Sony's Mysterious PS4 "Music Player" May Have a Social Aspect to it: Option to Join Friends Spotted

Today DualShockers reported about the mysterious "Music Player Demo" appeared on Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studio President Shuhei Yoshida's PSN profile, and looks like there's more to that app than meets the eye.

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pedrof931663d ago

And some people complain about the lack on ideas on Sony's console.

Hell yeah.

ZombieKiller1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I was already looking forward to this much needed firmware update Sony. Way to make my freaking head explode now. Lol.
I just wonder with DRM how the social music thing would work. Then again, people play shit on twitch all day long. Regardless, this looks like it's going to be fun to have on my PS4.

Seriously, this update looks to be awesome!

Conzul1662d ago

Maybe it's like how in PS Home you could invite your friends to your virtual couch to watch movies in a group.

Maybe it'll be like group video chat + music, or something.

JoGam1662d ago

Maybe they wont necessarily hear the music ur playing but u could chat while listening.

Thunderhawkxbox1662d ago

Sony always steal ideas from other companies

BIB1662d ago

Hate to break it to you but that is how competition in the industry evolves and thrives. Nintendo resurrected the analog in 96...Sony threw in a second stick 98...Xbox 1 from 2001 kept some Dreamcast's controller design and so forth.

With your logic you could say the original Xbox controller is a ripoff of the PS controller which is a ripoff of the N64's and so forth.

AceBlazer131663d ago

This could be really fun.Bunch of friends in a lobby listening to music together, without even being in the same house, city,state or country.Could have a little chat box in the app to converse and stuff.Sorta like a private YouTube.

Of course this is just how i envision it. Would be nice if it turns out anything like that though.

WeAreLegion1663d ago

Oh dear God, yes. I want that.

Ninjatogo1663d ago

Could just be a placeholder option given it's still a demo. Would be cool if it really does have social sharing though.

objectivePSfan1663d ago

This is just the private Destiny beta...

Ron_Danger1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

So are you just repeating what other people speculated earlier in the comments of other articles that were proven wrong or did you actually look at the article and completely make this up? Because it shows in the pic in the article that Adam is playing the music demo in the section that shows what game the person is playing. No where on the screen does it show any logo or mention of the Destiny Beta.

Swiftcricket1663d ago

It's not a music player, and it's not the Destiny Beta either. But objective's answer is closer to the truth than those other site's "proof".

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The story is too old to be commented.