Destiny GameStop Pre-Order Bonus Outed – “Exclusive Upgraded Sparrow”

MP1st - According to posters being handed out with every Destiny pre order, it appears GameStop customers will be getting a bit of an in-game bonus item on launch day.

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randomass1711636d ago

Exciting indeed! I'm curious as to what other goodies PS4 will be getting in particular since that version is supposed to get the most additional content.

DLConspiracy1637d ago (Edited 1637d ago )

Sounds good to me. I guess you are supposed to get a code from the participating dealers with the beta to enter on this page. It was a little confusing before but looks like it's laid out now. I welcome any extra content. I was up in the air about which console to get it for. I leaned PS4 because of the extra content but.. On one hand PS4 will look better and have more content but on the other hand the chat quality on PS4 pales in comparison to XBL. How can I make clear call outs if it's all muffled? That matters to me a lot in Multiplayer. With that said both will play great.

DeadMansHand1636d ago

I don't know what headset you're using but I hear crystal clear chat through my Pulse Elites.

DLConspiracy1636d ago

Do you have Xbox One also? No offense but unless you can compare you probably wouldn't know the difference. It has nothing to do with headsets or mics. It has everything to do with the audiobit rate psn chooses to use. If I had to guess why they do I would assume that it has something to do with the amount of space they have on their servers for that type of bandwidth. I can't say for sure but either way its very disappointing as I lover multiplayer games.

randomass1711636d ago

I can actually concede to how high quality the XB1 headset chat is. It's really good especially when you use Skype. I can't properly compare it to PS4 since I haven't tried chat on that system yet.

DLConspiracy1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

I was really hoping for better bit rates for chat on psn. Its rather disappointing to find out. I own both. Its made me pick my games carefully. Mostly single player games for ps4. Multi is always on Xbox now.

randomass1711636d ago

That makes sense. Supposedly the cloud servers are supposed to make online multiplayer a much more fluent experience, whenever the heck Microsoft actually decides to use the thing. And it's telling given how Microsoft's must have exclusive is Titanfall and Sony's must have is InFamous Second Son, with more single player games like Order on the way.

DLConspiracy1636d ago

I agree but MS is already using the cloud for multiplayer. Forza and Titanfall are taking advantage of it. Not on the grand scale they tout, yet. Its just a matter of time before it gets better. Looking forward to titles on both though that's for sure.

KodevEx1637d ago

I love how the article makes it sound like it's not a store exclusive.
Yay for cut dlc exclusives! s/

darkstar181637d ago

im gonna try to pre order this tomorrow really want that poster, could anyone tell me how beta access works??

Whore_Mouth1637d ago

Go to they have all the info on how to sign up for the beta. If you don't already have a code, you will receive one closer to launch from some retailers. Check what the retailers say.

randomass1711636d ago

Really nice of them to make it so open. I really can't wait to try it! If I can get a PS4 before year's end I'll play it there. If not then I'll play it on PS3.

-Foxtrot1637d ago

Wish someone would announce a Collectors Edition for this

Massacred1636d ago

Willing to bet this will happen.

SITH1636d ago (Edited 1636d ago )

Look at it this way. Bungie is huge on multiple levels of collectors editions. I bought the Halo Reach xbox 36o console, and the collectors edition with the statue just to get all the in-game offers it provided.

Then there is activision. They are also huge on collectors editions that included consoles like bungie, and unique in-game items. Obviously in-game items drives me to buy collectors editions. Both companies know it does for other gamers also. Should be something announced at E3 at the latest. That is the best stage to announce something.

randomass1711636d ago

E3's around the corner. Give it time. ;)

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