Xbox One production is slowing down: what next for Microsoft?

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"What’s Microsoft’s next move? Clearly they aren’t doomed, but they need a shot in the arm if they want to keep competing. They’ve already announced that they’re launching in “tier 2 countries” in September this year. The fact that the Xbox One has launched in less countries than the PS4 is often used to address the sales discrepancy of the systems, but considering those “tier 2″ countries are areas where the 360 did poorly, and the PS4 is consistently outdoing the One even in the U.S. shows that it won’t really matter. What Microsoft really need is a strong E3 with two crucial factors. A price drop and a vast array of must-get exclusives. There is no way around it this time."

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AGaryColemanClone1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

The Xbox is returning to its natural pre-RRoD Xbox 360 inflated installed base numbers. Absolutely nothing surprising about that.

Unless Microsoft brings back the RRoD and Xbox fans once again buy 3,4,5+ extra Xbox consoles like they did with the Xbox 360 where each time a new model came out there were promises that this new version would fix the RRoD, disc scratching/destroying drives, absurdly loud noise, etc.

There simply aren't that many Xbox fans in the world. The console has a fan base almost entirely from the US and UK. Sales in those two countries could double and the PS4 would still be handily beating the Xbox One in sales.

Microsoft has:

* The most expensive console
* The most hated thing in all gaming, Kinect, included in every Xbox One
* The smallest first party studio lineup
* Graphics hardware so weak it is having trouble even running games at next gen resolutions

Drop Kinect? Half of Microsoft's already tiny first party development studios are completely focused on Kinect casual shovelware.

Magic SDK updates? BS about 'teh Cloud'? All this damage control from Microsoft is just making themselves look ridiculous and desperate in the eyes of gamers.

Amazing exclusives have to come from somewhere. Microsoft can't just snap their fingers and create them out of thin air. They aren't going to come from Japaneses developers. Everyone knows Microsoft's tired old Halo, Forza, Gears games. Third party developers aren't going to be easily bought off with the PS4 already at double the Xbox One installed base right now and on track to be 3-1 by the end of 2014.

The Xbox One is destined for the first Xbox installed base numbers. Just like the Xbox One never putting out PS4 level graphics. It is something either you accept now or waste years of your life and accept it later.

lifeisgamesok1639d ago

Your comment is ridiculous

There's little to no difference in the graphics between the consoles

Many people like Kinect whether it's innovation potential or just navigating the OS

Even if Sony is selling more in the Tier 2 countries Microsoft won't end up selling zero consoles in those places so it will only do better

Xbox One has the better launch and launch-window

MS is also beefing up their studios, Black Tusk is said to be full of industry vets

With people like Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison Xbox will only get better while Sony studios are losing major talent and seems like they are shifting focus to remasters and indie titles

Kingthrash3601639d ago (Edited 1639d ago ), your comment is ridiculous...and opinion.

and tbh ms just lied to china about the cloud giving the x1 3x the power it currently had. i thought phil was here to stop the bs....just sayin
e3 cloud = 12x the powa, then it was 3...smh but yeah sit back and go on...and launch window? ps4 has more games now and more coming this year to ps4...they both have a solid launch window ps4 just has more content.
the value of the content is opinion based but the amount is fact.
when you fight a loyalist fight AT LEAST bring facts...not opinions.

Godmars2901639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

To be "fair" MS hasn't technically lied about the cloud. They could very well hope and be expecting to get what they're saying out of it it. The thing is however they're still in the process of building the support infrastructure wit no real guarantee of what the final results will be.

That meanwhile some people will be paying for said expected results, which may not even materialize in the XB1 production cycle, is another thing.

Just like its BS to expect Harrison and Spencer to "save" anything - especially when one use to work for Sony and both were at the helm of the Xbox division when they screwed up with the DRM announcement.

imt5581639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Quote :
There's little to no difference in the graphics between the consoles...

Xbox One has the better launch and launch-window

I like how you spinnig words.

Quote :
Even if Sony is selling more in the Tier 2 countries Microsoft won't end up selling zero consoles in those places so it will only do better...

This is quite bullshit. Big problem is that in those Tier 2 countries Xbone is ALREADY AVAILABLE by most retailers who get Xbone's from official retailers in Tier 1 countries and still Xbone didn't sold well. And you expect that when Xbone officially launch in those Tier 2 countries in Semptember Xbone will sell well?? I don't think so.

DigitalRaptor1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

"There's little to no difference in the graphics between the consoles"

Completely inaccurate and delusional.

"Many people like Kinect whether it's innovation potential or just navigating the OS"

After 4 years, it hasn't proven itself in regards to gaming. It sold 20 million and then... no one else would buy another gimmick. People want it out, but MS won't have that as no-one will buy it by itself.

The voice command navigation is all people go on about with it. That could be done with a cheap microphone. That is why people hate it's gimmicky inclusion last gen, and its non-gaming focus this gen.

"Even if Sony is selling more in the Tier 2 countries Microsoft won't end up selling zero consoles in those places so it will only do better"

It won't be doing impressive numbers in those regions regardless, so they would have to do something seriously insane in the US and UK for Xbone to compete.

"Xbox One has the better launch and launch-window"

It has about 1 more exclusive AAA game than PS4. The other console has more games, more diversity, more upcoming, especially in the next couple of months. MS took games from last gen, and starved that audience so they could bolster their lineup for next-gen. PS3 in the meantime, had loads of exclusive games, that should they have also been moved to PS4, would have annihilated the Xbone lineup, rather than just matched it - and we know the reasons why.

But like I said, it has like 1 AAA exclusive more than PS4.

"MS is also beefing up their studios, Black Tusk is said to be full of industry vets"

Good. Let's hope it's good.

"With people like Phil Spencer and Phil Harrison Xbox will only get better while Sony studios are losing major talent and seems like they are shifting focus to remasters and indie titles"

Phil Spencer - yes
Phil Harrison - no

And here comes the next foolish assessment. Sony cuts down staff, but continues to RE-HIRE. yeah, that's a sign of them not being able to compete with Microsoft. They have announced 1 remaster that EVERYBODY seems to want, especially those who haven't had the good opportunity to own a PS3.

Meanwhile, Sony has just as many AAA games, and EVEN MORE games with the slew of indies, Japanese games, MMOs, free-to-play. So much more diversity. So much more than Microsoft could dream of with that smooth "$1 billion" they put down on exclusives.

Then Microsoft will announce Halo 2 remaster, and we will hear no word from you. Of course we won't.

Majin-vegeta1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

OMFG the BS I have to read from your comments everyday really outstands me(must refrain from personally attacking).

Your comment is just loaded with bs just STAHP PLS JUST STAHP!

OT:Gotta agree with Gary.

georgeenoob1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

No sh** production is going down, it's 6 months after launch.

As for the PS gamers above, man you guys sure are obsessed with Xbox. None of you own one yet you spend half your day reading and commenting on MS articles.

Xbox feels next-gen thanks to Kinect and amazing over-the-top gameplay rich exclusives such as Titanfall and Dead Rising 3. PS4 feels like an upgraded PS3, nothing more. And despite all the talk about its power, its game library consists of PC indies and iphone games and heavily lacks AAAs. PS4 isn't next-gen at all.

As for the cloud, there's a reason why MS is making all these statements so close to E3, they will slap all the naysayers in the face come June, even though they already did with a recently released demo.

nicksetzer11639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

@kingthrash, was never anything but 3x and not 3x the power, just because you are unable to understand having the throughput of 3 xb1's available in the cloud is not 3x "the powa" doesn't make it true.


"We're ***provisioning*** for developers for every physical Xbox One we build, we're provisioning the ***CPU and storage equivalent of three Xbox Ones*** on the cloud,"

UnbiasedOpinions1639d ago

How does at @DigitalRaptor have any bubbles at all when all he does is troll Xbox articles all day? i try be level headed and rational on N4G about Xbox and Playstation yet my bubbles are going down lol, whats wrong with N4G? its just a bunch of fanboys with an insecure hatred for Microsoft lol, peace out N4G, this isn't a place for discussion but rather a breeding grounds of insecurity and fanboys rubbing each other off over their favorite plastic box that they have grown emotionally attached to, losers

URNightmare1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Come on, bro! Just stop! Get over it...

GribbleGrunger1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


"No sh** production is going down, it's 6 months after launch."

Then can you perhaps explain to me why the X1 is at 4.2 million and the PS4 is at 7.3 million, and yet Sony are trying to UP production? You're comments never make sense.

Microsoft stuffed the channels because they thought Titanfall would shift most of them but it didn't happen. They then reduced the price and added Titanfall in for nothing and it STILL didn't shift consoles. Sony announced OVER 7 million 'sold through' so MS (in their infinite wisdom) stuffed the channels with even more consoles so that they could announce 5 million 'sold in'.

It's now clear that there are at least 800,000 consoles sitting on shelves, which has lead to MS having to cease production for a while. It's not looking good I'm afraid and makes it even less likely that devs will take money for exclusives or 'parity'. The PS4 is in a strong position and it looks very much like the lead will stretch over the coming years.

That's what happens when you cater to gamers and a variety of tastes.

As for the 'no games' mantra, you are becoming a dying breed as more and more people are given the proof that it's nonsense. The reality is that the PS4 has MORE games, MORE variety ... and REAL FTP games.

Nekroo911639d ago

so i can expect a 15x times more powerfull pc with the power of the cloud?! great. Now theres no need to upgrade it.


truefan11639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

It's a slow time of the year and they aren't launching in China until July and the other countries until September, makes perfect sense to cut down production. A majority of people on n4g are so linear people look at the Sony picture. XB1 is selling really well, just not as much as the global ps4. Still plenty of time and honestly I don't mind MSFT playing catch up because they are cranking out games, updates, and trying to move gaming forward.

@GaryColeman have you not been paying attention the last 3 years MSFT has been building it's internal studios and they actual have the money to pay key staff. Also you might as well call Remedy part of the XBOX team seeing as how Quantum Break and Alan Wake 2 will probably keep them busy for a long while.

PS I'll be sure to comment when Sony reports in a little over 2 weeks, you guys must forget Sony also has an earnings call and I assure you outside of selling 7 million there won't be many positives.

DigitalRaptor1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

@ georgeenoob

You say Microsoft will slap people with the cloud with no basis for that in fact. Yet... when people slap you with ACTUAL fact, you ignore it and continue on with that which you call out Sony guys for.

You name 2 games that don't represent next-gen gaming. You say Kinect makes it feel next-gen, but certainly not for games so multimedia? PS4 has about 1 less AAA game than Xbone, and more of everything else. Better value, more power, significantly better multiplats, more games, more diversity.

You spew inaccuracies. We fix that. You hate it. You get mad. Cycle repeats.


@ UnbiasedOpinions

Good for you that you don't care about it, but not everyone can have the same level of respect for a company who tried to change this industry for the worse and treat their consumers like their dirty laundry basket. Excuse me for expressing myself where I see fit.

I have the number of bubbles I do because they were reset at one point last year when I only had 3. And I haven't lost that many since they were reset. I don't know why your bubbles are going down. I'm not downvoting you for saying what you like about anything. The bubble system on here is broken, it doesn't correlate that well. If you call it trolling, when I'm responding to a person and calling out their sh*t, whilst embellishing my response with personal preference, then call it trolling.

ZombieKiller1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Lifeisgame: HIS comment is ridiculous?! I don't know what is worse, your comment or my thoughts on if you are trolling or not.

"MS is also beefing up their studios, Black Tusk is said to be full of industry vets"

Ok that's one studio, with no games on their resume.
Shows how blind you actually are. 1 by putting your faith in Microsoft and CONTINUING to defend them and secondly, by defending it with THAT. I feel the same way about the people on my 360, I always ask them WHY they think the 360 is better than the PS3 and I always get the same answer. "I dunno it's just ....better" without no actual reason.
I'm curious as to how you even have 1 bubble.

Pogmathoin1639d ago

So, if you say something that does not condemn MS, its ridiculous, but outright BS, a rumour, or fanboy wet dream is bible?

GarrusVakarian1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Lol @ truefan1 and georgeenoob and their absolutely pathetic attempts to spin production of X1's slowing down.

There is one reason and one reason only why MS are slowing down production and that is to get through the stock that is sitting on store shelves, not selling. Supply is greater than demand. It's as simple as that. MS themselves acknowledge this, so why can't you?

"No sh** production is going down, it's 6 months after launch"

It's 6 months after launch for the PS4 too, why isn't production slowing down for that console? Demand remains just as steady.

"It's a slow time of the year"

Oh, really? Then why is the PS4 showing now signs of slowing down? It's clearly not a "slow time of the year" for the PS4. Seriously, truefan....seriously? That has got to be the most pitiful attempt at damage control i have ever seen on this website. You guys, making things up off the top of your head, trying to quickly rationalize this before you type your comment. Just read those sorry excuses for damage control that i quoted above and see how easy it was for me to disprove them. There is no way to spin this, the X1 isn't doing as well as MS hoped, now they are having to slow down production in order to give the hundreds of thousands of X1's that are sitting on store shelves a chance to sell through. That is as crystal clear as it gets and is how it appears to anyone who isn't in extreme, mind altering denial.

AceBlazer131639d ago

Where did you guys get the stupid idea Xbone has more AAA games?

inFamous Second Son
Dynasty Warriors 8
Final Fantasy XIV
Yakuza Isshin *if Japanese or understand it
Amazing Spideman 2
MLB 14 The Show
Bound by Flame
Injustice Gods Among Us
Natural Doctorine *Again Japanese

Forza 5
Dead Rising 3
Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare
Kinect Sports *if y consider it AAA

AA,Indie and F2P -PS4(A lot)
DC Universe
Don't Starve
Mercenary Kings
Dead Nation
Tiny Brains
King Oddball
Basement Crawl
Towerfall Ascension etc. Too many

AA Indie and F2P, Xbone(8)
Killer Instinct
Max a Curse of Brotherhood
Crimson Dragon
Peggle 2
Zoo Tycoon
Powerstar Golf
Fighter Within
Halo Spartan Assault

The ps4 also has the better multiplats on consoles.So not only does the PS4 have better multiplats, it has more AAA, more FTP, more indies, more diversity and it's cheaper.This is only 6 months in people.Clear who's winning.

Sorry for the long list, blame Sony for so much games.

Ritsujun1639d ago

Awww..... lifeisgamesok's mad.

arinaborina1639d ago Show
nunley331639d ago

I'll leave you with this don mattrick quote from 2008 where he said historically the first to reach 10 million wins the generation. 10 million PS4s sold to customers is rapidly approaching as opposed to the 4million xbones sold and sales slowing down,not a good trend for MS.

kenshiro1001639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

You said his comment is ridiculous and yet your comment is full of drivel.

The XB1 is getting spanked and spanked hard. Microsoft needs a miracle at this point because they should have NEVER introduced anti-consumer products in the first place.


Evidently resolutions are the actual graphics now!! Lol dumb just plain dumb

Vitroski4211639d ago

.... And where can I get what your on..? You must be high as shit

fr0sty1639d ago

Somewhere, in a lonely corner of an office building in Redmond, Washington, a team of people get paid to post positive spin, no matter what ridiculous lengths they have to go to in order to achieve it, on various gaming news sites. They spend their lives caught up in a futile effort, bailing water out of a sinking ship with a spoon.

Even sadder, in a lonely corner of their parents' basement, a group of people with no jobs does the same thing for free.

ufo8mycat1639d ago

lifeisgamesok little to no difference?

You need to play BF4 on both XBONE and PS4. The difference is actually quite huge.

tokugawa1639d ago Show
Massacred1639d ago

Let's all just chill till E3, then we will have a better picture.

Mr Pumblechook1639d ago

* Too much Xbone stock produced.
* Stock readily available in retailers is damaging because it damages the perception that it's a sell out.
* Microsoft send Major Nelson to the Mexican desert.
* He claims ownership of Atari cartridges - his real mission is to bury a secret.
* documentary maker launches a Kickstarter to film recovery of 2 million consoles...

adorie1639d ago

"There's little to no difference in the graphics between the consoles"

Graphics have to come somewhere, and the PS4 provides the resources to up the ante, or so to speak, when it comes to graphics.
I can only imagine the discrepancy between both consoles becoming more clear, as time goes on.

The GPU in PS4 is almost twice as more resource rich than the one in the X1.

How are you going to change static hardware in favor of the x1, without alienating the current buyers?

Lastly, Dx12 is going to be a step in the right direction, but to think it's going to do for the' bone what it's going to do for PC gaming is just delusions of grandeur.

I do hope Microsoft proves me wrong tho, cause I'm getting close to pickin' up the X1.
Hoping for a price drop and a nice looking roadmap of [email protected] E3.

Death1639d ago

Production has slowed for both manufacturers along with sales. Sony announced 4.2 million consoles sold from November to the end of December. 5.3 million Feb 18th. 6 million March 4th and 7 million April 16th.

This is normal and not something to over analyze. Sales over the holidays account for approx. half the sales for the year. Why would production increase for either company as demand slows down? Some of you are simply reaching way to far to support your beliefs.

ADECENTBOY7771639d ago

Man, you have no clue. "Little to no difference in the graphics" - hehe. Well, there is a difference and it's not a little :)

"MS is also beefing up their studios" - SONY has a lot more my friend :) I could go on but it's just pathetic how misguided you are or brain washed by MS bullshit with some tales about the cloud. But maybe you're just on drogs, in that case I apoligize :)

Flamingweazel1639d ago

There is a noticeable difference, you burying your head in the sand chanegs nothing.

Flamingweazel1639d ago

So sony is sitting by and doing nothing?? Thei 16 W studios with multiple teams are being paid to watch paint dry??

How is one man phil spencer going to change xbox?? Everything goes up the chain like any company moron.

Sony studios Destroy ms... How did me have a betetr launch window? Getting outsold 3:1 WW in 2014 is better? LMAO. MS has NOTH(NG until fall, sony has LAst of us, Bound by flame, FF14, drive lub MLB the show, and on and on.

pyramidshead1638d ago

Lots of lovely opinions there, bit of a bummer that they aren't facts like you hoped though. Additionally it's a shame those opinions are bad ones.

Also Aceblazer just totally destroyed you. I think you oughta give him a well said bubble up out of good sportsmanship for being owned.

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NatureOfLogic_1639d ago

I agree, without the one year and rrod inflated numbers, Xbox simply can't compete head to head with Playstation. Not being able to play next gen games at 1080p surely doesn't help.

bcrazy181639d ago

I don't think many gamers actually bought a brand new console because of a RROD. I have a 360 and yes I had to replace it a few times but I never had a buy a brand new one. They were always covered under the warranty so that percentage that bought a brand new console is very small. If I'm wrong, then I'm wrong but I find it highly unlikely that an enormous percentage had to buy a brand a new console after their initial purchase.

OrangePowerz1639d ago


MS only admitted at a later point that there is an actuall problem and extended the warrenty at a time when early buyers already exceeded the warrenty time. There was plenty of time between warranties expiring and MS extending them for people to have to buy a new console or pay for the repairs.

Also the original 360 had no HDMI port so people like me bought another one when they introduced one that finally had a HDMI port.

Mega241639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I bought 6 Xboxes, 4 died to RROD, 1 to Overheating, and my last Xbox, which is the S that has lasted 4 years now of skyrim and movies. So it took me 5 Xboxes, 3 of them were at $350, 2 at $200, and the S was at $300 with Kinect, forza 3 and Halo reach. Never had to replace my fatty ps3, until December when I traded it for a Vita. Moved to PS4, loving the games, currently playing FFXIV with my friends, on PC and PS3. The only way I could buy an X1 is if they drop the Kinect and give Forza and Titanfall free.

Prime1571639d ago


I worked at gamestop the last two years, and the number of people saying, "this is the 2nd/3rd/4th/5th xbox I've bought" VASTLY outnumbered people saying that for PlayStation.

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Pon41639d ago ShowReplies(1)
UnbiasedOpinions1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

isn't this a slow time for console sales pre E3/Holiday? i think PS4 is doing great and thats a good thing, but to say "RROD inflated numbers" is a bit of a stretch considering Microsoft repaired every console for free and if a customer had a broken 360 they didn't have to buy a new one, they could of went with PS3

Scrumptious1639d ago

I ended up going through six xbox's. Most were repaired for free but I did have to buy one because I only had one red light of death instead of three. I already had a ps3 because I enjoy the benefits of owning all platforms, but I can see the argument of faulty units adding to total sales.

DragonKnight1639d ago

Microsoft didn't repair every console for free. It took them 2 years to admit there was a problem, and the warranty only covered RROD, not the E73 or whatever number that error was that was almost as prevalent as RROD, not the disc scratching either. So 2 years of rebuys for RROD and god knows how many more for the other errors.

joeorc1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )


Microsofts own robbie bach confirmed all 1st production xbox360's had a design fault, one of course they were willing to fix. That was after the 1st 11 million xbox360 units were already produced an manuf. And shipped. They really had no choice at the time because it was too late thats why they ate the 1.8+ billion in order to fix the issue. So when people say inflated sale through # it was do to the extreme high failure rate with consumers not wanting to wait for replacement.

Really the only bad thing you could say about this was Microsoft did not do the right thing for a recall on the product, but doing what Microsoft did was a way to do it but without loosing even more money.

Which was pretty smart choice from a perspective to get the same effect of a recall but not anywhere near the two times the loss they would have taken if they did a full recall. Is it any wonder microsoft chose the way they did it 11 ,million recalls would have been far more expensive.

As for slow down yes an no depends on the temp production saturation point for the retail chains can handle, it seems at this point thst has been reached for Microsoft for right now , not of course for ever until the up sales start again.

Argento-Nox1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

I worked at future shop (Canadian equivalent of Best buy that got bought out by best buy) during and after the launch of the 360 and let me tell you, you are quite wrong with regards to RROD.

Some people without firsthand experience will believe anything MS says. I took back a 1/3 of every 360 I sold, all due to RROD. In these cases we take back that unit and give the customer a new 360. Those RROD units end up sitting in our stockroom as unsellable units until we send them back to MS, in which case they inflate sales numbers since they still count as inventory even if there's new stock arriving.

As a sales Representative who has dealt with sales reps from Nintendo, Sony and MS let me tell you how much BS and PR talk they all spout equally. On the other hand, the MS rep had the gall to lie straight to my face when I asked on behalf of Xbox fans if they would continue game support after the release of the 360. Do you know what the rep told me when I asked him why there was no HDMI port with the initial 360 release? He told me that MS did think it was necessary despite the fact they were selling the system as a next gen HD gaming system (head smack and eyes roll).

I sold 2-6 warranty (which I get a piece of as commission) on practically all 360s I sold. Additional FYI, when MS put in that highly touted falcon chip set to deal with RROD, it helped a lot but I was still seeing 10-15% RROD returns. Seriously if you saw the stack of 100+ refurbished 360s sitting at the front of the store for sale in the new year or had to hear from 360 customers who were buying a 2nd or 3rd 360 while their other unit was being fixed for RROD, it would instantly ended all debate on how bad RROD was. A fact that people fail to see is that MS didn't even admit RROD existed until after they were sued in a 1 billion dollar class action lawsuit in the US, which is when MS extended their 90 day warranty to 2 years for all affected users. I'm telling you as a fact that when I questioned about MS rep about RROD, his response was "We realize there is a small percentage (I call bullshit) of 360 users affected by hardware issues (note he avoided admitting RROD even exists)"; despite the fact I personally had to take back 1/3 of every 360 I sold. I expect PR bullshit from reps (e.g. Sony and psp umd movies, Nintendo's lack of 3rd party games for the Wii, MS for HD DVDs, lack of 360 HDMI support/ Xbox game support post 360 release) but take it more personal when a rep lies to my face or treats me as an idiot despite my sales expertise in the entertainment division (movies, music, games, toys, computer software).

Everyone here can debate the sales BS all they want, but honestly I think it can be agreedagreed upon by all sides that the ps4 is selling better and no doubt will reach 10 million units by September at latest. As long as everyone enjoys the system they bought that's all that really matters. At the end of the day guys, we're all gamers arguing the semantics of game company PR/sales pitches. Play your system(s) of choice and letter the companies do the talking. We all win when each company tries to one up the other, am I right?

Argento-Nox1639d ago

Apologies, I sold 2-3 year warranty on game systems when I worked at future shop. Just noticed the typo, there prob more typos lol

Chevalier1637d ago

Really I work EB currently and have for over 6 years and you can't base it off your own experience, but, the buyers as a whole. I sold many replacements and even now I get RROD replacements.

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user95589031639d ago

Not everyone hates the Kinect. I love it. But my opinion doesn't matter because you said everyone hates it and that means I can't like it.

choujij1639d ago

He probably should have said most. Not that it makes a big difference, but clearly you're prepared to argue semantics.

SilentNegotiator1639d ago

Well, if pretending like his hyperbole was meant to be taken seriously makes you feel better about your minority opinion...

Belasco1639d ago ShowReplies(6)
reaperofsouls1639d ago


you tell it how it is!

Zombro1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Wow you have a lot of time on your hands I don't even have time to read this

hkgamer1639d ago

The RROD inflating sales figures? TBH I doubt it did that much and if it did then well done to them because they have one of the highest software attach rates per console.

Xbone destined for XBOX install base numebrs? Xbox sold around 25m, Xbone already sold 5m. I think they would do atlease 50m. Though i'm not sure if that is a good figure.

Kinect is annoying and loads of gamers hate it, but don't forget that almost 1 in 3 360 owners has one. I think there are 24 million kinects sold and 80million 360's.

Random VGChartz data:

Kinect Adventures sold 21.02m copies making it the 16th most sold game on a specific platform.

Uncharted "SERIES" sold 18.57m excluding digital.

I know I am talking about prevous gen but I just wanted to state that RROD probably didn't inflate prices that much and Kinect although hated, still has many people wanting it.

TFJWM1639d ago

You do know Kinect Adventures was given away free with the Kinect, right?

avengers19781639d ago

RROD inflated numbers quite a bit, fact is that I don't know anyone that only bought one 360, and there are serves posters on this site that have had anywhere from 4-7 360's.
With redesigns, and special edition consoles, and just flat out rebuts due to RROD 360 had seriously inflated numbers...
It's probably pretty well known that I am a "Sony guy" or "fanboy" or whatever, and I had 2 360's... The year early on PS3, and games like bioshock, lost Odeyssey, and gears of war made me get it before PS3 even launched... After the second one died I felt no reason to buy another.

greenlantern28141639d ago

Shipped 5 million. Not sold, you nor I know how many they have actually sold to consumers. If 1.5 mil are sitting in stores than that is less people to buy games, controllers, live accounts.
And shouldn't ms be ramping up production to prepare for the launch of the system in like 40 New territories

T21639d ago

I always wondered about electronics companies and if they do market research to see how often a consumer will replace without complaining... It's staggering to me that some ppl literally bought 5 xbox360... Cell phones too are usually a joke...
I'm not sure the rrod inflated sales much but it makes you wonder if companies hope a person buys at least two consoles and do they factor this in?

Eddie201011639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

Xbox 360 fanboys forget that the Xbox 360 was on the market for a year without any competition in the US and a year and a half in Europe without competition. They were nearly 8 Million ahead when PS3 was first released in the states. Much of the Xbox 360's software attach rate came from being on the market without any competition. Since the PS3 has been on the market it has sold more software worldwide than Xbox 360 nearly every month, except when a Halo or Gears of War game was released.

Many who bought a Xbox 360 in the first year bought store warranty's. When you return a broken Xbox 360 on a store warranty they basically refund for the broken one and then sell you a new one, depending on how many times a person may have had to return a broken Xbox 360 on their warranty it could count as a few consoles being sold to one user with only one of those consoles actually being used. Each replacement counted as a sale of a new console.
Also they ran promotions giving Xbox 360's away with new PC purchases for several years. They also gave away Xbox 360's on every talk show known to man.

Many replaced their older Xbox 360's when they added the HDMI port and Wi fi internally.

I have owned 4 Xbox 360's and I was the only one using it. Three for RROD and one(Xbox 360 S) hoping to have a stable none faulty designed console, even though they never really fixed the noise problems(one jet engine instead of two) and the fact that you could heat a room with it(and I did).

Their are many common sense reasons for the over bloated sales figures of the Xbox 360.

Maybe we will be digging up original white RROD Xbox 360's out of a land fill 30 years from now.

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LackTrue4K1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

@ lifeisgameok

his comment "Xbox One has the better launch and launch-window" are great, you can get a clear look at the clouds!!! haha
can some one tell me what he means about it, "launch-window"

LordMaim1638d ago

The "launch window" in the context of a console launch is the period of time immediately after launch (usually six months) where the first games announced and developed for the console will be released. Console manufacturers want to make sure that a large number of games will be available for the launch window before releasing the system, to ensure that people will see the value in upgrading, and drive sales. The sales performance of a console and its software during the launch window is valuable data for adjusting marketing strategy, allocation of resources, and determining manufacturing baselines going forward; its basically the first milestone to determine a console's long term viability.

Milesprowers1639d ago

If you care about graphics then get a Gaming PC

DragonKnight1639d ago

How about I don't and instead get the most graphically superior console.

SilentNegotiator1639d ago

Or for just $400, get a console that has almost entirely 1080p30fps and higher games.

Xavy1639d ago Show
Milesprowers1639d ago

Steam Sales beat the boring PS4 Games

SilentNegotiator1639d ago

You're so insecure with your choice of PC that you have to call Ps4 games "boring"?

Atomicjuicer1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

The PC "platform" is a fragmented mess that devs can't optimize or target their games for.

The PS4 is a known quantity, a dedicated gaming gift from God.

Enjoy your steam sales but back off on the superiority claims because there is no single PC configuration, you have no brotherhood, no unity and no one here is jealous of you.

Milesprowers1638d ago

What's with the Sony obsession.. PC is all-purpose where-as PS4 is a closed platform, with a specific sets of games with a subscription model.

PC Games are cheaper and modifiable, Garry's mod, Minecraft mods, Skyrim mods, GTA IV mods, Source mods, l4d mods even Call of Duty games have mods which adds massive replay value, plus PC can emulate consoles like Wii/PS2/PSP/NDS/PS1 and all the classic consoles.

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jessupj1639d ago (Edited 1639d ago )

What a great article. Good read. A lot of very sensible conclusions drawn from solid logic and numbers.

I think anyone with half a brain knows the xbone isn't going to fail, and by fail I mean MS prematurely discontinuing production. However, at it's current trajectory it won't be anywhere close to selling as well as the 360.

When defending the xbone, as certain people do and even MS themselves, they like to point out that it's sold more than it's predecessor. While that is true take a look at this quite.

"...comparing the sales of the Xbox One in its second quarter to the 360 in its second quarter, the One is doing worse. And the 360 was supply-constrained, they couldn’t make them fast enough, whereas the One is oversupplied..."

That's basically what so many of us were saying back in Jan and Feb. That after the early adopters and hardcore fans bought theirs, sales dropped off sharply, but certain people didn't want to hear it. Now the numbers are out facts are slapping you in the face.

As it stands the xbone is set to do a lot worse tha