The Last of Us Remastered: Amazon, Target and Best Buy Remove June 20th Release Date

Earlier this month retailers like Amazon, Target and Best Buy pegged the release date of The Last of Us to June 20th.

Now that date is no more.

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PurpatraitorMGS1688d ago

Another delay inbound?

I love those!


Abriael1688d ago

Not necessarily a delay. Sony probably just told em that the date they put up was not accurate.

Can't delay what doesn't have a set release date.

medman1687d ago

Thank you for exhibiting logic and offering a measured response. Those two are in short supply in these forums.

Summons751688d ago

Delay for a date not offically announced... good logic there.

whothedog1688d ago

I think its coming sooner

MASTER_RAIDEN1688d ago (Edited 1688d ago )


Naughty dog and Rock star are bffs and theyve been going back and forth on who gets the month of June to announce/release. Long shot, but a man can dream!

Farsendor11688d ago

could have been just a placeholder date.

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theXtReMe11688d ago

It will come out during E3. They are going to do a Dreamcast surprise launch, is my guess. Here is what the game looks like, ooohhh pretty... It is available NOW! Run to your store and get it, before its gone. :)

Its why they asked the stores to remove the release date. They want it to be a surprise, even though the stores already outted it. Kinda sucks that they ruined the surprise, but that is corporate retail for you.

Ripsta7th1688d ago

I was thinking the other opposite.Maybe its releasing sooner than before

Summons751688d ago

If they really wanted stores to not know they would either not put it up for reserve and just ship it or I've even seen GameStop put up reserves under 'unknown (system)' during E3 so employees won't leak games before they're announced and switch em a few minutes after the announcement.

serratos271688d ago

*everybody floods out the doors, people running and screaming*

I can see it now.

Pancit_Canton1688d ago

Probably early than expected. Cmon people, be more optimistic.

JMyers1688d ago

Maybe it's releasing Sooner?

Early or mid May would be great!

Donjune1688d ago

I read somewhere that it was a holiday release.. Whenever it drops it's going to be worth another play through..

jmac531688d ago

They said summer release

medman1687d ago

I think it's set for holiday release in the bizarro world.

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The story is too old to be commented.