Super Mario 3D World dev open to revisiting The Adventures of Captain Toad gameplay in the future

The Adventures of Captain Toad are a unique set of courses in Super Mario 3D World. They only encompass a small portion of the overall game, but they were very well received.

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TripC501634d ago

Perfect for a fun little 3DS download.

deafdani1634d ago

I agree. The 3D effect would lend itself pretty well, I think.

That said, Nintendo has already supported the 3DS with several new IPs in the form of nice small downloadable games. They should do the same with Wii U.

Metallox1634d ago

DLC for Super Mario 3D World, anyone? I think this would be cool.

DoggyBiscuit1634d ago

I wouldn't mind playing a game just based on this mode I do agree with @Metallox a DLC would be awesome