom of page under the "order" column....go to "sony card"'ll see the ad for 100 dollars off 1st purchase with sony card. just fill out aplication and if you're approved, you'll be able to buy the ps4 on the sony site with your new card and will get 100 credit on your first billing statement. it worked for me. you'll be billed 428 dollars (with tax)on the sony site checkout; but, on your first statement you'll only have to pay 328 dollars after the 100 dollar credit! i don't know how long this offer will be made, but as of april 27, it's still there.

Aceman181727d ago

if the X1 got a complete redesign to a more smaller slicker look, with no kinect, and cheaper price i would buy one.

plus i wouldnt be surprised if the PS4 got a price drop sometime next year.

millerj27401727d ago

I just signed up for a Sony card myself. Figured I might as well earn free games just for living. I usually pay all my bills directly from my checking account or with my debit card, but using the Sony card as a"middleman" earns those rewards points. Between student loans, rent, groceries, gas, date night with the girlfriend, and everything else, I should be earning free games every couple months. Just have to remember to pay that credit balance right away to avoid interest lol

Visiblemarc1727d ago

If they do it, it will be to take the wind out of an XB1 price drop. Could be very smart. Even a small one with a bundle-in. The Last of Us Remastered bundle for $379 could be VERY hard to beat.

pheature1727d ago

because a bird in the hand is worth more than 2 in the bush.
in other words, they are suspecting xbox will reduce there price in near future, which will get ppl to take heed of the xbox, so to counter act this they reduce theres first and keep people intrested in ps4, if not more so.

really great news for gammers.

showtimefolks1727d ago

why would or should sony even drop the price. both xbox one and ps4 have been out like 6 months people. Give it some time

E3 should be very interesting

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1727d ago

But games are selling better on the X1. Weird.

scott1821727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

Multiplats sell better on PS4, not to mention look and run better... strange.

reaperofsouls1727d ago

@ Knushwood Butt

no they are definately two people and there real names are Don Mattric and Major Nelson

DoubleM701726d ago

They actually talking about raising the price since the PS4 is doing so good. STUPID ARTICLE!

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Muerte24941727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

"Not even the discovery of Sony lying about its 1080p native resolution was enough to stop gamers from choosing Sony’s side in the PS4 vs Xbox One debates."

OMFG!!!! Killzone was 1080p you idiot journalist. The MULTIPLAYER still produced 1080 horizontal lines running vertically on the "Y" axis without interlacing the image.

1920 x 1080
^ ^
| |
x y

X= determines the images aspect ratio

Y= resolution

the MP in killzone SF is 1920(interlaced) x 1080 (progressive).

Infamous Second Son/ Killzone Shadowfall proves they didn't lie either.

vongruetz1727d ago

You don't get it. The console can't do 1080p. Sony lied about it. I was in Best Buy the other day, and I was trying to decide between a PS4 and XB1, and well, I had to choose the XB1 because Killzone Shadow Fall wasn't technically 1080p in the multiplayer mode. I told other customers to be wary of Killzone Shadow Fall multipayer not being 1080p, 60fps and they were all aghast. Everyone picked up a Titanfall bundle and marched home happily.

Oh, wait. No, that never happened. Because no one in their right mind would make a huge purchasing decision based on the resolution of a multiplayer mode from one game. This article is a joke

Tempest3171727d ago

Really glad I actually finished reading your comment lol...I got through the first couple sentences and was like "this dude is a huge fucking troll!" Then I finished reading lol

Convas1727d ago

How many times must you be told that it's either ALL PROGRESSIVE (horizontal AND vertical likes) or it's not.

You can't have interlaced and progressive together and still call it progressive. That is not how it is defined.

It's very clear you are now twisting the facts to suit your own agenda.

Tempest3171727d ago

You may be correct, but what all the fanboys are ignoring is the it doesnt have to be progressive scan to put out 1920x1080 displays them differently than a progrssive picture but at the end of the day, there are still 2 million+ individually rendered pixels.

Muerte24941727d ago


according to whom? So I'm guessing Eyefinity technoloy that let's set a display 5760 X 1080 isn't 1080p either then, right?

Look does this mean he has some ULTRA DEF monitor? No, 1920x3 = 5760. But there still only 1080p montiors. So you see, the 5760 has no affect on the images resolution at all. It's still 1080p. Same with Killzone 960 x 1080( just like the 5760 x 1080) it's still a 1080p image.

I guessing so people fell asleep doing geometry glass. OK kiddies, grab a calculator.

Input: 16/9 widescreen viewing format
Answer: 1.777777777777778

Now Input use this for 720 multiplied by 1.777777777777778.........(wai ting)...

tada!!!! you get 1280 which would make it the perfect to maintain a 16:9 aspect ratio

Now perform this for 1080 multiplied by 1.777777777777778.......(waiti ng again).....

You'll get 1920. So if an image is only, i don't know 960 x 1080, it will only mean that the image/frame is not in a "true" 16:9 aspect ratio. But every frame still has 1080 (progressive lines)running along the Y axis. Math isn't everyone's strong suit. You clearly don't know what you're talking about or lack understanding.

Hicken1726d ago

Yeah, sorry, Convas. The p refers to the 1080. As long as those are progressive, and as long as there are actually 1080 lines, it's 1080p.

And since that's what's happening in Killzone....

Convas1726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Congratulations! Your long winded response completely missed the point and you still managed to expose just how clueless you are.

The P in 1080p refers to progressive scan. An image being rendered in progressive scan means that the entire image is rendered in a single frame completely.

Let me repeat that. In a game that is 1080p, ONE single frame is COMPLETELY rendered ALL AT ONCE at 1920 lines of horizontal resolution and 1080 lines of vertical resolution.

If all lines in either the horizontal or vertical planes are not being rendered fully during a single frame, then it is not progressive. No matter how many lies, no matter how many mental gyrations you go through, no matter how many times you try to refit it's definitions, progressive scan is just that, progressive. You cannot mix interlaced and progressive together and call it progressive.

This stands as a steadfast rule in the broadcast and visual technology industry and yet you continue to twist it to your own whimsy.

A single frame of Killzone Shadow Fall's multiplayer is being rendered at 960x1080. That is not 1080p. Doesn't matter what version of reality you live in.


Also, why the HELL would you even bring up Eyefinity? It's multiscreen technology. It has NOTHING to do with what we're talking about.

Muerte24941726d ago (Edited 1726d ago )

Whatever helps you sleep at night. But Killzone MP is indeed 1080p. 1080 lines of vertical (Y value) resolution are rendered in every frame.

Here is Killzone SF MP using PS share feature (720p)

And here is a direct capture bypassing HDCP
(In that's right 1080p)

Make sure to click on both images after opening them in new tabs. If it was anything below 1080p you wouldn't be able to see such a stark difference. But as you can see there is definitely a difference.
Thanks you Neogaf:
Like I said, it's 1080p, congrats you've been proven wrong again.

Is Killzone Shadowfall MP 1080p?
A: Yes

Is it FULL HD (1920 x 1080)?
A: No

Is 960 x 1080 in widescreen format (16:9)
A: No

Does Convas know what he's talking about then it comes to resolution?
A: No

FrigidDARKNESS1727d ago

Don't understand the logic of this post. Ps4 will be successfull with a price drop xbox one is a failure without a prce drop.....once again the author of this article doesn't understand retail and business economics. The ps4 is already losing money and a price drop would be devaste the playstation division. Microsoft has room to drop the price and possibly add a game to the console.

osai7891727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

This is what I am saying, the Xbox One needs a price drop to compete with the PS4. If the PS4 drops to $349, then that would further accelerate sales, widening the already large sales gap between the competing consoles. And FYI, the PS4 cost $381 to make, so if they do drop the price to $349, then they would not take as huge of a loss. The PS3 at launch cost $800 dollars to make, but they were selling it for $500-$600(depending on what model you got at the time), so they lost $200-$300 dollars every time a console was sold. They did not want to take huge losses this time around, so they made the PS4 cost less to produce so that they can do price drops if needed without losing a ton of cash.

johndoe112111727d ago

Please explain how the ps4 is loosing money? Because as far as I know they are making a profit on every console.

Please include links and actual data to back up your claim and don't just pull figures out of your a$$.

FrigidDARKNESS1727d ago

This statement by Sony was made several months before the ps4 launch.

They are already losing money now when ps4 launcj.

A 349.00 ps4 would definitely increase sales over xb1 but at the expense of not turning a profit.

Sony has yet to post their Q3 earnings.

johndoe112111727d ago

Again, please provide links.

corvusmd1727d ago

You don't have to like XB1, and YES it's selling 2-3 mil less than PS4 worldwide, but by no means is it a failure in ANY sense of the word. Anyone saying this isn't a gamer, but a fanboy, you can see their intentions by the way they phrase things.

Also keep in mind that it is in far fewer markets at the moment. TRUE, MS has no one to blame for that but MS, TRUE it's already in most of the major markets and it's HIGHLY unlikely that those other markets will make up the 2-3 mil console gap...nevertheless, those sales will help close it a bit and make it look less ridiculous. It is also only 6 months in, and by the end of the gen 2-3 mil sales will be a drop in the bucket. In the major markets XB1 is actually gaining in sales while PS4 is declining (although still has overall lead).

I'm NOT saying I know the future or anything, but I am saying that I know enough to say it's WAY to early to claim "victory" (which by the way IMO claiming "victory" for any console is a loss for gamers if it puts the other one out...stay competitive!!!)

Aldous_Snow1727d ago (Edited 1727d ago )

PS4 doesn't need a price cut so I'll just leave these here - This one gets me everytime lol