Super Smash Bros. – in-game character comparisons with previous entries

Check out some comparisons for the Super Smash Bros. games.

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colonel1791732d ago

Kirby definitely has the biggest change!

randomass1711732d ago

lol Brilliant. On a serious note, I really like Link's progression as well as Mario's. :)

1732d ago
Op_Static1732d ago

Are these all final in game models or are some just game art...because to me the second one looks better in almost all cases.

randomass1711732d ago

The order is 64, Melee, Brawl, 3DS and then Wii U.

Op_Static1732d ago

Oh thanks didn't realize the first ones were different...
Brawl looks the best to me but it may be because the Wii U ones are just cut from screens and not the "display models" types Melee and Brawl are...
Anyway looking forward to this I still have yet to play much of Brawl though.

randomass1711732d ago

I believe you can see the display models on the main website. Or is that 2D artwork? I'd have to double check.

R00bot1731d ago

Also, you can't tell from the pictures, but the Wii U version has much more detail, and is in 1080p, as opposed to 480p or less for the earlier games.

Skate-AK1732d ago

Bowser is the biggest change. Too bad he isn't listed.

randomass1711732d ago

Yeah, odd they didn't show him. :[

DanaBlack1732d ago

I like the look of Mario and Luigi better in brawl than the new ones, the detail on the denim makes it look slick

randomass1711732d ago

I hear ya, but I really like the bright colors in the new game. they suit Mario and Luigi a lot more than the washed out look Brawl had.