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Even though the story isn't so great and the characters lack personality, the gameplay, music and environments should be enough to keep you going till the end.

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moegooner881726d ago

" The story isn't so great and the characters lack personality ". Lol what, how could someone be so stupid to say that the characters in FFX lack personality.

aLucidMind1726d ago

It's easy to claim a game's story and characters were bad when you never actually played the game.

OmegaShen1726d ago

Bet they thing 13 was the best lol, April Fool's day is over. So write a real review and a joke of one.

zlpw0ker1726d ago

my god that guy deserves a kick in the arse, story in ffx is a 10,its a a game thats overall 10 in score...the perfect game in my opinion.

ape0071726d ago

lol i don't like RPGs but i played few of them and FFX ps2 is one of the best games I've played

Skate-AK1726d ago

I liked X-2. Haven't had a chance to to play X yet.