Here's how Watch Dogs will allow you to interact with others in multiplayer

A post from Ubisoft communications manager Gary Steinman on the UbiBlog details how players can hack, participate in team-based competitions, race and more in Watch Dogs' multiplayer.

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ThisEndsNow1634d ago

Hoping they have a co-op option for multiplayer. But im still excited for this!

Bugz1633d ago

they have team vs team game modes if that counts?

not sure if they have any other form of co op other than the two of you free roaming around the city

martinezjesus19931633d ago

I was hoping for some sort of coop in the campaign! Having a friend randomly join my game acting as an anonymous hacker helping me out if he sees im in trouble, not necessarily interacting with me, just over lookig what im doing. Heres for hoping that it may get added in the sequel.

Yea i know he could join my game and hack me, ill be doing that extensively but having that coop option would have been nice.

Farsendor11633d ago

doubt they will have story co op.

sonicsidewinder1633d ago

"We didn't want it to be frustrating or a punishment."

Of course, the casuals would all cry.

Perjoss1633d ago

So your idea of a good game is something that is frustrating and punishing? doesn't sound like much fun to be honest.

finito821633d ago

if i get hacked on watch dogs im going to cry lol