Fatal Frame hitting Wii U, Nintendo announces Season Pass, Mario Kart 8 Bundle - Week in Review 4/26

Welcome to the latest edition of Nintendo Enthusiast: Week in Review! This week Shawn Long breaks down all the latest Nintendo news such as Fatal Frame hitting the Wii U, Nintendo offering a season pass in Mario Golf: World Tour, the Mario Kart 8 bundle coming to Europe, and much more. Be sure to stick around for the Super Mario Bros. Super Show Rap dance at the end, and be sure to subscribe to keep up to date with all the latest content from Nintendo Enthusiast!

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LaWiiG2130d ago

Nintendo is starting to show a little gratitude to its fans.

wonderfulmonkeyman2130d ago

Have we so soon forgotten Earthbound?

ptownjbo2130d ago

That was just a VC game though. Port Mother 3 with English patch, then that's a little more interesting.

wonderfulmonkeyman2130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

No, ptown.
Do not try to use "it was just a VC title" as an excuse.
VC or physical, an in-demand game is an in-demand game.
There was huge fan demand for that, and Nintendo brought it out.
You can't downplay that as an insignificant thing when it wasn't.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2130d ago

uh the creator ended the series after Mother 3

randomass1712130d ago

It would be nice if Nintendo localized that collection on GBA on the Wii U VC. That would be pretty awesmoe and Earthbound's success as a VC game might generate interest for such a localization. :)

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CouldHaveYelledUiiW2130d ago

"Hey, Nintendo of America... BRING IT TO THE STATES THIS TIME!"

'Nuff Said.

"Excellent" and "Yes" from me.

ptownjbo2130d ago

It makes sense to do it.

AnEwGuY2130d ago

This was a no-brainer, considering the WiiU controller is perfect for such a game. I actually thought it would be a launch game.

jc485732130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Fatal Frame needs to happen on the Wii U no matter what.

ptownjbo2130d ago

Well it is. Just wether or not the US will get it...

jc485732130d ago (Edited 2130d ago )

Seeing the state Wii U is in, I don't think Nintendo has much choice but to release it state side. Wii need games.

DryBoneKoopa852130d ago

Fatal Frame V better come to the states! I'm looking into getting a Wii from Japan and a copy of Fatal Frame 4 just so I can play it.

randomass1712130d ago

If they withhold that game, I will eat my socks. They cannot afford NOT to localize that game when Wii U gamers need more content and everyone else need the incentive to buy one.

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