CompUSA: Would you like a PS3 with your HDTV?

For last year's Xbox 360 launch, GameStop offered a deluxe Omega bundle for $4,499 that included the system, 20 games, a slew of accessories, and a 42-inch Dell plasma monitor. The bundle was a luxury item for only the most spendthrift of gamers, with GameStop offering a number of less expensive, less exhaustive options for Xbox 360 customers as well

The bundled HDTV-console combo is returning this year, as pointed out by tech blog Uninnovate. CompUSA on Sunday started running a promotion that allows any customer purchasing a 40-inch (or larger) Sony HDTV to reserve a console for launch day. The least expensive such TV on CompUSA's Web site rings up at $1,799.99, bringing the lowest possible price of the bundle with a $499 20GB PS3 to a little under $2,300.

"The reaction we're receiving is so phenomenal that we're devoting our entire allocation to that offer," a CompUSA representative told GameSpot.

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Islandkiwi4451d ago

I will never walk through Compusa's doors again.

Maddens Raiders4451d ago (Edited 4451d ago )

Aren't you coming down a little hard on Comp? I mean if you're into hi-fidelity gaming (and let's admit gaming is rapidly becoming an expensive hobby, even for wii owners)--and if you've got the cash -- walking out with a 40" wega or w/e, a 20gig game/blu-ray player for $2,300 isn't that rotten of a deal at all. Now only if they threw in the HDMI cables.

PS360PCROCKS4451d ago

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!You son's of bitc*es!!! I'm totally going down their today, those fuc*ers!!!!I was going to buy a Sony tv but got a Samsung instead, if I would have KNOWN this I would have waited and got the PS3 at the same time...I kinda wanna have both lol and it makes my PS friends angry cause they want one...