Google game console ‘Coming Soon’

The rumour of Google’s game console have been surfacing as of late.

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Lowsnamebrand1689d ago

Can I root it, install TWRP, and run omnirom? if so I'll pay 70 bucks for one

WeAreLegion1688d ago

Probably. Google has a habit of making their hardware easy to manipulate.

Lowsnamebrand1688d ago

You don't really have to manipulate Google's hardware unlocking a nexus device is literally a minutes long adb session if that, its your Samsungs,htcs,ect that you need to manipulate

xc7x1688d ago

Google cannot make it big on name alone,they have to be involved fully in the process,make their own games,or it'll be just another system with such and such specs,etc.

cyclindk1688d ago

Free google fiber to all early adopters ;)

xer01688d ago

Can I have Google Fibre in London?

Didn't think so...

Ragthorn1688d ago

Why do I need Google Fibre when I have my Sega Genesis and its blast processing?

On a serious note, Google Fibre isn't exactly available everywhere. So it won't benefit the people who get it, but can't the free Google Fibre. But it is good that you pointed that out.

BIB1688d ago

Why? Do you think a multibillion dollar company like Google would take the risks into the already successful mobile sector if it was merely pointless? Don't count them out just yet.

randomass1711688d ago

But why would anyone get this when they can play most if not all of the same apps and games, if not more, on their phone or tablet? It just seems like the market is overflowing with these devices.

dcj05241688d ago

At random. What makes you think it'll be ONLY mobile games?

HighResHero1687d ago

Not to mention their top notch data/market analysis.
Makes me wonder if this will actually happen.

BIB1687d ago Show
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shadowT1688d ago

No market. Why Google?

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The story is too old to be commented.